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Fall makeup trends 2015

Forget about the naturalness, which was so good in the summer. This fall, women go out & laquo; hunting & raquo; - Fashionable new glamorous shades, designed to flatter the female-predator.

Fall makeup trends 2015

Make-up - this is one of the components of the women'sBeauty, he likes women simply because it is makeup. The woman is well aware of that make-up affects the three basic human senses - sight, touch and smell. Over time, she begins to understand what kind of make-up overlay style helps her look and more beautiful and more natural. She knows that with the help of make-up she can emphasize some facial features. In addition, a properly selected makeup can hide facial imperfections and defects, if any.

Some women apply makeup asmasking, and some use it in order to attract attention to himself. What would be the result did not reach the woman, any coquette, tracking the trends of fashion in the world of cosmetics, it would be interesting to learn about new ways of makeup 2015. Explore and try new makeup trends in 2015 and choose the technique of applying make-up, which is the most profitable emphasize your strengths .

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Fall makeup trends 2015

Do not ignore the masking base. More than ever, fashion flawless, perfect purity and tone the skin. To achieve this effect, you will help a variety of masking bases and creams. One of the latest, most popular among makeup artists and equipment - the so-called primers (primers). For example, primers-makeup base. They are based on silicon, which creates a smooth thin shell masking the slightest irregularities in the skin. Therefore, if you apply a primer for masking basis, your skin will be youthful and radiant like the morning sun. To & laquo; rejuvenate & raquo; face even more, use Clarifying powder on the cheeks and podbrovnogo area.

Camouflage pencil:

The purpose of using masking pencil -disguise bags under the eyes, acne and other facial defects. Camouflage pencil available in liquid form in the tubes, and a pen as a solid.

The basis:

The purpose of the application of the basics - make the face smooth and sleek. The base may be purchased in the form of a liquid, a cream and a powder.
The tone of the person must also radiate freshness, youth and beauty.


Pripudrivaya person you thereby refresh it.

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Fall makeup trends 2015