Features and benefits of indoor tanning

Sun person needs not only as athe source of light and heat, but also as a factor in the natural, beneficial effects on health. During the summer, easily get the required amount of ultraviolet rays, but they are quite understandable shortage begins upon the occurrence of the cold season.

To eliminate the negative effects of the sunfasting is reasonable to use the services of many tanning salons. In most cases, a solarium - a special device for the dosed irradiation with ultraviolet lamps, it allows only safe for human light spectrum.

Medical experts proved that moderate andproperly organized tan in the tanning bed provides for prevention of diseases. Solar therapy is recommended in diseases of the cardiovascular system, with a lack of cerebral circulation, as well as in diseases of the respiratory organs and the locomotor system. Tanning in a solarium is effective for the prevention of deficiency of vitamin D.

However, in some cases, an artificial tancontraindicated. Thus, the solarium is prohibited during periods of hormonal drugs and antibiotics, if you have problems with the endocrine system and genetic predisposition to cancer or diabetes. Also not recommended to sunbathe during pregnancy.

Sunbathing in the solarium is not more harmful than naturalconditions. The solar spectrum is dominated by three types of rays: A, B and C. rays are very harmful to humans, we are protected from their ozone layer. Modern solariums are protected by special filter that removes the hazardous radiation. Rays A and B in moderate amounts are safe and have a positive impact on human health of the skin.

Due to the action of these beams is synthesized in the skinvitamin D, its deficiency can cause rickets, tooth decay and reduce bone density. Limited number of UV smoothes wrinkles, increases the amount of protein in the blood, activates enzymes. Thus, improving the metabolism and increases the immunity of the human body. Properly organized tanning studio, with quality equipment, will help to get a nice tan and good mood. recommendations of doctors and specialists should be strictly observed for safety. Duration of treatment depends on the technical capabilities of the solarium, but it should not exceed fifteen minutes.

For tanning recommendeduse special cosmetics. It includes creams, lotions, cooling agents, and more. Creams for tanning speed and keep the result. Through their action, you can easily get a gorgeous tan for a long time. Cosmetics for tanning protects skin from excessive moisture loss. In addition, cosmetic products enable us to obtain a different skin color from light brown to golden brown.

When you visit a solarium-center, first of all,ask about the level of equipment. Company Ergoline, KBL, UWE considered leaders in the production of equipment for tanning. Check the lamp and filter, the thoroughness of disinfection in a stall device. All of these factors indicate the level of safety and comfort in the tanning studio. Many salons offer tanning beds with a variety of services, one of them can be shugaring - depilation using sugar. The operation consists in applying a sugar syrup to the skin. After his hair thickening easily removed along it.