Essential oil of Bay

We all know that essential oils are veryIt is useful not only for overall health, but also for skin and hair beauty. If a burdock or castor oil for hair beauty heard everything, that's about the essential oil Bey is known far not to each of the fair sex.

Incidentally, it is this oil can evenvery thin and weakened hair to turn into luxurious curls, the most important thing - it does not feel sorry for means and buy really high-quality oil, which is, of course, is not cheap.

Essential Oil Bay - what is it?

In fact, in nature plants called Beysimply does not exist, and received its name from the oil of the tree of the laurel family, in English it sounds like a bay-leaf. It is growing this tree in the Mediterranean.

The essential oil is obtained by steam beat distillation, initially collect leaves and branches, but are suitable only those trees which are not less than 5 years, and sometimes even add sea salt.

The largest supplier of this wonderful oil -Colombia, it is fairly thick consistency of a light brown, almost tea color. Aroma its slightly sweet, extremely thin and delicate. This oil can be used for aromatherapy for depression, bad mood. It will be useful when it colds, as well as able to bring blood pressure back to normal.

The use of essential oils for hair Bay

If you have ceased to believe in miracles, then afterthe use of essential oil Bay, you will again believe that they exist. In addition, it strengthens the hair along the entire length, they have become thicker, they have more downright gloss, and in general, the hair will look just great.

Trichologists recommend the use of this oilmedicinal purposes, numerous studies have shown that the oil stimulates the hair follicles and the hair starts to grow faster, and help for preventing baldness, as it repairs damaged hair and help to cope with dandruff, if you have a similar problem. This unique composition gives the oil the right to occupy the first place among hair oil.

How to use essential oils for hair Bay

There are many ways to use thisoils for hair splendor. The easiest and most convenient would be a simple addition of the shampoo and conditioner you are using. However, note one feature, no need to add oil in a bottle of shampoo, shampoo for every one serving of shampoo, add 3-5 drops of oil. This simple technique literally breathe in your hair new life and instantly improve the appearance of your hair, tested on their own experience.

You can make just such a simple mask for strengthening hair growth, using which you can very quickly grow hair after it they go into a phase of accelerated growth. We need:

  • Bay oil - 3 drops;
  • any hair oil (suitable burdock, almond and coconut) - 3 teaspoons;
  • iodised salt - 1 teaspoon.

First, we need to warm up all the oil, exceptBeat butter in a water bath, then add to the mixture of iodized salt. Now you can add our miracle-oil, all carefully mix and gently rub into the hair roots. This mask, leave for half an hour and then wash your hair as usual. To achieve the desired effect, use this mask once a week, do not overload the hair.

Nourishing mask with Beat butter. This is a very simple hair mask. For her, we need an egg, olive oil (2 tablespoons is enough) and 4 drops of oil hit. Particularly useful in this mask will fall and winter, when the hair is in need of vitamins. Mix all ingredients, moisten the hair and apply the mask on the entire length. On top put a plastic bag and Insulate with a towel, leave the mask on for an hour and then wash off with shampoo. This mask is in contrast to the first can be used several times a week after the first treatment your hair will fall out less and are more lush. Also, you are sure to mark unreal shine!

If your hair is dry and brittle, then I offeryou a moisturizing mask, moisturizing hair except it also has beneficial effects on the scalp. For this mask you will need 4 tablespoons of sour cream, a better home, and 5 drops of oil hit.

The amount of ingredients depends on whetherlong hair you have. If you have long hair, it is necessary to double the ingredients. Sour cream and butter mix well and apply over the entire length of the hair, then wrap your hair with a towel. Half an hour would be enough to mask produced the desired effect. Repeat it 2 times a week.

If you are experiencing due to excessive hair loss, it is useful to you the following recipe medical masks, take:

  • Bay oil - 4 drops;
  • burdock oil - 1 tablespoon;
  • castor oil - 1 tablespoon;
  • wheat germ oil - 1 tsp.

First heat in a water bath burdock oil,then drip 4 drops of essential oil hit, and then just add all the other ingredients. All mix well and rub the mixture into the hair roots, and then apply over the entire length. This mask should be kept at least half an hour, while the hair, wrap a towel or handkerchief, to the effect was more pronounced need a good warm hair. After half an hour you can easily wash away the mask with regular shampoo.

If your hair does not look in the best way after numerous experiments with style and after using a hair dryer and ironing, then you will surely enjoy the following screen.

Take half the usual onion bulbsRub it on the smallest grater and add to the mix a tablespoon of honey in May, and 5 drops of oil hit. All mix until smooth and apply on the roots, then put a plastic cap and wait for half an hour. Just think, only one treatment per month is enough to make the hair acquired a healthy appearance and received further protection from the harmful effects of styling products and appliances.

But in spite of all the great features of thisoil, yet there are a number of contraindications. In no case can not be applied to pregnant women and people who suffer from hypertension. This oil is quite allergic, so first check to see if there have any reaction to it.

And let your hair will always be beautiful, dear readers healingandbodywork!