Beauty Formula

We women often think about howimprove themselves, their appearance, which we are always unhappy. Even if we had such a perfect as Aphrodite, it seems, still would have found a bunch of flaws. So what is this is the formula of beauty? What components are included in it?
Beauty Formula
We women often think about howimprove themselves, their appearance, which we are always unhappy. Even if we had such a perfect as Aphrodite, it seems, still would have found a bunch of flaws. So what is this is the formula of beauty? What components are included in it?
I assure you, this is the formula is much more difficultEinstein's equations and Newton! And over beaten clue formula beauty have much more time than was necessary to be the greatest scientist physicists. And who needs their formulas? After all, in practice it is much easier! You know the formula of beauty - and the world at your feet!
Everyone knows that at all times the world ruled by women! Or rather - their beauty!
One of the first elements in the formulaBeauty is, first of all, self-confidence! It is known that the disadvantages that a woman is experiencing the most, often catch the eye! The main thing to remember that none of us is perfect. From this we should start talking about the formula of beauty. Even a perfectly smooth surface does not exist!
From here we move on to another important elementformula of beauty - the realization of its uniqueness! Let you remember that all men are different tastes! Maybe he likes freckles, and that for him the most important component of beauty. Each girl zest. And the main thing - to find it in ourselves as we are looking for elements of the formula of beauty. And then beautifully and confidently put it for show! Do not be shy of moles! It is your uniqueness! Large breasts? What problems? This is your huge advantage! But the main thing - is to realize it!
So, the first two inalienable element of the formula of beauty - self-confidence and awareness of their uniqueness.
Most men attract feminine, delicate,affectionate girl. Without these qualities will not do, and our formula of beauty! Remember that you - not a housewife, but a woman above all. Even watching the household chores - not overreach. Have pity on yourself. Sit down, relax! An important element of beauty formula is samoberezhenie. So do not hesitate - take care of yourself. This, as you do not have anywhere else. Both men appreciate it!
Pay special attention to your hands. It is impossible not to mention it, creating beauty formula. It should not be worn calluses rags, and soft, warm, silky scarves! Do not spare money - buy the cream! If you wash the dishes - Wear gloves. And remember - at least the rings! One or two or more. Let your fingers become thinner nice to them adornment! How could I say about it, talking about the authentic formula of beauty ?!
Take care of yourself! This is another valuable component of our formula of beauty - relax! Walk. Walk in the park for a walk in the woods, on the lake. Walk in the rain. It is known that getting wet in the rain effect is many times more effective than any expensive cosmetics!
Incidentally, it is worth mentioning about this, once itIt is a formula of beauty! Try as little as possible to use cosmetics. Be natural. However, I can not help but notice that the light make-up only decorates the girl makes her sexier and more attractive. But do not exaggerate! Our formula of beauty will not tolerate kilograms carcass and shadows that will pour in to you, like plaster!
Deriving the formula of beauty, we should not forgetproper nutrition, which will make you not only beautiful but also healthy! Without health beauty, that stem without a flower! The food should be light and nutritious. So you should choose a suitable diet and eating patterns. Drink and eat only the freshest, if they themselves want to bloom like spring lilacs ...
Do not forget in our formula beauty of itsintellectual enrichment. After a man loses all interest in you, if you will "fluff". And without this all our activities to create beauty formula will be in vain! What is meant by this is the intellectual component of our formula of beauty? This reading of books, magazines, newspapers, watching new movies, all that is talking about the present-day modernity. Do not forget about the theater! This is especially develops emotional and spiritual world! But without this will not do, no formula of beauty!
Everyone knows that the external appealIt should always be supported by something internal. And it is not something that a rich inner world! Do not hesitate at the word meditation! Meditate! It's sort of a way of relaxation and tranquility. And without inner peace is not possible there is no formula for beauty. Because beauty itself - it is harmony. Harmony everywhere: in food, in intelligence, in the emotional sphere.
By the way, to be in good shape - engagedsports. So, sports and physical culture is another valuable component of our formula of beauty. Morning jog will only benefit if it is not along the road, where you will only deplete the reserves of the organism, and it is better - along the paths of the park or deciduous coniferous forest. But do not abuse it!
Morning gymnastics needed to comein the form, not bring themselves to exhaustion. Without this, our formula will remain useless beauty! So remember - a little jog, light gymnastic exercises, the press support.
What else will be an essentialelement beauty formula? Without a doubt - a good mood! Each morning begins with a smile and the thought that a new day will bring you a lot of positive impressions! Hopefully, as our formula for beauty.
Do good! All the laws of physics say that nothing disappears without a trace. And that means - it comes back to you! Without this beauty formula is impossible! Without what else? True beauty formula is not possible without the sincere smile! She is like a ray of obstacles in the tunnels, like a sip of water in the desert. This is what is lacking in the modern world. Think about it: if you smile more, be sure to pay attention to you. Without attention to our formula of beauty is not effective! After all, sincere joy - this is such a rarity.
Be happy - you can not forget about it, building a formula Beauty!
Concluding the display of beauty formula shouldIt noted that the most essential element of it is, of course, faith in yourself! After all, who, if not you will cause to believe that true beauty lives in your heart ?!