All you need to know about make-up


Since ancient times, women do their best to emphasize their beauty and personality.

The correct and appropriate makeup always help in this difficult task. Total development of civilization, makeup is also not standing still, and to develop and evolve.

Today, there are so many differentinteresting and unique species and makeup styles, each of which has its own purpose and features. Setting each women-is the choice of the optimal variant is the most suitable for nee.Na choice of a make-up style influenced a certain case, the time of day, age and appearance.

As a result, separation of makeup styles can be:

  • day,
  • evening,
  • business
  • retro,
  • east,
  • nude.

Let's try to look at each of these in more detail.


  • 1 Day Makeover
  • Evening make-up 2
  • 3 Make-up in style Nude
  • 4 Business makeup style
  • 5 Make-up in an oriental style
  • 6 Make-up in retro style

daily Makeover

Daytime makeup can be called the most popular style. Its main principles include the use of natural and delicate flowers.

Day make-up suggests a reasonablethe use of cosmetics. It is in any case should not be in excess, therefore it is better to refrain from heavy black lashes, bright shades of lipstick, broad multi-colored arrows.

All it will look unnatural in daylightlight. But quite refrain from cosmetics is also impossible. After all, without it you will look tired and exhausted. And the person will seem stale and unimpressive.

Of course, a good make-up is not possible withoutclean and well-groomed skin. It is therefore necessary to try to get rid of acne, dark circles under the eyes and age spots. Only in this case you can achieve the perfect makeup.

To achieve an even tone the face can also help youpencil correction and tonal foundation and powder. Through correctly picked tonal base, powder and blush, you have created the image will glow with health and beauty.

Using a light blush allow a personlook at this pale, and deliver us from the painful tone. It is very important to keep a sense of proportion and in any case not to overdo it. After all, due to the excess powder or foundation complexion will look ugly and unnatural. Moreover, it will also accentuate your minor wrinkles and thereby add you a few years.

In the day make-up is better to refrain fromuse bright lipstick or gloss. Emphasize must first eye. But at the same time be aware that black eyeliner and dark brown shade - a taboo in this style of makeup. The color should be gentle and natural. Estheticians also not recommended to use cosmetics with pearl effects.

evening make-up

Evening make-up can be called by thisart that is able to transform the girl, making her a queen. Evening make-up style is almost a must for a hike on a date to the theater, cocktail party or holiday event.

Evening candlelight allowsuse a bold and bright colors, than in the daytime make-up. Unfortunately, knowing this rule, girls mistakenly believe that the moonlight rainbow of colors, and will look perfectly applied simultaneously. As a result, a thick layer of "plaster" is not always possible to see its natural face.

As we mentioned above, in the evening make-upbe sure to highlight the eyebrows, to give preference bright shadows and lipstick. But it also has a little secret: to focus and emphasize both the eyes and the lips can not. Be sure to heed this advice, because otherwise you will be very much like a painted doll. Remember that beautiful and trendy makeup - this is not an abundance of cosmetics, and the skillful use of it.

Before you begin make-up application, be sure to decide what to highlight and accentuate you - your eyes or lips?

If you want to charm his expressiveview source, pay special attention to the eyes. The special charm and expressiveness they give false eyelashes, or a special technique applying makeup «smoky eyes». To this end, the dark shadows around the eyes intense, a special smoky spectacular shine. In the evening make-up style is allowed to use saturated eyeliner, eye contour which is drawn from above and from below.

Applying mascara can be carried out inseveral layers. Thanks to this special gain eyelash length and thickness. Tenderness and romantic look will give a gentle curve of eyelashes, which can be achieved by using a special brush curls.

On the lips, apply a dim and muted lipstick or gloss.

If you still decide to focus onlips, there is a need to listen some of the rules. First of all, you need a contour pencil, which need to cut around the lips. To increase the stability of lipstick, lip powder is necessary.

For the application of lipstick is best to use a brush. Lipstick is applied in several layers. To make the glare lip gloss is used. This will get your lips volume and expressiveness.

Make-up in style Nude

Style Nude particularly relevant and popular today. It fits perfectly to all age categories for both day and evening of the image. Its distinguishing feature is the natural and naturalness.

The main objective of such a make-up - is to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses. In other words, the correct "baring" face. Despite its simplicity, apply a makeup quite difficult.

After all, his main task - is to make sure that on the first thing that catches the eye was just the natural beauty and not used cosmetics.

Very often in the Nude makeup style involves the allocation and plentiful eyelashes dyeing. Mascara that is best to choose shades of gray or brown.

The main feature can be considered a perfect porcelain skin. But if you have freckles, then in any case it is impossible to mask them. Remember that everything should be as natural!

also need to choose a natural matte shades for lips and eyes. With regard to contours, they must be clear. Lipstick can be berry or wine and maroon.

Business makeup style

This makeup style will help create optimum operating office image. Shades should be muted, gray, those which resonate with the office or working environment.

To make the skin tone is better to choose a cream orpowder warmer than the natural color of the skin color. In the event of the need to quickly change or adjust the skin tone can apply a damp cloth and then apply powder.

To make it easy to look, gently and at the same time vigorously, the focus is better to do it on her lips using lipstick carrot and plum tones.

Make-up in an oriental style

It is perfect for an energetic andtemperamental persons. So bold and bright makeup can boast the festive and evening event. A distinctive feature of the eastern makeup - the presence of long black arrow on the eyes.

Eyebrows dark color and bright, thick eyelashes also paint over and brilliant shade is applied. Of course, a suitable makeup for brunettes, girls.

Make-up in retro style

Retro makeup - this makeup with skin color ivorybones, isolated, wide eyebrows and bright red lips. Therefore, without the equalizer you can not do. Freed with the help of all the irregularities and redness, can be applied to the tone and blush.

To highlight the eyebrows using a pencil, his eyes encircled with dark eyeliner or pencil. Eyelashes are covered with ink, and red lipstick.

Many girls wonder what stylepreferred. Quite simply, because the choice depends on the event or events for which you are going. For a party or a club fit bright line. But for a business meeting or a simple walk will be enough natural colors.