Ginger slimming

How many have tried diets and pills ate thosewho dream of a slim figure. But to achieve a good result is very simple, you only need to limit yourself to diet, exercise and ... drink ginger drink. Yes, this root works wonders in the fight against excess fat.

Ginger: benefits and contraindications

In the kitchens of many nations of the world has won the honorplace this eastern spice. And for good reason, because that ginger not only adds a certain piquancy to the dish, but also has the Kupa useful features, including help in losing weight.

Since ancient times sailors used this spice toremove nausea and dizziness, so if you feel ill while traveling, please be ginger, it will save you from sickness. In addition, it eliminates the disease, which is transmitted by airborne droplets, reduces pain, and most importantly, love for what his women - speeds up metabolism, and thus breaks the fat cells.

But for all its benefits, it is at the root of this andContraindications. Thus, caution should be taken spice allergies, because ginger can cause rashes. Do not abuse those who have a bad heart and liver, have ulcers, diseases of the female organs or bleeding. All of these diseases will only aggravate the ginger. Pregnant women and lactating breast milk should not eat ginger at all. And of course, it is necessary to comply with the measure, because a surplus leads to heartburn and constipation.

The use of ginger in losing weight

Scientists can not yet be explained scientificallyof what the phenomenon of ginger. And how exactly it affects your weight loss. We only know one thing, that this seasoning miraculously affects digestion, combats parasites, increases metabolism. Ginger helps to reduce weight is unhealthy, so if you are normal, do not be afraid to add root to his dishes, more put you do not lose weight. Action ginger mainly directed to the burning of fat in the abdomen and the thighs. So you need to safely include it in your diet.

Eat it in several ways. It goes well with many dishes as a condiment. For example, get a tasty dish of stewed vegetables with ginger. You can just chew the root between meals and it also gives the result. Or rub the root, add the lemon juice and salt and before eating eat small pieces.

Be sure to make periodic fasting dayson salad with ginger. To make it, take the orange zest, ginger and celery, look, how much in total you have got, and twice baked beets and add the lemon, mix and again twice put carrots. All stir and add the vegetable oil.

And, of course, many have heard of ginger tea. But in its preparation has its own nuances.

Recipes tea with ginger

In Tibet, this tea is very appreciated because of itswarming properties that stimulate the metabolism and circulation. This is due to essential oils and active components in the root. In addition, ginger is known that keeps the skin young, so there it is recommended to not periodically and continually.

There are several recipes for tea with ginger:

  1. This is perhaps the easiest option - chopginger root into thin slices, throw them in a thermos and fill with boiling water. Take such proportions: per liter of boiling water - two tablespoons of ginger circles. We leave to infuse for half an hour and you can immediately drink. If you are on a diet, while tea is not limited to, if not on a diet, you drink half an hour before meals.
  2. Ginger root and cut into thin sliceswe add to the pot. Fill the drinking water and low heat bring to a boil. Then, in the same heat cook 20 minutes. Remove from the heat and wait until the tea has cooled to room temperature, and put him in the honey and lemon juice. Optionally, in addition to these ingredients, it is possible to put more and various herbs, for example, or mint leaves currant or lingonberry. In addition to use in a weight loss tea will facilitate the work of the kidneys and bladder.
  3. This tea is good to drink for those who have largeoverweight. The main fighters figure here will be the garlic and ginger. It should be in equal proportions to take these products and pour hot water for twenty pieces more than dry ingredients. 15 minutes, a thermos, then filter and drink tea all day long.
  4. It is the most fragrant and delicious tea for hiscooking, grab a mint, about 60 grams, grind it well, as well chop and half ginger root. Add to the mixture of ground cardamom, with pinch and pour boiling water over all. Half an hour leave to infuse, strain and pour a third of a glass of lemon juice and a fourth of a glass of orange. Put in the fridge drink, it tastes better cold.

In addition to these recipes, there is another very simple,you can not even dieting, adding to his usual black or green tea, a slice of ginger root. And it will also provide the necessary therapeutic effect. Also, if you like tea with honey, it is best to plant it in the infusion has cooled down, as the hot fluid will convert the beneficial properties of honey in danger. Or eat it with a spoon, so it will be most useful. Only it is not necessary to get involved, as well, and lemon, a lemon wedges would be enough for a cup of tea. When the brew a tea, strain it from ginger, or permanent, it will become stronger and stronger, and it is not very useful for the organism. In the evening it is best not to drink tea, because it makes a person awake and before going to bed is not desirable, it may have problems falling asleep. It is better to drink it in the morning. After all, the effect of drinking tea is stored for several hours. Another secret lies in the preparation of tea in that ginger need to cut as thin as possible, and on the root volume to be the size of a small drain, if you use about two liters of water.

ginger diet

Ginger diet more winspopularity among people who are overweight and this is not surprising, because it is not a strict permits have moderate amounts of favorite foods. The most important thing in it - throughout the day to eat ginger drink, for a total of about two liters per day.

During the diet should be increased use offruits and vegetables, seafood, lemon. These products contribute to the breakdown of fat and a positive effect on metabolism. In addition, permitted to eat cereals, eggs, dairy products and mushrooms, all, of course, in moderation. Do not overeat. It is better to eat small amounts, but often.

Despite the fact that diet is more or less gentle,Yet there are foods that should be excluded from the diet to achieve the effect. It's smoked products and contain no preservatives. If you can not without bread, then replace white bread from wheat flour. Sweets too should be consumed in very limited quantities, just like spicy food, fried and salty. Salts allowed no more than 5 grams per day. And from healingandbodywork recommends against alcohol.

So, in order to achieve stunningresults should abandon smoked, preservatives, worthless white bread, a large number of sweet, spicy, fried foods and salt (allowed up to 5-7 grams per day). And to cut intake of animal fat and carbohydrate. On alcohol, and even speech can not be.

Remember that ginger is not a magic pill of extra kilograms. It's just a good aid for those who decide to revise your diet and engage seriously in his health.