Features hardware manicure

Beautiful well-groomed nails - these are not onlyaesthetically beautiful, in our present time, it is also a necessity. And today there are so many different techniques that can be used to clean your nails, both hands and on his feet.

One of the novelties in the world of nail artconsidered a manicure, made by a special machine. healingandbodywork offers its readers to become better acquainted with the new product and find out the positive and negative aspects of hardware manicure.

Nail care on hands and feet is performed atusing a special apparatus - manicure router. This machine has several different baits - mills in which at various revolutions cuticle gently removes dead cells and peri-ungual released from burrs and rough skin. Moreover, the router operates softly and gently, without damaging the cuticle.

The peculiarity of this type of manicure is to conduct a manicure to dry skin, so it is recommended for people who have problems with nails:

  • when the layer of nails, having a wavy surface;
  • with very dry skin of hands;
  • when the cuticle is growing rapidly;
  • with "meaty cuticle.

In view of these indications, some masters used to do the procedure only for its intended purpose. In addition, the router using manicure can fix both the shape and the surface of the nail.

How come

Many people will be curious as to where and when was the first timeinvented method of nail care. It turns out, hardware manicure - a recent invention of the German masters of beauty salons. And today, both in Germany and elsewhere in Europe leading hardware manicure. It becomes popular, primarily due to the fact that the sparing is considered and does not take much time.

On the pros

In addition to special indications, this type of careNail cuts and avoids the occurrence of fine cracks, as performed by hardware only, without the use of sharp cutting tools.

Routers have different shapes and quantitybaits, but the principle of a substantial difference does not matter. If you have been to the dentist's office, you know bormashinka. By the same principle of rapid rotation and running of the grinding cup. Incidentally, the nozzle has a different shape and abrasiveness that allows accurate and safe manicure.

The advantages of hardware manicure much. Firstly, it is considered absolutely safe and gentle. So bring an infection during a hardware manicure impossible.

Furthermore, to experience that can bebargain with manicured nails "buy" the fungus, it is not necessary, because the wizard performs the procedure without the use of water. Incidentally, water is the main source of breeding bacteria that can also trigger and fungus. When working with the machine, the wizard handles cuticles with a special solution, which aims to soften calloused cells. In addition, the master mandatory processes and nozzles router antiseptic.

Second, hardware manicure although it haswith a par value of manicure, but it will need to do not so often. Manicurist advise on the necessary preparations, which will need to use the following procedures to nails look neat as long as possible.

Third, hardware manicure good effect on the growth of the nail plate, they will cease to delaminate, will become smooth and healthy glow.

And on the main advantage - thanks to manicure atmeans of milling attachments, you can say goodbye forever bored with calluses. This is especially true pedicure: a router can handle blisters on the feet and between the toes.

And the disadvantages?

As with any procedure, there are both pluses and minuses. In hardware manicure little minuses:

  1. The procedure is not suitable for very neglected nails.
  2. Unable to remove the rough skin a router. Bring in the order of a skin only with scissors and forceps.
  3. Not recommended for people who have naturally very thin nail plate.

About nuances

If you have already signed up to the master in the hardware manicure service, you must know that 80 percent of success will be guaranteed in the case of quality and professionalism of the master unit.

It performs the procedure to completely dry hands orlegs. Therefore, before you come to the master, it is impossible to wet hands, legs to steam, swim in the pool or stay in the sauna as well as to wash or wash the dishes. Your skin must be dry, because the router is to remove the horny skin.

During operation, the master will repeatedly changenozzles, and increase or decrease the number of revolutions. Replacement nozzles shows that each instrument its purpose - removing cuticle scales, nail polishing and changing the shape of the nail plate.

Be calm, do not be afraid of the amount ofnozzles and their shape, they are chosen master, according to the individual characteristics of your nail plate. And also with a view to carry out the procedure as much as possible more careful and reduce discomfort.

If you come to a hardware manicure for the first time,then be prepared for the fact that you can offer manicure combined with trim elements. Rely on professionals, the master machine will remove the rough skin and that can not be machine - would cut nail scissors. As a result, your nail polish will also neat. In later times no longer have to resort to a combination manicure.

How do edging manicure yourself

In order to make such a homemanicure, you need to buy a nail trimmer. In specialty stores or online store, you can order a router for home use. It will differ and the number of output revolutions. professional manicure devices have a rotational speed of about 30-40 thousand revolutions per minute, and the "domestic" cars - 1500-5000.

Also, for the success of manicure need to purchase a means to soften the cuticles.

We provide not edging manicure yourself:

  1. The hands (or feet) must be clean and completely dry.
  2. Ideally, before the procedure can handle armsany disinfectant (buy at the pharmacy inexpensive disinfectant). But if you make yourself a manicure, but not a friend, then simply wash your hands with soap and water and dry. To perform the manicure after washing can not begin earlier than quire minutes.
  3. With the help of a wooden stick (from the orange tree) gently shifts the inner lining.
  4. Nail File gently zapilivaem nails to give them the desired shape.
  5. On the cuticle and skin around the nail cuticle tool to inflict with fruit acids. Leave for 5 minutes. The tool has a softening effect, as well as nutritious.
  6. Using the nozzle in the form of needles with a fine abrasive, gently treat the cuticle so as not to catch a fingernail.
  7. The handle of the router must be kept as hold a pen when writing and touch her skin only. Ensure that the cutter does not jump off and do not cling to the nail.
  8. The resulting dry powder can remove the brush cutter or the "cone", hold it at an angle of 45 degrees. Work at a speed of no more than a thousand revolutions per minute.
  9. In conclusion, it is necessary to polish the cuticle slightly tapered nozzle (bullet-diamond).

All manicure is ready! You can lubricate the cuticle oil to nails, and after a while varnish or leave it.