Gelatine hair mask, homemade lamination

On the Internet, described the mass home procedures -Free analogs salon. Recently, interest in miraculous properties of gelatin. Try for yourself - like! The use of gelatin in the form of masks significantly rejuvenates the skin, tightens facial contours. On hair it acts as a positive - fills cracks in the hairs each, it adds volume and shine.
Now the Internet is described domestic massprocedures - free counterparts salon. Recently, interest in simple miracle properties of gelatin. Try for yourself - like! I want to share with readers healingandbodywork.

What is so valuable gelatin

Regular use of gelatin in the form of masksmarkedly rejuvenates the skin, tightens facial contours, smoothes and even whiten the face. On hair it works no less favorably - fills cracks in the hairs each, it adds volume and shine. Gelatin, as well as products made with its use (aspic, desserts, Jellied meats), can significantly improve the condition of patients with osteoarthritis. The gelatin contains glycine, and it's great impact on the nervous system. Even capsules for medicines made from gelatin ...
So that means a truly magical. We will try!

How to choose a useful gelatin?

Gelatine hair mask, homemade lamination
It turns out that not all yogurts are created equal ...Gelatin gelatin strife. We are health and beauty needs a high-quality gelatin. I found most of them only instant on supermarket shelves.
Only useful white (read - colorless) gelatin. Yellowish and cream does not fit! Better to take gelatin plates. It is more expensive instant granular counterparts, but high quality!
But the use of a yellow gelatin effectIt is not only an unpleasant smell of glue. We found the right package? Buy several packs - you'll like, I guarantee! And be sure to check the expiration date!

Gelatine facial mask

Gelatine hair mask, homemade lamination
The benefits of gelatin face we already knew. Therefore, without fear or doubt do masochku. It is important to understand that you can not mix the gelatin to no additional ingredients until it is dissolved. And dissolve the gelatin should be strictly according to the recommendations on the package. Typically, the process comprises soaking gelatin in water and heating on a water bath until dissolved. The first phase will take 40 minutes - poured some water and moved to watch your favorite TV series. Then it will be necessary to heat the gelatin.
Warms in a microwave oven is strictly prohibited! It is difficult to keep the temperature above 60 degrees and useful properties of gelatin disappear.
Bowl of gelatin put on a potboiling water and stir constantly until smooth. It takes 2-3 minutes. Few Let cool and in warm (such as on the face cause not scary) add a lot of other useful components. It can be a meal (for oily skin), oat flour (dry), kefir, yogurt, milk, cucumber juice, parsley juice, and even lemon juice diluted with a little water. Recommend to dissolve gelatin and fresh fruit juice. Itself did not try, but I plan to. I made with flour, it can help to thicken the mask. But the mask is too thick, too, should not be! Mass applied to cleansed face, lie down on the sofa and lie down for 20-25 minutes. Then remove with a cotton swab dipped in warm water and wash. The skin after the mask is required to moisturize cream.
The effect is noticeable immediately - small wrinklesbecome almost visible, skin is supple, soft. It can be done once in 4-5 days. With regular use, you will significantly grow young. But for occasional use effect is, as they say, on the face! And if we take the inside gelatin in the form of delicious desserts (jellies, panna cotta), as the action also to be inside! And we will be forever young!

Lamination gelatin hair at home

Gelatine hair mask, homemade lamination
Why draws a parallel between the homelamination hair and gelatinous mask for them also. Because gelatin coats the hairs each, fills all damaged areas (they like to demonstrate the shampoo commercials). Hair becomes visually bulkier, thicker and much more obedient. All my life I suffered with thin and unruly hair, a mop is easy! And after balzamchika easy to style. And most importantly - before I washed my head every day, and now again in three days! Dirty hair is much smaller. We strongly recommend that owners of greasy hair. Even on light hair effect is noticeable right away! And if you're someone said that there is no result, do not believe - was used "base gelatin." But we already know what we need gelatin ...
The lamination has its own nuances. Effects of the procedure lasts for a month, so that every thirty days, it must be repeated. Do you need to laminate immediately after hair dyeing (if you are painting). My hairdresser said that before painting it is better not to try, the color can not take. I heard that after such a long hair mask strongly grow heavy. I have shoulder-length hair - yes, noticeably grew heavy. So owner braid consider this point.
The procedure itself is simple. Soaked gelatin in water according to the instructions on the pack. Go wash with shampoo, towel blotted. Two minutes in a water bath to dissolve the gelatin to cool a couple of minutes. Add honey (teaspoon) and your usual balm, hair conditioner (3-4 tablespoons). Apply the mask on your hair, wrap the package and walk for an hour and a half. Wash off with warm water and enjoy. I do not recommend readers MirSovetov add egg mask - then hair will smell slightly long. It has enough organic!
And, you can make reinforcing gelatin maskpolish. Dilute gelatin familiar pattern, add aromatic oil (or add nothing) and hold nails in a warm bath for about 15 minutes Nails bend but do not break !!!
I marvel dayus as a useful product ass was in the kitchen cupboard without attention. But now we will correct this situation !!! Let's take care of the beauty and prolong youthfulness. It's almost free can do at home!