The gas-liquid peeling

The gas-liquid peeling - a novelty among technologiesrejuvenation and deep cleaning of skin, as well as the elimination of the bump defect. The methodology incorporated the impact of two components of natural origin - oxygen and water, which provide excellent results.

The essence of the Jet Peel grinding techniques

The idea to use the surface hydro-oxygentreatment of the skin for cosmetic purposes has come to a head specialist not so long ago. The basis of the principle of peeling is cleaning the face by a non-contact jet flow, oxygenated, which is indicated overspeed affects facial area. Nozzle Jet Peel device is equipped with a miniature size nozzle, which directs the gas-liquid flow at a speed of 300 m / s. Getting on the dermis, droplets of an aqueous solution enriched with life-giving oxygen, separated and medial surface layers of the skin. In this affects the oxygen detoxification and metabolic properties of cells, stimulating circulation.

Sometimes it is replaced a special salinesera rejuvenating effect. But it depends on the beautician skill and the patient's skin properties. It is not surprising that this type of peeling today occupies a leading position among all the cleaning and polishing techniques epidermis. Dial popularity and prevalence of such gas-liquid peeling helped a combination of key features, such as:

  • the use of harmless and environmentally friendly components;
  • possibility of manipulation without contact with the skin;
  • 3D-dimensional rejuvenation or massage;
  • versatility peeling for all skin types;
  • the absence of rehabilitation period;
  • painless the procedure;
  • visible effect - improves skin turgor, wrinkles become less increased lifting, decreases puffiness and improves skin color.

Features of the gas-liquid peeling

resurfacing procedure under the influence of oxygen -not only clean the skin, but also massage, which improves blood circulation and accelerate the cell renewal process. Therefore it recommended to carry out such cosmetic surgery before you go to the beach because of the skin surface is leveled and tan falls perfectly.

In addition to massage and cell saturation,Jet Peel peeling clear cover allows itself to varying degrees - from the surface to a depth of grinding. This can effectively eliminate the problem of the effects of acne, small scars, chickenpox scars, etc. The visible relief.

Often the procedure is applied in order to peelskin rejuvenation. Jet Peel allows you to "erase" the face of fine lines, smooth out deeper wrinkles and fights the age-pigmentation. It is the most coveted goal of many women, because the effect is already visible on the next day after the session cosmetic. According to the result of the gas-liquid skin resurfacing is comparable to the chemical cleaning of deep impact, but unlike her, is painless, requires no anesthesia and leaves no irritation.

When and to whom should think about carrying out a gas-liquid peeling?

Many girls can spend hours looking at hisskin in the mirror and find there is minor flaws: from tiny scars, acne to wrinkles or age spots. In this case, it is worth considering to hold the most safe and effective cleaning procedures. MirSovetov encourages its readers to pay attention to the following indications for resurfacing Jet Peel:

  • pigmentation of the dermis;
  • the appearance of an unhealthy shade of the person or tarnish;
  • the loss of the natural skin tone, reduction of elasticity;
  • the appearance of acne and post-acne relief;
  • appearance of wrinkles, dryness, peeling, and cover;
  • defects of the dermis: black spots, scars, depressions, scars, stretch marks, large pores.

The main caution

Despite the popularity of treatments and gentleexposure mode, the gas-liquid flow peeling also has a number of limitations. This treatment is a specific operation, and therefore treat it with the utmost caution should be. Consider the category of persons to whom it is desirable to refrain from using Jet Peel peeling:

  • Patients with symptoms of psychopathy;
  • People with impaired cerebral microcirculation;
  • patients in the active stage of herpes, SARS, hypertension, infectious and cardiovascular diseases;
  • women during pregnancy or lactation;
  • people with chronic skin disease or tumors;
  • patients with skin inflammation.

The technique of peeling Jet Peel

In order to pass the skin cleaning proceduregas-liquid method, special training is required. Just wash your face and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Next beautician starts the most grinding:

  1. gas-liquid peeling procedure is"Scan" areas of the skin that need to be cleaned. To do this, the patient is placed on a chair. Depending on the purpose of the Jet Peel, the doctor can adjust the degree of penetration of the oxygen flow, simply delaying the attachment device on the skin and bringing it closer.

    For example, when moving the unit from a distance1.5-2 cm, the skin gets a stimulating massage of medium depth. It stimulates lymphatic and krootoka inflows. But if the specialist will remove the nozzle 7 mm from the dermis, then with increasing kinetic energy of drops, increase the intensity of the abrasive properties - it is required for deep grinding.

  2. After treatment of the skin with a special device beautician treats the face soothing tonic.

Duration of cosmetic procedures do not exceed30 minutes. The course of treatment is always different, depending on the purpose and complexity of the problem. However, most of the full course of 5 treatments for the surface treatment, for the middle of the session 3-5 peeling, and 2-3 treatments for deep dermal resurfacing.

Do not worry if at the time of peeling performa few drops of blood - this is a normal reaction when the flow of oxygen reaches the deep layers of the epidermis. Any discomfort terminated simultaneously with the termination of the cosmetic procedure.

The effect is achieved by peeling Jet Peel

The gas-liquid peeling rejuvenatesepidermis, it allows you to give the skin freshness and elasticity back, pull up deep wrinkles and eliminate fine wrinkles. As a result, the complexion improves significantly, it is naturally pink. Through the use of natural components - oxygen and water, peeling can be used for different purposes - massage, skin cleaning, lifting, needle-free injections, and so on.

Non-contact cleaning of the skin and is perfectly safepainless, so that does not require to conduct rehabilitative care. This is the most hygienic and effective procedure, completely eliminating the risk of infection. In addition, the visible result is shown in the next day after the session. It can be fixed for a period of 4-9 months, depending on the complexity of the operation, the depth of penetration and degree of infestation of the skin. The rest - a gas-liquid peeling is a simple, safe and effective procedure that will return the young and healthy skin.