Fractional photothermolysis

Every woman wants to look young andnice, especially if its age has reached its golden mean. Many of the first signs of aging are the experts of laser surgery, but if this option is not for you, then the best choice - to take advantage of fractional photothermolysis.

What it is?

Ten years ago, in 2004, Americanspatented principle of fractional laser exposure. And he made a real revolution in cosmetology. Before that professionals need to constantly maneuver on the brink of safety, today this issue has been resolved with the help of factionalism. That is, the laser beam is now divided into small bundle of rays. And sites that are side by side, no longer affect a great spot, and the mesh. Mikroluchi very effective, they may penetrate the skin to a depth of one centimeter. They are selectively heated areas of the body and thereby increases efficiency. The body begins to develop collagen tissue recovered, and wrinkles are smoothed, and the outer man is transformed before our eyes. The beam of laser rays on the skin does microscopic damage zone around these areas there is the activation of the cells, they begin to actively divide and provoke the formation of new collagen. The damaged areas are restored, and there are therapeutic area.

Another laser resurfacing fractionally different from those that it removes the layer of dead skin cells, while the fractional updates the areas on one hundred percent.

How is the procedure

Before starting the procedure, a person is removedcosmetics. The patient then wears glasses that are specially designed to protect your eyes. Specialist fractional photothermolysis laser nozzle and takes an average of half an hour puts it to the skin. The patient does not experience any pain at the same time only a slight tingling in the region where this point is located in the laser beam.

This procedure is not often carried out about once amonth. The number of sessions depends on the condition of the skin is initially. As a rule, only four procedures to rejuvenate the face. After the procedure, the patient may feel a slight burning sensation, but two hours after the end of treatment, usually all the unpleasant symptoms disappear. The skin may be a little blush and swelling, but it is normal and it will take a day or two. You can use the Burns preparations and moisturizers.

A visible result after the procedure occurs within 2 weeks from the beginning of the rejuvenation treatments. Man looks rested and fresh.

What are the advantages of Procedure

  1. The skin is quickly restored - if using a conventional laser skin is restored within three weeks, then the fractional influence of just one day.
  2. Good depth impact - deeper penetration into the skin does not cause scarring in the future. But even it allows you to smooth out wrinkles or old scars.
  3. It does not cause hypopigmentation - This procedure does not kill all of the melanocytes, and therefore the risk of hypopigmentation either.
  4. You can carry out any photo type - in procedureThey used primarily infrared rays that heat the water in the skin, so the amount of melanin in the skin in principle is not important, which means that sessions can be performed even on tanned skin.
  5. Minimal risk of hyperpigmentation - ifthe case of laser polishing habitual occurrence of hyperpigmentation can be in 30 cases out of 100, then the fractional laser, the risk is only 5 percent. This is true even for those whose skin is prone to the disease.
  6. Polishing can be done anywhere on the body -thanks to the rapid healing of the skin after the procedure, can be subjected to grinding virtually any area of ​​the body. In addition, the laser does not affect the implants. You can conduct sessions on the neck, and not worry about the thyroid gland, chest and even on the eyelids.
  7. Very convenient - with no need to do the proceduredeep anesthesia, and only the surface, the time it takes a bit after it does not need special medical care, you can just go about their business. A day before the start of grinding and can be painted, and shave and wash.

How safe is the procedure

Fractional photothermolysis - quite gentleprocedure, it causes the body to reveal its hidden reserves. In fact, with the help of laser skin is only getting rid of the dead cells, and it has rejuvenated themselves. This process is completely controlled and totally safe. You can get up and go home immediately after lying under the beam of 10-30 minutes.

Medical cosmetologist itself regulates depthpenetration and frequency of skin exposure. When fractional skin exposure is not erased the drawing and possible infection. This method is suitable for almost all skin types, even the super-sensitive. After pass the entire course of rejuvenation, you will notice a significant difference, not visible pores will be on the skin, pigment spots. You can make almost imperceptible stretch marks. And in general, you will drop a dozen years.

But, like any other cosmetic procedure,there is this method its contraindications. So, do not recommend fractional photothermolysis people who have cancer tumors, those who are sick with epilepsy, as well as psoriasis and dermatitis. Contraindications to the procedure are also all inflammatory processes of the skin and lesions of herpetic origin. It is necessary to wait for the rejuvenation, if a person is sick with acute infectious disease, as well as if the skin was recently subjected to a deep chemical peel or less than the mechanical dermabrasion conducted a week ago. Nor do the procedure during pregnancy and lactation in breast milk. And a relative contraindication for fractional photothermolysis is allergic to lidocaine.

If we talk about the side effects, it is possiblethe appearance of acne or herpes infection or erosion. Less common post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, edema, prolonged erythema or allergic reactions.

Skin care after the procedure

Skin care after the procedure is quite simple -need to humidify the first weeks of the treated skin with light cream, which will give access to the pores of oxygen. Also during the first two weeks after the procedure, you should not use scrubs and peelings, face painting and decorative cosmetics can be the next day. If you have sensitive skin, you should not be directly in the sun for about a month after the procedure. And on a sunny day to go out only after the application of cosmetics with a high level of protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Do not be alarmed if you begin to gently slough offskin, it means that the rejuvenation process is running. Peel off the skin can in a week. To remove the discomfort, healingandbodywork recommended to lubricate the problem areas moisturizer. Also, two weeks after the procedure on the skin tanning effect can be maintained.

Within a month after the first procedure, comesRejuvenation peak, at this point the skin already looks rejuvenated, and then just goes accumulation. The result of fractional photothermolysis held for ten years.