Exercises to lose weight quickly.

Exercises to lose weight quickly

Bicycle riding

If you seem to be boring exercise, try biking. It is not as monotonous as, for example, training in the gym. When riding a bike, you can burn up to 1000 kcal per hour.


Active aerobic exercise can help you to spend up to 800 kcal. So if you want to lose weight, do regular aerobic exercise.


If you love the water, why not use swimming to lose weight? Thus it is possible to burn up to 800 kcal per hour. In addition, swimming strengthens the muscles.


Dancing allows you to get rid of excess weight withpleasure. So do not give up on this exciting way to lose weight. The number of calories expended depends on the type of dance, fast movements more effectively. You can burn up to 800 calories while dancing.


Badminton - wonderful sport to lose weight. For an hour of the game, you can spend up to 800 kcal. This is a popular and affordable sport.


Yoga can help you lose weight. Yoga develops flexibility and helps maintain muscle tone. When classes are burned up to 200 calories.


Kickboxing Classes will help you to spend up to 600 calories and strengthen your abdominal muscles, arms and legs.


Walking - the easiest and most affordable way to lose weight. When walking, the muscles of the whole body are utilized. With regular brisk walk can burn up to 800 calories.


You can enjoy your vacation on the water and at the same time lose weight. With active rowing spent up to 600 kcal per hour. You can also engage in a special rowing machine at the gym.


Surprisingly, even jumping on the trampoline can help you lose weight. You can burn up to 400 calories and get a lot of pleasure.

Elliptical trainer

You can practice on the elliptical trainer. This is a simple and safe way to burn up to 600 calories per hour, while training the muscles of the whole body.


This is the easiest way to quickly lose weight. 30-minute workout will allow you to get rid of 600 calories. Is not it wonderful?

skipping rope

If you have little time to exercise, try to engage with a rope. Thus it is possible to burn 800-900 kcal.

Climbing stairs

Simple climbing stairs helps to lose weight. Just do not use elevators, climb the stairs 10-20 times a day, and you will see how the weight will start to decrease.


Old and efficient way - squats. With their help, you can burn 400 calories. So do not forget about this simple exercise.

Exercises with dumbbells

Dumbbells long time and are widely used for the exercise. They help to strengthen the muscles of the arms - the biceps and triceps.