Firming cream polish

Feminine beauty is a concept that consists oflarge number of components. You can not say that the girl is beautiful only eyes or the lips, in fact, it is a collective term, and sometimes, it is not necessary to have a perfect shape, every day to visit the hairdresser and makeup artist, and so on, all around you considered beautiful. However, take care of themselves, of course, necessary, because slovenly appearance, immediately alienates people. Among many others, the special advantage of a girl or woman, has long been considered to be the nails, the more that modern manicure capabilities provide a huge amount of a variety of options, making it possible to feel unique and beautiful.


  • 1 Strong and healthy nails - beautiful and well-groomed hands
  • 2 What can be and what should not be included in a firming cream for nails?
  • 3 What will help to strengthen nails
  • 4 How and when to smear? True care of the nail plate

Strong and healthy nails - beautiful and well-groomed hands

Of course, beautiful nails, too, need to make upbe able to, but most importantly, it's all the same, the care that you can provide your hands, as well as marigolds them to grow strong, good shape, not sloilis and did not break, but it is extremely common. Like it or not, but all day long, almost every girl, and even more so, a woman is constantly in contact with water, hot and cold, and all sorts of aggressive media, such as chistyasche-detergents, and so on.

This, of course, bring no benefit to nailscan not and should not believe what is written on the bottle, like dishwashing detergent cares for the hands and makes the nails more healthy, more likely, it is simply less aggressive. All this, without all doubt, spoils nails. In order to keep your hands and, of course, the nail plate is always beautiful, you can use a tool such as firming cream for nails and hands, correctly picking it as time "for themselves."

What can and what should not go in firming cream for nails?

According to its properties, the cream for nails can be divided into three main sub-categories:

  • Cleansing Cream for nails
  • Nourishing cream for nails
  • Firming cream polish

Since the cleansing and care products, nutritional hands and nails,usually pay more attention to, I want to talk a little bit about the strengthening of the nails, as it is not unimportant factor. It is strong and nails will look beautiful for them will be easy to care for, they are easy to process, do not burst spontaneously, not stratified on the tips and do not break in itself. Inopportune moment. Firming Cream polish pretty easy to pick up, if you take seriously the question, and simply read the label where the manufacturer usually writes all thoroughly detail and sensibly, and this does not have to be a chemist.

Parabens - no! preservatives obvious harm

In these substances have a huge number of names,They are cunning and devious, trying to get through at all, without exception, cosmetic, including firming cream and polish. Propylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, and so on and so forth. If you find something like this in the instructions for your chosen medium, better to leave it where it is, that is on the shelf in the store. These substances are used as a preservative, but if a short shelf life, and parabens specified somewhere in the end of the list, it is perhaps possible to try and this means that the minimum amount of the cream.

In the same category can be attributed to severalother preservatives, such as a phthalate, the SLES (also known as sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as the SLS), toluene (aka toluene). These substances not only can have a detrimental effect on the nail plate, but also, in general, affect the entire body, up to the changes in the DNA, and only this, excuse me, in any gate not climbing. Preservatives in firming hand cream, and if part of the must, in the smallest amounts.

What will help to strengthen nails

About harmful substances already like, everything is clear,but what to do if they are present in almost every cosmetic product? You can choose natural cosmetics, for which will have to pay a bit more denezhek, and its shelf life is much less, but favor a soft but noticeable effect, you will notice immediately. For example, you can choose a firming cream polish in the form of bio-gel cream that cares for nails gently, nourishes the nails with energy and health. Also, you need to make sure that in firming cream polish must include the nutrients that make it up and running.


  • Vitamin A or retinol
  • Vitamin E, also called tocopherol
  • Vitamin C can be written ascorbic acid


  • Calcium
  • Sulfur
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Manganese
  • siloxane
  • silver citrate
  • Sea minerals

Plant extracts or extracts from medicinal herbs:

  • Hawthorn
  • Wild berries (cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc.)
  • Oak bark
  • Juniper
  • Sea buckthorn

Essential oils:

  • Grape seeds
  • Citrus (orange oil, lemon, grapefruit)
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • Linseed oil
  • Oil hawk
  • cherry oil
  • Sesame
  • Almonds and much more

In recent years, beauticians have found for yourselfalso incredibly useful seaweed because firming cream for nails, may well contain them, they are extremely rich in all kinds of "utility". Bee products are also beneficial to the nail plate, ie, propolis, honey, royal jelly, all this is a little plus those that are added when you select the tool. Except, of course, the individual, ie personal intolerance, but that person usually knows in advance.

How and when to smear? True care of the nail plate

In addition, it is necessary to make the right choice,buy firming cream for nails, because they still need and be able to use, that is, to know how it should be applied, how many times and in what time to the effect was exactly as you would expect. Great wisdom of such care does not require the process enough to pay quite a bit of time, and soon you will be surprised how much healthier and along with this beautiful and become your nogotochki.

  • Again, as usual, stands primarilyreturn to health. Do not forget to thoroughly wash and clean that part of the body, which gathered and applied cosmetic. Firming cream polish, and not the exception. In our case, simply wash your hands with soap, it is better to use liquid and gentle, especially if there are problems with the nails, and if you are going to strengthen them, they definitely have.
  • Before the procedure, of course, need to wash off the nail plate nail, if any, and then again to wash your hands and gently wet cloth.
  • Because you can apply hand cream, the one you have chosen for themselves, nothing special about it is not necessary to invent, produce a habitual actions.
  • Not bad, if a few times a week, you willdo special restorative bath for nails, masks, clean them take care of them. After these procedures, the cream would be better absorbed, the substance of it is easier to get into the nail and work effectively.
  • Do not forget also the means to mitigate the cuticle, at the time of application of the cream, it should be removed or shifted.
  • Usually tubes containing firming cream for the nails have a special dispenser, by means of which it can be easily maznut at the very base of the nail, at the edge of the cuticle.
  • Gently and carefully, smear cream on the nail plate, gently massaging it on all sides.

It is necessary to leave the cream on the nails for a while,because if after the procedure immediately flee to wash the dishes or scrubbing the tiles in the bathroom, the sense will not be exact. Give yourself a little attention to his beloved, and be sure your nails will thank you excellent appearance and good health. Do not feel sorry for yourself the time and it would be good to you, allowing for a long time to prolong youth and natural beauty.