Exercises for figure correction

I work as a model for 5 years. All these years I've been relentlessly behind. And if not for a set of exercises for the whole body that I perform every day, I would be more difficult to keep in shape. Absolutely not important your weight, height and body type - these exercises can perform any woman. What is important is only your attitude, because the complex is designed for everyday loads.
Hello, dear readershealingandbodywork! Most likely, you do not just read this article right now, apparently, you already have the desire and the goal is to become slimmer, sleeker and more beautiful. If so, then all the following material - this is your deal, because it will help you to become slim and beautiful is much faster than with many other exercises proposed for correction.
But first, let's get acquainted. My name is Ivan, I worked as a model for 5 years. All these years I've been relentlessly for his diet, body and face. And if not for the nine exercises for the whole body that I perform every day, I would be more difficult to keep in shape.
The most important thing for a model - stretching. But the same can be said of any other woman, for which the waist and slender legs are as important as a bank account and a beautiful dress. Absolutely not important your weight, height or body type, these data do not affect the possibility of exercise. Now important your attitude, confidence and persistence, because the complex is designed for everyday loads. And, of course, will have to forget about the sweet encouragements after complex! Do not forget that everything you eat for an hour after the workout, uyutnenko arranged on your tummy and thighs! Green tea or apple quench thirst or hunger, but more nutritious foods you can eat only one hour (!) After exercise.

A set of exercises for figure correction

Let's start. Let us remember the order of exercises: go from top to bottom, developing the neck, shoulders, chest press, hips, leg muscles. Nine exercises - these are the basic postures for stretching, which we mix with warming and toning exercises.
To get rid of cellulite thighs wrap cling film, pre-coated with anti-cellulite cream warming (it is better to use the "hot" formula with L-carnitine, caffeine and theophylline).
Exercises for the correction:

  1. For the neck and chin. Stand straight, squared his shoulders and resting his chin on his chest, slowly turn your head to the right, stretching the neck muscles at the same time (may be with a deviation of the head backwards), then head presses his chin to his chest, and from this we derive the position in the rotation to the left. Do not forget about the muscle effort! Repeat 6 times.
  2. Exercises for figure correction

  3. Exercise for posture. The rotation of the shoulders forward and backward. Hands are freely lowered along a body. Forward 30 times, 30 times back. Do not forget to breathe!
  4. Exercises for figure correction

  5. Exercise for posture. Making the "square" of the upper part of the spine. First put forward the chest forward and then deflected to the right, we move back, deflected to the left. Repeat clockwise 10 times counter-clockwise 10 times.
  6. Exercises for figure correction

  7. The slopes of the left and right. Do not fast on 10 slopes left and right, helping himself with his hand. Be sure to follow the muscles!
  8. Exercises for figure correction

  9. Doing abdominal exercises. Lie on the floor, rests his feet on the wall at an angle of 45-60 degrees, slightly bend your knees so that the body has taken the form of light waves. We start to swing the press, raising the body for 15-20 cm from the floor. We follow the muscle tension and breathing! In an effort - exhale! Do this exercise for as long as it turns out - the press does not happen much.
  10. Exercises for figure correction

  11. Twist the spine while sitting, in three planes. Sit on the floor with your left leg bent at the knee, his right hand, too, bent, put on the floor. Rests the foot of the right leg to the left leg. Elbow of his left hand are focused on the inside of the knee and begin to scroll slowly in the right direction. Do not forget to turn on the neck! Try as much as possible to turn the whole body, while not losing focus elbow. You hear the crunch - well done, then do it right!
    We repeat the same things in a different direction. Breathe! Exercise is not repeated!
  12. Exercises for figure correction

  13. Twist the spine lying. Lie on the floor, breed hand in hand. Do zahlёst left right outstretched leg, the body drawn to the left hand. The same is done with the right foot. Exercise repeat 3 times.
    Now bend the leg and do the same, but with a bent leg. The knee of the left leg stretches to the right hand, the body is turned to the left hand. Do not forget to pull the neck! Breathe! Repeat 3 times.
  14. Exercises for figure correction

  15. Pulling the spine. Sit on your heels, keeping your back straight. Raise the ass 10 cm from the heel and start to rotate it clockwise 6 times. Repeat 6 times counterclockwise. Hands are extended at this time up, the fingers are coupled in a "lock".
  16. Exercises for figure correction

  17. Doing exercise in coordination.
    We went on all fours. Pulling the right arm and left leg. We stand in a position fifteen minutes.
    Change the position of the now extended left arm and right leg. We are trying to - trying! More half minutes.

Exercises for figure correction
As you can see, there is mixed yoga and Pilates, effortsand endurance. To open a second wind, just turn on some good music and do exercises under it. The main thing is not to forget the muscular efforts and engage with a smile every day!