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Gentle make-up

So-called appliances & laquo; Nudeview & raquo; It got its name from the fact that the cosmetics inflicted almost not visible on her face. The focus is on the eyes and lips. They should look expressive. A similar result can be achieved only with a smooth skin. For the & laquo; nude kind & raquo; you need concealer, powder, blush and concealer.

Lengthens or tightens up inkpodkrashivayutsya upper lashes only. nezhnyy_makiyazhI aside the liner. Instead, it use light, without luster or pearl shadows that give the look expressive.

Do not assume that pastel is monotony. Using them, you can be in a variety of images. Image & laquo; doll & raquo; created pink cheekbones and pale pink shades. On the lips apply lip gloss peach color. To do this, the image is no better color than pink, which will refresh the complexion. Light pink powder will refresh any tired skin. A shade of pink tones accentuate brown and set off the bright eyes.

To create a dreamy image neededpearlescent shade of lavender color, elongated upper lashes mascara and lip gloss light purple hue. Eyes will look very impressive, if they underline the colors of white pearls to pale lilac. Light-reflecting particles of these shades will help smooth out the disadvantages of problem skin, hide dark circles under the eyes and highlight the expressionless eyes and lips. It's the perfect makeup for brown-haired women and brunettes.

For middle-aged women need morea significant makeover. But here, you can create an unusual image, using muted tones. No need to use a black pencil to strike the eyes and eyebrows. Select a light brown or gray. A dark lipstick to replace lip gloss. The basis of such a makeup should be a tone lighter than your complexion. As the shadows, choose crisp shadow. Very refreshing!