Everything you need to know about the glue for eyelashes


Long thick eyelashes have always been the pride of any woman. They are able to present the enchanting depth look, make it more attractive image.

However, not all nature has bestowed suchdignity. Therefore, those who are a little less fortunate, to come to the aid of modern methods may eyelash. To artificial cilia are well kept a certain time, and do not cause irritation of eyes, which often happens, it is important to choose the right glue for eyelashes.


  • 1 What should be the glue for eyelashes?
  • 2 Types of glue for eyelashes
    • 2.1 White glue for eyelashes
    • 2.2 Black eyelash glue for fixing
    • 2.3 Water-resistant glue
  • 3 The most popular brands of manufacturers of glue for eyelashes

What should be the glue for eyelashes?

Modern glue for eyelashes considerablydifferent from those compositions, which were used during the time of the emergence of the technology itself. Previously, glue eyelashes are made on the basis of the resin, which is perfectly masked transitions between natural and artificial beams.

In this case, the resin is very often the cause of an allergic reaction, so eyelash long been contraindicated for women with sensitive eyes.

In an effort to get rid of this shortcoming,manufacturers are actively engaged in developing new and improved adhesive. It thus appeared to lash glue on the basis of a more harmless substance rubber powder. While this adhesive does not cause eye allergies and has excellent adhesive properties, however, he had a small shelf life.

Now glue for eyelashes made from soCosmetic called soot which has high adhesiveness. Current formulations typically have a liquid consistency, no stretch, and leave no lumps are odorless. Their use is not necessary to further dry the lashes glued, which significantly reduces the build-up time, thus, ensures a secure fit.

Types of glue for eyelashes

As a rule, buying false eyelashes, with them Comes and special glue.

However, it does not always match the quality characteristics that we put forward to him.

Therefore it is better to buy glue for eyelashes separately. The experts on this issue is divided into three types of adhesives for eyelash extensions.

Let us consider in more detail each of them.

White glue for eyelashes

This is a common glue for eyelashes, which is sold in bottles and is white in color. When applying it quickly hardens and becomes completely transparent and not visible on the eyelashes.

This is the part most often used in the home, and experienced professionals.

Black eyelash glue for fixing

Glue for eyelashes, which is black, it is recommended to use only if it can be masked by a black liquid eyeliner or smoky makeup.

Otherwise, it will be visible on the eyelashes.

Waterproof adhesive

This adhesive, which has superfiksiruyuschim effect and is best suited for heavy eyelashes.

Visually, it looks like an ordinary white glue.

The most popular brands of manufacturers of glue for eyelashes

ULTRA POWER GLOVA INTERNATIOANAL - itProfessional quick-drying glue for eyelashes, which does not cause allergies of the eyes, and has no odor. Due to the consistency of the liquid composition of it quickly and without any problems dissolve in the process of removing the eyelashes.

Glue for eyelashes Dolce Vita - This adhesiveblack, which is produced on the basis of natural resins. It is highly resistant and reliable fixation. This tool is absolutely safe, non-toxic, it does not cause eye irritation. After his application stand manufacturers recommend not less than three minutes with his eyes closed until it is completely dry. On sale you can find several varieties of glue for eyelashes Dolce Vita in different resistance, S, D, C, LC.

Ultra Plus - is resistant quick-drying glue,which has a low viscosity. This type of adhesive is more suitable for professionals as well as in the careless use of it can get into eyes and cause irritation of the mucous membrane.

ULTRA BONDING - is similar in quality to UltraPlus adhesive, which releases the company BlinkLash Stylist. It is also recommended for use by experienced specialists. It dries very quickly.

Lady Victory - glue for eyelashes,which is ideal for non-professionals to use at home. It represents a hypoallergenic resin that quickly in about 7 minutes and lasts for about 3 weeks.

To build the individual beams is best to chooseglue GLOVA International Rrime 6, which holds together among themselves cilia, stored for a longer period of time, it does not form lumps and even allows you to stick rhinestones.

Thus, to date, the producersThey offer a wide range of different adhesives for eyelash extensions, which have different properties and can be used by both professionals and at home.