Golden Rules for selection of body scrub

Body Scrub

Each of the fair sex,whether it's fifteen-year girl. Or gray-haired, sophisticated and worldly vicissitudes, elderly lady, always willing and completely any circumstances, always look aesthetically beautiful, attractive, sexy and youthful.

But not every young girl thinks about what a big role in how you look, the skin plays, her health, beauty, resilience and well-groomed.


  • 1 Whether our skin is dirty
  • 2 What is this amazing miracle Body Scrub, and how it works
  • 3 "True" choose their own scrubs
  • 4 Decide on the objectives
  • 5 Watch out for the size of the abrasive particles
  • 6 Choose natural
  • 7 The question price

Dirty whether our skin

Homemade Facial Scrub: how to cook?It is for the skin you can make the first conclusion about ourlifestyle, constant fatigue, bad habits, chronic sleep deprivation, life among the gas content of modern cities and so on. All these factors affect the health of our dermis, adding us hassle and reducing self-esteem.

Therefore it is better to take care of himself, but also about their dermis, providing timely care to her, not a small role in which plays a timely and proper cleansing, to the deepest layers of the epidermis.

There also may accumulate toxins productsof life, bacteria that upper stratum corneum of the skin cells, literally blocking the possibility of entering, as it were, locking them inside. This can lead to disastrous consequences, for example, the appearance of inflammation, irritation, itching, and even have the appearance of acne who it never previously been observed.

The best option would not bring the situationto a critical state, and make arrangements in advance, great help with this situation, a body scrub. Specially designed for deep cleaning of your skin, as well as for the peeling procedure, which is also producing a few times a month.

What is this amazing miracle Body Scrub, and how it works

In fact, body scrub, it's not just the cream, it is a tool that has a certain abrasive components in their composition.

For example, it is possible to name a few types of such abrasives:

  1. Coffee grounds.
  2. Crushed or coarsely ground apricot or peach pits.
  3. Various minerals.
  4. Sea salt.
  5. Sugar and many others.

All these mikrochastichki and thinner and smaller than they are,the body scrub acts delicately, careful and gentle, able to peel the top quality, the horny layer of the epidermis. That is, microabrasive scrub particles, however, are removed from our body armor invisible to the eye, which prevents cell regeneration, restoration and renewal.

In addition, body scrub hascreamy, emollient base that also necessarily has its own impact on our epidermis. This framework qualitatively softens skin, prevents any micro traumas or fractures, but other than that, more often and has antiseptic, ie, anti-bacterial action.

For all these reasons, the skin, deprivedkeratinized actually dead, and it is not necessary cells to become much more healthy, clean, serious blood circulation is improved and oxygen skin nutrition. And metabolism in the dermis very strongly activated after the purification procedure with a body scrub.

"True" choose their own scrubs

However, if you just decided that you receivedfor skin cleansing procedure before a body scrub is not used, then choose a tool for myself, to be quite difficult, because the shelves, crammed with, a wide variety of means.

They stand there in beautiful bottles beckondiversity and flashy advertising for their part, are literally tearing to pieces consciousness, because each of us wants to look so exactly like those girls on the pages of glossy magazines cherished.

Not to succumb to provocations and is, of course,it is best to talk with a personal beautician who can offer high-quality tool, scrub that will suit you personally. It is not always possible, because if the trip to the beautician for some reason can not, will have to rely on their own knowledge. Experience, as well as several quite unpretentious, advice that we give to you and.

Decide on goals

Mask facial scrub at homeFirst and foremost, beforego to the beauty shop or pharmacy, think carefully, what it should ideally suited your future body scrub, what he should do, what function to perform and what to serve.

In your conclusions and will be based choice, so do not hurry, you can even sit down and nacherkat a couple of points, the criteria that will fit your vehicle purchased.

For example, many women today,suffer from cellulite, and for such a case is also possible to pick up a body scrub, and it will be much more active than a simple scrub, with respect, as the upper layers of the epidermis, and at the deepest, cellular level.

If, fortunately, cellulite - not your problem,you can simply choose the toning scrub, moreover, there are tools that give greater skin elasticity and tone, and there are those who on the contrary, soothes, relaxes the skin, making it more smooth, velvety and soft. Decide on the goals, and then the choice will be exactly true.

Keep an eye on the size of the abrasive particles

Before you buy a body scrub, necessarilyWe need to see with their own eyes what is the size of the abrasive contained in its composition. Note that the effect is akin to scrub sandpaper, the larger the grain, the more serious the impact this will have on the scrub your skin.

The abrasive in the scrub can be of three main types,and moisturizers such means are often specially made transparent, so you can see which grains are present in the medium, large, medium, or melenkie, very sparing and thin. Here the choice will largely depend on what is available in your skin type, and you can not go wrong here.

For oily skin, which releases a lot of subcutaneous fat, can be purchased srkab even with the largest grains safely.

However, the skin is dry and thin, which in itsNature is the most delicate and prone to injury, does not tolerate large abrasive particles and the use of such a scrub may lead to a very, very poor results until the bruises and injuries, which then will be long and hard to heal.

Because dry skin is better to choose the scrubbody with the melenko, the tiniest little woman. But normal skin easily transfer cleaning both large abrasive and small. Do not forget about the cream base, which should not cause allergies, and the most suitable for your skin type.

choose natural

Like it or not, and the more to any cosmeticmeans of natural components, ie components, the better and safer will be a means, in addition, less risk adverse, negative effects.

However, with the number of natural substances, the shelf life of the scrub, decreases in direct proportion to, but it does not matter if you do not procured funds for the year ahead.

Especially because the body purification process using a scrub, do not produce more often than once a week, and for the fine, dry and sensitive skin, and even less, once or twice a month.

The best solution is to scrub with the choicesugar, apricot seeds, ground coffee and minerals. In recent years, many tools appear, containing seaweed containing iodine, not only, but also a whole bunch of other "goodies" are extremely beneficial for our skin.

Excellent proven scrubs withnatural fruits, small amounts of essential oils, and so on and so forth. The simpler and more natural recipe - the better and more useful to scrub, it is practically the law.

Price issue

Almost every woman or girl lightlyHe believes that the best cosmetic product, have to be just incredibly expensive, but that is cheaper, and even buy, you should never. In fact, it is almost true, but almost.

Dear Body Scrub, known to the whole world,Of the manufacturer, for which you are trying to post half their household budget, of course, it may well prove to be extremely useful tool, and quality, but often, it is the ordinary scrub, just released under the famous brand.

Overpay for the brand, as it is notI want to, because optimally to find and read the reviews, for example, in women's magazines, and even better on the Internet. If all vying to praise this product, then he is really worth it. But this does not mean that cheaper body scrub, would be ineffective and useless. Not at all.

There are excellent domestic scrubs that whena low enough price, have a great potential and have excellent recall of millions of women who used the funds for themselves. So it is not necessary to pursue the high cost, it does not measure quality.