Give beautiful nails!


I'm sure many have heard and know, that as of the nail plate can learn a lot about your health. Thus, in the nails have a large content of calcium, selenium, chromium, phosphorus and zinc.

These elements are responsible for many functions of our body, and the lack of them leads to various diseases.


  • 1 nail structure or health is displayed on the nails
  • 2 Do manicure Need
  • 3 How to properly manicure
  • 4 If you want to make up your nails

Nail structure or health is displayed on the nails

And according to all that is displayed on the nails. There are various ways to respond to external changes in the nail plate, but if you ignored the warning of the body, remember that running is much more difficult to treat disease.

Despite the fact that the nail grows, it consists ofdead cells. The basis of the nail plate is a natural protein - keratin. And yet, our nails can absorb moisture, so those who frequently wets his hands, they are thicker than those of sissies. The main function of the nail is to protect the toes from injury and damage.

As already noted, the problem in our body are also displayed on the nails, so if you notice any change in shape, color, etc., should think about visiting a doctor.


  • the presence of longitudinal lines (grooves) can mean failure in the digestive system, unbalanced diet;
  • transverse grooves usually indicate disease of the internal organs;
  • If the nail plate is too convex, do a cardiogram, because it represents a possible heart disease;
  • concave nails indicate a lack of iron in the body;
  • pale nails indicate possible anemia, too much red - an excess of blood cells, yellow - Hepatitis (if you are not a smoker), and blue may indicate a weak heart;
  • the appearance of white dots often indicates a lack of zinc.

In fact, every deviation from the norm isIt means different disease, but should pay attention to the individual characteristics. For example, red or blue nails can be with colds, in the same way as the fragility and roughness due to harmful household chemicals.

Do I need a manicure

Many believe that the manicure is done by women inaesthetic purposes in order to make beautiful hands. In fact, a manicure - it is primarily a hygienic procedure. So, be sure to remove the dirt from the nails, cuticle tidy, under which also accumulate dust and dirt particles.

Most women do a manicure at home, usingfor this special tools. And it must be said, need to learn this, if only because that walk once a week in the lounge - very expensive. Caring for nails is to each, regardless of gender and age.

Agree, a man with dirty bittennails and barbs on top is no less unpleasant than the lady. So, stock up tools, patience and see for yourself what a home manicure - it's easy and simple.

How to do a manicure

Choosing props, pay attentionnail file. For strong nails are ideal coarse nail file, for thin and fragile - small. Handle only need a dry surface, the movement should be smooth from the center to the edges of the nail.

To achieve gloss and smoothness can usenail file special polishing, and as to the form, it is best to look oval. As for the length, then every woman is free to decide what she likes more. However, do not grow "claws", limit the average length.

There are several opinions about the fact whetherremove cuticles. If you are doing a manicure at home, you decide accordingly, but if possible, try to get rid of it. This is done as follows: treat the skin around the nail with a special liquid, and after a while, move it back to the special tool.

This tool is ideally remove growths on the mostnail plate, and if not, then it is possible to cut the nail scissors. If you have a hangnail, you can remove them with special tongs. To start a good skin steam out, then carefully treat each finger, biting off burrs tweezers, keeping them perpendicular. Then wipe your fingers with disinfectant.

If you want to make up your nails

It is not necessary to use every daynail polish. It is enough for this any clear framework, preferably with a therapeutic effect. If you need to create a decorative manicure, besides cleaning the nails, you need to properly apply varnish.

In the beginning, wipe the nail platenail polish remover. This is necessary in order to remove remnants of fat and cream, which affect the resistance of the varnish. Then, the foundation is applied and cured a few minutes.

Then you need to paint the nail in the selected colorwait until dry. For faster drying nails can hold under running cold water. nail cuticle remove excess with an ordinary cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover.

Nail selected based skin tone and nail form. Women summer or winter suit all types of paints with a hint of blue. When the yellowish skin tones are good warm colors - classic red or pink. Without a doubt, long almond-shaped nails adorn any intense shades, dark, noble-matte color.

Nails, which surface has grooves orirregularities, it is not necessary to cover the pearlescent paint as defects become even more noticeable. Visually lengthen short nails possible using light and pearlescent coatings deposited so that the edge of the nail remained unpainted.

By following these simple terms manicure at home, with constant care, you will always have nice, neat and healthy nails.