Glycolic peeling

Every woman is inherent desire to lookwell, regardless of the number of years lived, and even look younger than their age - it does dream of each of the fair sex. Therefore, choosing the means that will be called upon to deal with aging and various skin defects, I want to find the same, the effect of which would be seen "in the face".

Among the variety of new products in the cosmetics marketoccupy a special place all kinds of chemical peels, but if you need a tool that will be effective, but at the same time sparing influence on the skin, I advise you to pay attention to glycolic peels.

Speaking of chemical peels in general, it would be desirableNote that, there are three types: superficial, middle and deep. The very essence of chemical peel is that skin treated with an acid, whereby the top layer of dead skin peels off, and with it disappear problems such as acne, various small defects complexion becomes more smooth, enlarged pores become less visible or invisible at all .

Glycolic Peeling refers to the surfacepeeling and unlike other types does not require a long recovery period. Exposure of the skin is fairly lenient, this is primarily due to the fact that the skin after peeling the glycolic acid is recovered quickly.

To fix the result and make it pronounced, glycolic peels be repeated after a certain period of time.


Before you make a glycolic peel,certainly consult with a beautician and explain what results you want to achieve from the procedure. If you want to completely get rid of the scars, then make it through glycolic peel will not be possible, but make them much smoother and much less noticeable quite capable.

The most favorable time for peelingglycolic acid - autumn and winter, the summer is better to refrain from this procedure, and cancel the solarium at the time of the course glycolic acid peeling procedures.

Also beautician should choose the means for the procedure, and to recover from it, according to your skin type.

Glycolic peels you need if you want to achieve the following effect:

  • make less visible signs of a problem skin, enlarged pores, acne and postakne and remove black dots;
  • slow down the aging process and make aging skin more elastic;
  • to remove the effects of photo-aging (photoaging of the skin - is its thickening after prolonged exposure to the sun);
  • make freckles and age spots less visible;
  • minimize the effects of acne.


  • herpes intensified - peels aside for two weeks;
  • Warts - aside peeling up until not get rid of them by surgery;
  • if you are undergoing chemotherapy;
  • if you are allergic to glycolic acid;
  • You recently returned from a holiday and boasts a fresh tan - in this case, wait for a couple of weeks until the tan come.

Glycolic peels - Preparation

To obtain the desired smooth skin, withoutspecial preparation for peeling is indispensable. This is an important step of the procedure, and they should not be neglected, be sure to go to the beautician and go skin diagnosis. Then you'll need to purchase a special set, which is called predpillingovy. This set includes a means for cleansing the skin, night cream that contains glycolic acid and a day cream for intense moisturizing of the skin.

If you just need to improve the condition andappearance of the skin, rather than deal with any shortcomings, the concentration of glycolic acid can be increased gradually, eventually bringing it to 70%. To do this, 4-5 treatments.

There is also an extreme variant of the procedureglycolic peel, if you decide on him, then training is not necessary, beautician immediately cause a preparation containing glycolic acid to the face for a short time, each time the time spent glycolic acid on the face will increase, but in this case, be prepared for flaking and redness.

But if you value your skin and want the recovery process after peeling passed as quickly as possible, I advise you to choose the first option.

How is the procedure of glycolic peel

First, clean the skin cosmetologist specialdetergent, which is designed to strengthen and improve the action of peeling. Then cause for 5-20 minutes, in fact, very glycolic acid, after which it removes from the skin surface specific neutralizing agent. At the end of treatment, the skin is treated with isotonic agent which protects it from harmful UV rays.

As a rule, glycolic peel is applied with a cotton swab, a special brush or gauze, folded in several layers.

Do not worry if feel a slight tingling ortingling or slight redness of the skin, it also is a normal effect, but if there was a swelling of the face or redness in any area of ​​the skin during the procedure, the peeling of the site must be removed immediately, and if there are areas of more than three, it is urgently necessary means to remove the entire surface of the face.

To minimize discomfort duringpeeling glycolic acid on the skin can be directed stream of cold air. The procedure itself takes 5 to 20 minutes, depending on whether you decide to process the entire surface of the face or only parts of it, as well as your pain threshold at the time of the procedure and also affects the amount of glycol peeling procedures. At least 6 weeks is enough to feel the results of glycolic peel, but to carry out peeling often not worth it, otherwise the skin will not have time to move away from the stress caused by her previous procedure and possible unintended consequences. The recovery period lasts for a couple of days, at this time you need to care for your skin especially gently, to cleanse better to use baby soap and do not forget the moisturizer. Before going out, apply skin cream with a high protection factor of solar radiation, such gentle care should continue for several weeks.

Glycolic peels at home

If you for some reason can not be doneglycolic peel procedure in the cabin, which, of course, preferable, by buying a special set of peeling, it is quite possible to do, and at home. Just keep in mind with all the possible risks, please read the composition of the acquired set, as well as all the indications and contraindications.

And yet, the first time I would recommend readers MirSovetov entrust this process a specialist who will be able to assess the condition of your skin and the possible consequences.

Having decided to glycolic peels at homeconditions begin this procedure to cleanse the skin, causing it means to cleanse, then rinsed his face with cold water, apply with a brush a thin layer means. Avoid skin around the eyes for 5 minutes exposure means enough, after a specified time has passed and you have washed off means, apply on the face moisturizer to soothe her, moisturize and nourish.

The above method is suitable if you do not needto get rid of scars, in this case it is better to entrust your person skilled in the art, since such a procedure on the skin Time Spent glycolic peel increased, and so as not to spoil its beauty, the best is yet to be at this time under the supervision of a specialist.