Pros and Cons himzavivki cilia


Eyelashes can be called a key element of female attractiveness, because thanks to beautiful eyelashes look becomes seduction and charm.

Unfortunately, nature has not endowed all womenbeautiful and long eyelashes with stunning curves and flirty. After all, nobody is perfect, each has its own problems and shortcomings. Fortunately, become more beautiful and perfect woman helps modern cosmetology, to solve many different problems, including those related to the cilia


  • 1 Various modern methods of eyelash curler
  • 2 Perm eyelashes: Technology And Features
  • 3 Benefits of eyelash curler procedures
  • 4 Degree of safety procedures
  • 5 Contraindications
  • 6 Care for lashes

Various modern methods of eyelash curler

To achieve the effect of long and fluffy lashes curling procedure helps. This can be done both with special tweezers and using a special tightening up mascara lashes.

Using special curls mascaraIt can help, but you need only a high-quality and appropriately enough not cheap mascara. The use of inexpensive mascara does not satisfy your expectations, or give only short-term effect. Moreover, very often it smeared ink flows and showered.

Short-term effect makes the useSpecial tweezers for eyelashes. Professional pliers have always been quite popular. Thanks to them, the eyelashes really become such a beautiful and desired bend.

However, this procedure must be performed on a daily basis,that you will agree, it is not very convenient. Moreover, as a result of the inept use of curling irons, eyelashes can injure and even vomit. It should be remembered that the tweezers are used only before the ink is applied, because otherwise as a result of incompetent use injure you and break your lashes.

Heat wave is performed in the salonspecial device, but the effect of this procedure is also quite short. And here is a great, reliable, simple and durable way is really perming eyelashes. Thanks to this procedure, even women with very short and straight lashes will become open and charming look.

Perm eyelashes: Technology And Features

Perm eyelashes gainingpopularity among salon procedures. Thanks to your lashes will become beautiful charming curve of 1.5 - 2 months. After all, for a complete renovation of eyelashes need about 90 days. After this time, the procedure can be performed repeatedly.

As for the technologyprocedure, it is quite simple and safe, and very much like the procedure a chemical wave of hair: to bend the eyelashes using a special self-adhesive roller-curlers, which will be wound each cilium after applying to it a special gel and a striker - harmless to the eye.

curling rollers come in different sizesDepending on how long and hard are your eyelashes, as well as on how deep you want to have a curl. After 40-50 minutes, completely painless procedure, you will get beautiful curved eyelashes.

It is worth noting that the perming eyelashes -this salon treatment and the notion that you can perform at home on their own mistake. And besides, and the means to perform the procedure is practically absent in the open market. Perform the procedure should only be certified and specially trained specialist.

Benefits of eyelash curler procedures

The procedure for a chemical wave of eyelashes has a huge number of advantages. Some of them include:

  • the acquisition of the desired bend eyelashes. That will be how curved your lashes depends on you. It can be hardly noticeable to the average effect or have a very pronounced bend;
  • there is no need to use mechanical eyelash curlers, which are very often much hurt eyelashes and provoke their loss;
  • perm procedure is preferably carried out before the extension procedure to obtain more effective results;
  • if you do not like to paint eyelashes, then after perming treatments such necessity disappears by itself, because thanks to her lashes become very natural and unobtrusive bend;
  • effective perming gives even on short and straight lashes, and just imagine how will look like the eyes with long eyelashes.
  • perming eyelashes gives a lasting effect, curled lashes hold their shape for about three months.

The degree of safety procedures

With regard to security procedures, there must be firmly dispel the myth that after curling lashes become brittle and begin to fall. In fact this is not so.

The procedure is performed using a soft,gentle composition, does not adversely affect the eyelashes and does not disrupt their structure. Moreover, after the procedure lashes coated with a special converter, preventing hair breakage.

Besides eyelashes can not fall out afterperms, as all application means is performed only on the middle ciliary hair, and in any case not to roots or eyelid skin. Thus in the case of the correct execution of the procedure can not harm you!

After perm eyelashes allowed the wearing of contact lenses, applying cosmetics, the adoption of water treatments - all this will have no effect on the shape of a new eyelash.

It is worth noting that the perm makeslashes lighter. Therefore, a few days after its execution can be painted eyelashes in the cabin. This can be done in two days after the procedure, but not more often than once in three months.

This procedure perm and coloring eyelashes - this is a great way to make them longer, voluminous and beautiful.


Despite the fact that the procedure for curling eyelashesIt is practically harmless, in preparations, which are used to accomplish it still contains certain chemicals. Therefore, the procedure has some contraindications.

Respond clearly to the question as to whether,whether it is possible to tighten up the eyelashes to pregnant women and women during lactation, it is impossible. It is still no serious studies have been conducted regarding the impact disulfide, sulfur has on the female body.

If there is an allergic reaction to one or the otherchemical preparation, first, a test for sensitivity to the agent. In addition, do perm lashes without stopping to rest and can not - be sure to let cilium chance to rest and recover.

People with high eye sensitivity and resist better to perform this procedure.

The first 24 hours after the procedure, doctors do notrecommend rubbing lashes and wash. It is also forbidden access to the sauna, swimming pool or solarium. After this time, any restrictions are removed. It allowed absolutely everything - swimming, sunbathing, use of make-up. It can be painted, swim, sunbathe and sleep "face in the pillow."

Care for lashes

The procedure for the care of eyelashes after chemicalcurling is their strengthening and rehabilitation. Since during the procedure using a chemical agent that can favorably influence on the lashes, then it is necessary for them to care. For example, to apply to them the special caring agents. This may be castor oil, which is preheated and coated with a thin layer every day for several hours. After this time, the remaining oil is removed with a cloth.

special nutritional droplets also exist, which strengthen lashes and rehabilitate them after exposure to chemicals.

Contraindications to applying makeup is notexist. To remove it is also possible with the help of the ordinary and usual it means to you. Bending does not suffer from this. Also, wearing contact lenses is permitted.