Golden thread in cosmetology

The desire to please a female blood. No wonder that at all times the woman tried to preserve youth and beauty for as long as possible. Sometimes rejuvenation methods have gained quite an extravagant character. For example, the Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Báthory was nicknamed Bloody because of his passion to bathe in the blood of virgins to have a fresh and radiant appearance.

"Golden" Diana

But the favorite mistress of the French KingHenry II, Diane de Poitiers invented less barbaric method of prolonging youth. Documentary sources say died at the age of 67 years old woman looked up to 30! Evil tongues attributed the uncrowned ruler of magical abilities, but the truth was revealed only in the 21st century. Scientists have closely examined the remains of Madame de Poitiers, and were surprised to find that her bones and hair are imbued with gold! precious metal content was 250 times higher than normal!

Historians agree with the version that Dianaregularly drink beverages prepared by court alchemists with particles of gold. This was evidenced and its extraordinarily bright, if not, the marble skin shortly before his death. Apparently, the beauty was the strongest anemia caused by intoxication of the body in gold. It is impossible, of course, argue that it is gold beloved King 100% owes its charming appearance, but the fact remains: Diane de Poitiers has become an icon of beauty of their time.

"Shita" beauty of gold thread!

healingandbodywork confirm - modernwoman in the struggle for youth also knows a lot about. Fortunately, we live in a time when the experience of their predecessors and wind on a mustache as possible, and the latest technologies in the beauty industry to take advantage of.

The mistress of the French King Diana knewdone drinking "golden" cocktail: yellow metal really capable of positively influence the appearance. With unwelcome signs of aging present aesthetic surgery fights using gold thread! This is an excellent tool to permanently "linger" in the age of 35-40 years, when, as a rule, the skin has not yet begun to sag. Experts say that the practice of implanting precious strands left far behind the conservative and operative methods of rejuvenation, providing very long-lasting effect.

Gold thread can be called a kind of"Internal" beautician. It provides a full blood supply to tissues of the face, the influx of mineral micro-nutrients, active metabolism and actually causes a physiological rejuvenation. The precious material "behaves" very tolerant of the body: gold ions activate the microcirculation, oxygen to cells, protecting them from potentially damaging effects of free radicals. The result of improving metabolic processes in the dermis becomes active development of collagen and elastin, and hyaluronic acid accumulation, which provides moisture saturation of the tissues.

Gold threads give the skin elasticity, remove awaywrinkles, tighten wrinkles, thus aligning the natural shape of the face, put in order the sebaceous and sweat glands, "hidden" deep capillaries and cellulite successfully removed. These amazing properties of gold have confirmed numerous clinical and experimental studies on the electron microscopy level.

Who needs gold thread?

The procedure of the gold or platinum reinforcement inthe face, chin, neck, and other parts of the body - it is a minimally invasive surgical technique, through which you can achieve visible and lasting rejuvenation effect in the area of ​​implantation.

The indications for the "golden" operation are:

  1. The desire of women to remain youthful for a long time (7-10 years). The methodology in this case, the most effective in the age of 27-37 years.
  2. The need to maintain skin tone and elasticity, remove wrinkles.
  3. Getting the patient from soft tissue sagging of the face and in the vicinity of the lower jaw.
  4. Removal of wrinkles on the forehead and bridge of the nose, wrinkles on the upper lip and the corners of his mouth.
  5. Removal and prevention of horizontal wrinkles on the neck.
  6. Improving the neck skin.
  7. Restore skin firmness on the inside of the shoulders and hips.

An obstacle for reinforcement maybe individual factors: acute infectious diseases (such as flu), intolerant material in the form of inflammation at the site of the threads, problems with blood clotting.

Note that reinforcement, as well as any other operation may result in complications. It:

  1. Noticeable redness of the skin in the projection of the filaments, the so-called phenomenon of "mattress". Complications may surface after the introduction of the filaments, disappears after 3-4 months after the procedure.
  2. The absence of a visible rejuvenation. Due to the introduction of too deep threads in the skin; an incorrect determination of the optimal number of threads in order to achieve the desired effect; if not setting the indications for the procedure.

"Gold" operation: the details and nuances

Gold thread - a gold compound andpolyglycolic acid. Platinum or gold micron (its diameter 0.1 mm) 999, containing 24 carat precious metal is screwed onto the thread of polyglycolic-wire and soldered to the "working" Trainspotting, which easily penetrates the skin. After some time (an average of 60 days) conductor completely resorbed.

Before the surgery, the surgeon outlines on the skin of the face andbody contour lines, which subsequently pass under yarn. They usually can be along the folds or wrinkles, and to form a grid intersecting. The procedure provides local anesthesia during the contour lines for placing filaments. The operation lasts about an hour. During this time, the physician implants from 1.5 to 3 m precious yarns. The patient is under the supervision of specialists is not more than a day. Bruising after surgery is unlikely to impose filaments implantation site plaster pieces which are removed the next day.

Already on the third day after surgery, you canuse your favorite moisturizer, on the fifth day of the swelling is not a trace remains. After 2-3 months the woman heard the first cries of admiration and compliments. When polyglycolic thread disappears golden thread stimulates the beginning of the security process as the formation of new connective tissue. This reaction activates blood flow, by which skin cells are saturated with oxygen and nutrients, increases firmness and elasticity of the skin, wrinkles disappear. In the first year after the procedure takes the form of a straight thread helix, resulting is reduced to 10% of the original length. During the one and a half years is an accumulation of anti-aging effect, then the result remains stable for quite a long time - the skin shines from 5 to 10 years.

Caring for "gilded" inside the skin does not requireany special procedures and any prettier than the owner of the filaments is not limited. For example, menacing forehead wrinkle or laugh from the heart - on the thread it will have no action. Reinforcement with golden threads can be self-rejuvenating treatments, and can be used in combination with other methods to restore beauty, for example, with blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) or correction of lip shape.