Fashion bang for your type of person

Fashion on the fringe will never go away. This element of hairstyles can perfectly adjust the shortcomings of your face, and may, at the choice of the wrong and spoil the appearance. Try to understand what are the bangs, and they are best suited to some people. So, there are bangs long, short, thick, rare, smooth, side, cropped ladder.

Fashion bang for your type of person

1. To soften the face of a square shape, ideal long graduated fringe.

2. At the same time for round or chubby people, experts recommend short, but also graduated option.

3. In order to hide the irregular shape of the face, thick bangs suit.

4. But the owners of the elongated, thin oval face is better to opt for a stacked side bang ladder.

5. Lucky girls with oval faces: it can use any bangs models, whereby it is possible to change the image regularly. So, if you yourself once shorn bangs long, it can be worn as a right, and remove one side or split by parting on the side. And you can do and stab like a day with an open forehead.

6. But who exactly can not refuse to wear bangs, so owners of this high forehead: you can try a thick flat bang.

7. Curly hair barely get along with bangs as they lay in this case is extremely difficult. Better just to make framing strands trimmed ladder around the face.