Chewing gum for weight loss

Now lazy ladies can breathe a sighrelief - has developed a new, highly effective tool that is struggling with being overweight. What do you need? Just buy chewing gum and enjoy the taste, but all work on the fight against kilograms it takes over. So does this mean we will investigate.

If you believe the advertising chewing gumslimming effect, then all you need to do is to chew, chew and chew again. For a week, you can easily get rid of 3 kg, and if the weight is large, it will go the extra 5-6 kg. To believe in a miracle is difficult, but it would be better if together with healingandbodywork we will learn exactly how gum for weight loss and what you can expect from it.

Who developed the cud?

The idea to create a chewing gum that willburn fat, originated in the United States. In this country, a lot of obese people who are tired to struggle with excess weight. So it is because of the huge desire to become slimmer, but it does not even move his little finger, and was born the idea of ​​creating a new product.

And it all began: students together with the teachers decided to conduct an experiment and every day 35 volunteers had normal chewing gum 2 times a day - before breakfast and dinner. The result turned out to be interesting, those young people who have chosen the cud without sugar and chew it 10 minutes before dinner, lose 70 calories less. It turns out that the body can not assimilate these 70 units. The idea did not meet expectations and failed.

Clutching at straws, British scientists have decidedcontinue the first unsuccessful experiment of Americans and chewing gum enriched substances that actively influence the fat splitting them. Thus was born a new product for obese people, the main component of which was the cactus extract. According to manufacturers miracle cud, he contributed to a decrease in appetite. As a result, the active use of chewing gum before eating, decreased appetite, and people almost did not feel hunger.

This is a unique tool for the lazy (you can alsolose weight anywhere, even on the couch watching TV) costs about 8 euros for a pack of 20 tricks. Agree, for such a pleasure to pay a decent amount, not every dare, and not everyone has the opportunity, plus the product transfer from one country to another. It turns a tidy sum.

A potential buyer should know aboutthe existence of another product with the same effect. In specialty stores, you can see the gum "Extra Drive" (production Estonia), it suppresses the feeling of hunger; popular American gum "Slim gum", it is composed of B vitamins, regenerating muscle tissue and minerals blocking the desire to eat something sweet, as well as caffeine, which helps burn fat.

The composition of the unique chewing gum

As previously mentioned, it helps to reduce gumweight due to the fact that the unique components contained therein. MirSovetov offers more familiar with the composition of Diet Gum and understand how can chewing gum to fight overweight.

The composition of the diet gum:

  • hood barberry or goji berries;
  • African mango;
  • extract of acai berry and green coffee;
  • Garcinia Cambodian.

For the initiate into the intricacies of modern techniquesweight loss, these names will be familiar. The above components are part of many products, but are also used as stand-alone tools to combat overweight. If you use these herbal medicines alone, the effect will be, but not as significant as after administration of the whole complex.

It is possible to briefly examine the effect of eachplant component. So goji berries speed up the metabolism, activate all functions and even help to rejuvenate the whole entire body. Mango (namely the US) - is a rich source of vitamins. Acai berries (Euterpe palm tree vegetables) - a powerful antioxidant source of minerals and vitamins, and Garcinia Green Coffee breaks down fats, that is - promote weight loss.

So if you want to as soon as possiblecloser to the cherished dream and become leaner, while a set of specially selected components that make up the dietary product, will help you become slimmer. By the way, in a chewing pad contains ... you would not believe - zero calories!

Action gum

Reiterates that chewing gum helps to lose weight, we do not - it's obvious.

Now consider how chewing gum affects on the human body:

  1. It improves metabolism.
  2. It reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  3. A beneficial effect on lipid metabolism.
  4. It promotes fat burning.
  5. A beneficial effect on thyroid function.
  6. It nourishes the body.

In addition, from the advertising booklet can be found,that in addition to reduce appetite and speed up metabolism, a nice bonus at the use of chewing gum to be slowing down the aging process, clean teeth and fresh breath.

If you take a means for weight loss aswritten in the instructions, in a month you can get rid of 16 kg! In the first 2 weeks of the body can safely part with 6.5 kg. Approximately the same amount you can lose, and over the next 2 weeks. The first will take the excess fat from the abdomen (the most problematic part of the body), then the thighs and arms.

It is important that the resulting effect is fixeda long time, because the components of chewing gum have a memory effect in the future continue to actively work - namely, to stop the formation of new fat cells, while improving metabolism.

How to take

Chewing gum for weight loss is used as follows:

  1. Take 1 tablet, wafer or pad for half an hour before meals. Hours - 15-20 minutes.
  2. Chewing gum can be used instead of the snack, and 3 times a day.
  3. To achieve the best effect can be if chew gum before training or any physical activity.

If you believe the advertising, the dieting,eating chewing gum and continuing training, it is possible to get rid of 10 kilograms in just two weeks. Of course, if you have a lot of extra kilos, and if you want to leave with only 3-5 kg, then it will be quite enough.

Talk about contraindications

It is obvious that any chewing gum can not on an empty stomach, as it will facilitate the release of large amounts of gastric juice.

Do not use chewing gum and pregnantlactating women, people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver disease, with hypertension, diseases of the colon and rectum, kidney, heart, in the period of the doldrums and overstimulation.

Chewing gum for weight loss - an interesting and unusualproduct that allows you to easily get rid of the accumulated fat. Only a person who has decided so lazy way to get closer to perfect forms, must know that the gum, it is only an auxiliary product without additional stimulation (proper diet, moderate exercise) closer to the dream will be harder. Be perfect!