Gel polish at home

Beautiful manicure is now no surprise. In fashion a new line of durable nail polish called gel coat. This procedure is considered the salon, but a lot of women want to learn it themselves.

Even in ancient times women have sought to ensure,that their pens were gentle and well-groomed. The first manicure, which could afford only the rich woman, was cast from pure gold. Proof of this began excavations in ancient Babylon. But Cleopatra invented a more affordable method of staining for all nail plates using henna.

At that time there was such a huge choice of meansmanicure, and, though it seems ridiculous at the present time, but in ancient times, a manicure done currently by both men and women. It was considered an honor to go into battle with multicolored nails - so fully armed Roman soldiers defended the honor of his people.

And now, through the years and centuries, and well-groomedBeautiful nails are not uncommon, but rather a necessity. Fortunately, today, in order to make a beautiful manicure, there is a huge range of tools and materials. An alternative to traditional nail was the strengthening and decorating nails using gel varnish.

What is a gel varnish

At the hearing, many of the fairsex is the title of a gel lacquer of a famous company - Shellac. For the price of this gel polish is much higher than similar funds of other companies. Gel Varnish - is essentially the same varnish that consists of the gel and other components. He is not only a decoration of the nail plate, but also protects them. Gel nail lacquer differs from the ordinary in that it lasts longer on the nails, and if the application of the technology is exactly followed, does not cleave. Worn a manicure for more than three weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages of gel polish

Shellac or gel nail for those women,which is difficult to grow long nails. Similarly, if you have short fingernails often break or delaminate, MirSovetov recommends strengthening the nail plate, covering them with gel varnish. Under such protection nails will not deteriorate, delaminate and will grow back.

Thus, the advantages of gel varnish:

  1. Holds two times longer than regular nail polish.
  2. Upon contact with household cleaning varnish will not spoil.
  3. It gives shine plate. This is the only coating that will not fade with time.
  4. A wide variety of color palettes.

Among the drawbacks, perhaps, it is worth noting onlyone: gel nail polish can not be removed by ordinary means of acetone nail polish remover. Also, in order to make the gel coat - varnish at home, you need to buy a special lamp.

What do you need

To make yourself a manicure, you must purchase a starter kit, which usually consists of several tools:

  • degreaser;
  • basecoat;
  • gel lacquer;
  • surface finish;
  • means for removal of the adhesive layer;
  • remover gel nail.

Many say that the purchase of suchstarter kit will not be profitable for home use. But if you calculate how much it will cost you a salon manicure gel varnish, your time, payment services and travel, it is possible to argue.

Of course, there is no need to purchasecolor palette of ten vials - enough to focus on two or three basic lacquers for manicure. healingandbodywork encourages its readers to buy two bottles of gel polish - pastel colors and a bright red, raspberry or cherry.

In addition to the starter kit for the nail gel polish,We need a special lamp. It is not necessary to purchase for personal use expensive branded lamps. If you buy a cheap lamp, and use it once a month, then it will last you several years. By the way, the lamp can take the time to have a girlfriend.

When choosing bulbs for a gel varnish need to know the following:

  1. To dry the nail under the lamp, fitUV lamps capacity of 9, 12 or 36 watts. Device depends on the capacity and cost of drying time. Thus, if a 9-watt lamp will varnish drying for 5-7 minutes, then a 36 watt - two minutes. The sale represented lamps with timers and without. Lack - bulky, need to replace the heating elements in case of failure.
  2. The novelties nail steel mini lamps,designed specifically for drying gel varnish. Such devices are called - ICE-lamps. They also have a different capacity. Very convenient for home use, as are small (can fit in a purse Kings). varnish drying takes only 30 seconds. Disadvantage - the high cost.

Clearcoat application yourself

In order to cover the nails at home requires

  • sawing, grinding;
  • degreaser;
  • UV light, preferably at 36 W, as can other translucent or ICE dry bulb;
  • basis under the lacquer;
  • colored lacquer;
  • fixer - upper cover (sometimes glossy and matt);
  • means for removal of a sticky layer or an ordinary pharmacy alcohol;
  • lint-free cloth (paper towels are suitable).

Before the gel varnish application,you need a manicure. It can be as trim and edging manicure (via router or special funds). Once ready manicure necessary for half an hour hand water is not wet to the nail plate has been softened.

Steps manicure gel polish:

To remedy after application does not flake,using sanding sawing gently abrade the surface of the nail. Just a little to remove the gloss. Brush (suitable old toothbrush) to remove dust.

With the help of a brush degreaser go onnail plate, try not to get on skin. In order to save this tool can replace an ordinary nail polish remover without additives, colorings and flavorings. She need to carefully handle the surface of the wafer using a lint-free cloth.

Apply a thin layer of the base - the foundation under the nail. It should be remembered that the layer must be thin. To prevent peeling paint and chipped nail plate, it is necessary to paint and nail end. First base is applied to the nails of his left hand (for left-handed - vice versa), leaving the thumb.

Dry the base of the lamp to 36W - two minutes in an ice-lamp - 30 seconds.

After the time is up, put on the thumb base and send out to dry under the lamp.

Then, two layers of a colored nail varnish coat. Dry 120 seconds.

Use lacquer glossy translucent pale peach.

Apply fixative.

Dry under the lamp.

The final stage is the removal of the adhesive (dispersion) layer. Using a lint-free cloth and a special tool to remove the sticky layer - moisturize nail.

All manicure is ready!

After three weeks and held therethe need to update the coverage, you need to remove the varnish with a special tool. How to do this, read the article by healingandbodywork «Removing the gel polish at home."


To save money, you can not acquire special lint-free wipes. They successfully replace conventional paper towels in white. They need to be cut into small rectangles.

When removing the sticky layer using asspecial tools, and alcohol, each must use the new nail tissue. If the same cloth to go through all the nails, there is a risk that a beautiful gloss disappears.

Little secret: if after stepping through all the points of application of the gel polish, nails do not look after the salon treatments - have become dull and without luster, which means that a thick base layer has been applied, varnish or fixer, who did not like to be dry. In this case, you need to cover the nail plate with a thin layer of funds or dried in the tube more than two minutes.

Of course, the first time will have to spend on a nice manicure more time than it takes a master in the cabin. Over time, everything will turn out. Good luck!