Gradient manicure

Another interesting novelty offer designersnail for the most daring girls - gradient manicure. It looks particularly fine, and make it to the cellar.

Most interesting is that scientists know little aboutdate of occurrence of the first pattern on the nails. According to many archaeologists involved in the excavations of the ancient city, in ancient Egypt the woman tried to decorate not only your face, pick up decorations and beautifully put hair and nail plate to give a beautiful shade. To nails looking neat, women used food coloring, which was applied for some time on the nails. After washing the plate absorb pigment and acquire the desired hue.

And in China the women decided to try to add a little dye beeswax or egg protein. By experimentation through the decades and centuries, they were able to get the desired result.

of updates

New manicure art style is stillone called "Ombre". It looks gradient manicure is very unusual - it has a smooth color transition. If you look at his hands with a gradient manicure - it looks spectacular, especially if you choose a beautiful shades of nail polish.

To manicure worn with pleasure, a few simple rules you need to learn. The basis of success - to perform manicures accurately and in compliance with all the technology.

The first method of applying

One option applying nail polishIt provides for one mandatory and important tool. In the process of applying the gradient home manicure basic tool will perform an ordinary foam rubber sponge. Better to take the one that is designed for washing dishes. Sponge must always be clean and new. Instead of a sponge you can also take a cotton sponge, but a lot of girls who are experimenting in a few shades of nail polish application, claiming that the cotton pad is extremely inconvenient to use. If for any reason you do not want to use a sponge for dishes, a special applicator can be bought in the store nail service.

Helpful advice: before proceeding to the final stage of implementation of the gradient manicure, you need to bring your nails in order: to give them the desired shape, removed using tweezers or nail cuticles and hangnails router. Cover the nail with clear varnish layer.

The sponge should be cut to a strip equal to the widthyour nail plate. Then taken preformed varnish two shades (or more) with a brush and alternately applied to each group of varnish sponge. It is necessary to try to put more of the varnish on the sponge than with ordinary manicure, because the sponge is porous and absorbs the liquid.

Thus, the varnish is applied in a predetermined order toa sponge or a special applicator. Accurate motion pattern is transferred to the nail thus: sponge print in addition to the nail plate and spend some time on the nail.

Tip: you need to ensure that the image is printed is not sharp lines, and was flattened. This is accomplished by pulling on the sponge nail.

Do not worry about the fact that the nail came outNail border. After drying, it can be easily removed with a cotton swab and nail polish remover. There is no desire to mess around? Then specifically for demanding young ladies MirSovetov offers novelty cosmetology - correction pencil. He will remove the nail from the skin without creating the effect of smearing. This pencil after he soiled in the lacquer, it is easy to return to a working state, dipped it in a bowl with water and wiped dry cloth. An alternative to nail polish remover and a pencil-corrector will be a special adhesive strips, which should be carefully glued to the skin around the nail.

The second method of applying a

This version of the application is a bit different from the previous one in its simplicity. To create a home manicure is necessary to prepare:

  • colorless nail polish;
  • colored lacquer;
  • sponge or a special applicator for applying varnish;
  • nail polish remover, or self-adhesive strips or a pencil-corrector;
  • a cotton ball or cotton swab.

In a prepared nail a layerclearcoat. We must wait until it is completely dry. Then the sponge is taken (cut strip coinciding with the thumb nail size) and the selected shade of nail polish. As a rule, women are choosing contrasting colors: red, cherry, purple, blue, brown, pink or even yellow! The varnish is applied in several steps to strip the sponge, then sponge with nail pressed against the edge of the nail, trying to smooth out a little border.

After the varnish is transferred from the sponge to the nail,We need to wait for complete drying varnish. Do not be afraid that the varnish was printed is not perfectly smooth. After all, as we know, foam sponge porous structure. To avoid this, on top of the varnish, which is already dry, apply a layer of clear lacquer.

Tip: if you use matte varnish, nail polish can give, covering nail polish nail fixer having a glossy shine.

Benefits of a manicure

Undoubtedly, each species has its own manicuresmall advantages. The feature is a one-color manicure is that the hands always look well-groomed and neat. But if a manicure gradient method using two or more bright colors - you can get extravagant manicure. When choosing colors pastel paints such a method allows the application to wear nail polish as a job, as well as to the party.

The main advantage is the gradient manicurethe ability to wear it with different clothes, adding accessories to match. Trendy shades of lacquers can be combined with more calm and still get a nice mix of the two colors.

Number of colors on the nail can be varied independently, they can be up to ten! Can you imagine what the beauty and richness of colors can be transferred to such a delicate area as women's nails?

In addition to these benefits, every woman whobe decided on their own to make such a manicure, will be proud of their small achievements. After all, the ability to develop the creative skills brings great pleasure.

helpful hints

About the color. The novelties of this summer became a matte and gloss varnishes. Among matt varnishes ladies prefer "Nude" color shade "coffee with milk".

Unusually looks and one of the new varnish "metallic" color. It can be safely combined with a colorless substrate.

Among the bright colors look young fashionistasIt stops at the juicy summer colors of turquoise shades, sky, violets, roses, orange and coral. For women business suit subdued shades of red and the color of ripe cherries.

Council of the girls: Do not forget the basic rule - do not overdo it. If one is present in the bright shade gradient manicure - the second to choose a more peaceful.

Selection of colors. If the house has a few bubbles with varnish, lacquers should pick up one color with different shades. Acceptable use one nail to five shades of one color. In the selection of paints necessary to consider their texture and density. If you have a glossy enamel lacquer, the latter must be taken such as, but not pearl.

Matt lacquer can be "correct", giving it a gloss using a clear, colorless varnish. Or on the contrary, give glossy matte varnish can be with a special coating to the effect of "velvet".

To begin with you need to manicure application base, it protects the nail plate from the yellow. Begin to paint your nails with the little finger on his left hand. The exception would be if you are left-handed.

Create yourself a new shade

If you do not see your color, you can try to do it yourself. In order to obtain a new color, it is necessary to have:

  1. Color nail.
  2. White lacquer (enamel).
  3. Sheet for Xerox or white cardboard.
  4. Wooden skewers or toothpicks.
  5. Brush.

On the cardboard or paper drip a little colored varnish and add the white. Gently stir with a wooden stick. All new shade is ready and is immediately ready for staining.

So you can mix several shades of nail polish,achieving the desired color. Do not be afraid to experiment, and if not immediately get the desired effect - do not give up. The next time you all must succeed!