A few simple rules of good make-up


Every woman knows that good usedecorative cosmetics, even at the minimum level capable of literally transform the appearance. Indeed, the modern fashion more and more emphasis on the natural make-up without the use of bright colors.

In any case, the difference between day and evening was always meykapom and ability to achieve the effect of "no make-up", perhaps, better than bright images.


  • 1 Fundamentals of proper makeup
  • 2 Simulate the appearance
  • 3 How to combine with shades of lipstick and clothing

Fundamentals of proper makeup

Many women prefer not to use decorative cosmetics at all, believing that they can not be painted.

But the pursuit of excellence inherent to us by nature and, if desired, each can do anything to achieve the ideal.

The main thing is to stick to the basic rules and give yourself installation, that "nothing is impossible".

Before stocking the mountain shadows, and tonalnikovlipsticks, you need to understand that the perfect image is impossible without perfect skin. Of course, rarely is the nature of smooth clear skin without enlarged pores and small irregularities, but the slaughter of the beauty and daily care for her - the duty of every woman.

Using a properly fitted meanscorrect feeding and emptying, you get close to the ideal, and make-up will only help you with this. So, when the skin is put in order, you can start even the most daring experiments.

In make-up, one of the main points isBeautiful skin tone, and even if you have perfect code, without a foundation you can not do. Not necessarily "plastered" it, but the color will have to align.

Modeling appearance

Create the perfect skin tone, one can only think "decor". And here it is necessary to pay attention to different parts of the face.

So, if faded and inexpressive eyebrowsuse special pencils and powder. These funds will help make clear and expressive eyebrows. Hue is better to choose a suitable hair color and avoid unnatural sharp lines.

For eye makeup, you can use a lot of money. If we talk about natural meykape, that have shown themselves perfectly transparent matte shade, light brown shades (but not too dark), liquid eyeliner, soft pencils. By the way, eyeliner and pencil can be used for evening composition, replacing the shadow of a bright saturated colors.

There is one "golden" rule, which says nothighlight both the eyes and lips. And indeed, ridiculous looks smoky evening make-up and purple lipstick. In the daytime, you can afford to focus on the lips, using glitter. Some wife's against the rules, use bright shades of lipstick during the day, but to do so not worth it.

Complete makeup can blush, but the makeup is being used very often. The shade should be selected based on the color of the face, but now in vogue brown tones - bronzers.

How to combine with lipstick shades and clothing

Surely you will not find a single expertOpinions about what lipstick shade and should be one shade. It so happened that when the make-up ladies are advised not to draw attention both to the eyes and lips.

So, if the eyes are made up of bright, use a neutral lipstick lighter shade and vice versa. Some women prefer to go without make-up lips, relying on the natural color and beauty.

And what about the lipstick and clothes, then it is possible andyou need to combine colors. And while there are colors that, when such a combination will make the image of "heavy" use a similar color lipstick accessories is necessary. For example, a black dress and red lipstick perfectly suited red shoes or a handbag, earrings, pendant. If you are using a combo outfit (blouse and skirt), the color of lipstick should fit the "down". The same goes for the eyes: smoky makeup, combined with a little black dress will make the image more effectively.

In any case, if you decided to "do" person,take it very seriously. Do not apply makeup messy, stop at the half, and if it caused the shade, please and complete your eyebrows and eyelashes tint.

Of course, every fashionista least once in a lifetimethe question arises, what elements in the form must be repeated in color, and which, on the contrary, under no circumstances should not overlap. As fashion trends change with the speed of light, to give a definite answer to this question is impossible. However, as we recall, is the "gold" tips makeup artists, which is to listen and to constantly remain relevant.

And remember: the less congested makeup your face than natural makeup, the younger you look, and the smaller surrounding notice your skin from various disadvantages. Just because the elegance and sobriety will never go out of fashion!