Hair loss after childbirth

Many postpartum women face suchvexing problem like hair loss. And make masks, vitamins and drink, as well as a hair rained and rained. The fact is that the approach to this complex problem is necessary.

Causes of hair loss

Do hair loss after childbirth may be several reasons:

  1. Hormonal alteration of an organism. During pregnancy, many women notice that their hair becomes healthier and look better. The thing is that the body in the period begins to produce more of the hormone progesterone. Increased life cycle of the hair, so it falls much lower than at any other time. About a month after childbirth, hormonal woman comes back to normal, progesterone becomes less, it is not so affected by the length of the hair life - and they begin to fall. During this period may fall to 30% of the hair, as much as the woman did not lose when expecting a child. If hair loss is precisely for this reason, the serious reasons for concern.
  2. Lack of nutrients. During the breastfeeding mother's milk and the child receives nutrients. If they do not fill up on time or in insufficient quantities, it will start to fall out hair, nails and skin to deteriorate. Also, the lack of nutrients affect bleeding during childbirth. As a result, it becomes less iron in the blood, and vitamin C, zinc and anemia arises. All this leads to increased hair loss.
  3. Stress and lack of sleep. After the baby's mom, there are many concerns, resulting in the woman overwork, not refilled under stress. All this affects the entire female body and hair as well. If you can not sleep at night, healingandbodywork recommends going to bed with the baby in the afternoon.
  4. Malnutrition. Power postpartum women are very influenced by her appearance. She should not eat salty or pickled foods. It is better to pay attention to fresh, natural foods. On the table in nursing mothers must be: meat, fish, dairy products, vegetable oil, fruit (required apples), vegetables, dried fruits.

Hair Loss Treatment

If the hair falls out due to hormonalviolation, usually one year (sometimes earlier) postpartum women at all processes in the body and the problem of host normalized itself. But if hair fall out in clumps, do not put off a visit to the doctor-trichologist. He will appoint a blood test for hormones and thyroid.

If the doctor notices a violation of hormonal background,He will appoint an appropriate treatment. In addition to essential medicines, postpartum woman may prescribe vitamins that support the body during the breastfeeding period. Most popular products:

  • Vitrum Prenatal Forte. This complex contains 10 minerals and 13 vitamins, suitable nursing women.
  • Eleven Pronatal. Appoint women during pregnancy and after childbirth. They treat beriberi and micronutrient deficiencies during breastfeeding. The complex consists of a 12 vitamins, trace elements 3 and 4 minerals.
  • Multi-tabs. Vitamins for pregnant women and lactating mothers. They contain iron and therefore, they are often prescribed for anemia.
  • Jodomarin. Prescribed to those who have thyroid problems and a lack of iodine in the body.

Hair masks

  1. For all hair types fit this mask: Mix vegetable oil and sea buckthorn oil in a ratio of 1: 9. Rub mixture into the roots of the hair and put on plastic cap, wrap a towel on top of that the head was warm. Hold the mask for an hour and wash hair hair shampoo designed for dry hair. The procedure is carried out twice a week for a month.
  2. For dry hair will approach such a mask: Mix egg, a teaspoon of glycerin and vinegar, two tablespoons of castor oil. The mixture was rubbed into the roots of the hair first and then apply to the whole length. Wrap in a warmed towel and cools, the towel should be changed to warm. An hour later wash your hair with shampoo with egg yolk. The procedure is repeated twice a week.
  3. For oily hair will approach such a mask: Mix a teaspoon of honey with crushed garlic cloves, a teaspoon of lemon juice and the same amount of aloe juice. The mixture is applied to wet hair and warm first cap and then a warm towel. After half an hour to wash off the mask with warm water without shampoo. If the mask has the smell of garlic, then you need to rinse your hair with water and mustard (a tablespoon of powder). And then rinse again under running warm water.
  4. Mask for strengthening hair: Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice, aloe, honey and egg yolk. Apply to dry hair and rub into the roots, hold for half an hour and wash off with warm water and shampoo.
  5. Hair Food Mask: to heat two tablespoons of olive oil, make sure that it does not boil, and it was just a little warm. Next you need to rub it into the roots of the scalp and comb the hair comb with a few teeth, to distribute for curls. Then insulate head warm towel, hold for about 40 minutes and rinse hair with his usual shampoo, apply conditioner.
  6. Mask for hair growth: Mix 100 ml of vodka with crushed red hot pepper pod. Infuse for three weeks. Then mix a tablespoon of pepper tincture with the same amount of castor oil, rub into the roots of the hair and hold for two hours, then wash hair with shampoo.

General recommendations

Hair loss after childbirth - a problem, if not dangerous to health, it is very unpleasant for the woman. And soon to fix it, you need to stick to useful recommendations:

  • Combing wet hair can not be right, but onlyafter they dry out or be a bit wet, so they are less damaged. In addition, you must use only high-quality comb with a few teeth;
  • the period of hair loss is not necessary to use curling irons or utjuzhkom. These devices further damage the hair structure;
  • You do not need to style your hair into tight hairstyles, such as in a braid or ponytail. They harm the blood circulation of the scalp and hair fall out more quickly;
  • must be chosen carefully shampoo and conditioner. They must be suitable for the type of hair, contain silicon and biotin. These components protect the hair from the harmful effects of the environment;
  • how to massage the head often. After the first session, it may seem that the hair falls out even more, but it is not. During the massage, will fall only old hairs that have outlived their usefulness. But the young after this massage will grow twice as fast;
  • good effect can be achieved by using herbs that are a part of masks or broth-rinse. Hair useful plants such as henna, burdock, chamomile and nettle.

Before treatment is necessary to understand that onevitamins and masks difficult to solve the problem. It is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, then the hormonal background recover quickly and be more luxuriant hair the same.