Hair Removal - hair removal is a long time, ideally -ever, due to the destruction of hair follicles in some way. The ideal way to hair removal has not yet been invented. One of the most modern techniques is photo-epilation. About how effective the method is there any contraindications, and where better to address - all these issues and we'll talk.
Hair Removal - hair removal is a long time, ideally -ever, due to the destruction of hair follicles in some way. Alas, the perfect way to hair removal has not yet invented - each has its own pros and cons, and none gives a lifetime warranty.
One of the most modern methods of hair removal is photo-epilation. About how effective the method is there any contraindications, and where better to address - all these issues and we'll talk.

The method

As the name implies, epilation - isHair removal using light. If you keep track of the quality and quantity of hair from people living in different climates, it can be seen that the population equatorial areas on the body is almost no hair. It is this effect, and the basis for hair removal: The main tool in this procedure - the radiation, the spectrum close to the sun. That's just the ultraviolet part of the spectrum is cut as harmful in excessive amounts.
For more flexible adjustment to the specific taskselected corresponding frequency packages. The fact that the waves at different frequencies differently penetrate the skin - and varying the frequency can be achieved even destruction of blond hair, and does not burn the skin, even darker. The only comment from healingandbodywork: with very white hair photoepilator not cope.
At first glance it may seem that epilation is no different from the laser. In fact, there is a difference.
The laser generates a narrow beam of a narrow range ofFrequency - and it gives increased exposure accuracy. If hair removal is the flash area are much more - from 2 to 12 cm 2, so that the proper treatment of the skin occurs much faster. The wide frequency range allows for a procedure to handle the hair growing from different depths (ie, the number of procedures is also somewhat reduced).
For one procedure usually takes about 40% of hair. More precisely, they go through a couple of days - when completed process of the withering away of the hair follicles. Then wake up the other hair follicles - and after some time the procedure must be repeated. But for the 6-8 margin procedures dries the hair follicles, and you get a smooth, silky skin, and in addition several podlechennuyu - light treatment stimulates the natural metabolic processes in the skin. For best results, the intervals between treatments must be followed accurately - they are individually calculated so as to capture as much of the unwanted hair in a desired growth phase.


Photoepilation requires some preparation. Ideal when the hair, intended to destroy, protrude above the skin 1-2 mm. Better if their crop the doctor, not you personally - because the small cut or scratch can cause the postponement of the procedure. You also need at least 2-3 weeks before the procedure, refrain from other methods of hair removal (such as wax, chemicals, etc...) - In addition to shaving. This is due to the fact that only photoepilation destroys the hairs that protrude above the skin already and are in the active growth phase - but virtually forever.
face Photoepilation
The procedure of hair removal is quite simple. Eyes are worn sunglasses - to protect from light. On the skin, in order to avoid burns or discomfort, apply a special cooling gel. The doctor puts a specially selected for your skin program - and treats the skin flashes of light. It is essential that the skin during exposure is not damaged - the appliance or do not regard it, or a smooth glass nozzle gently glides over the skin. Sensations can be different - depending on your sensitivity and radiation power. Most of the time hair removal feel soft, pleasant heat and tingling in some cases, the moment of the outbreak can be felt as cotton rubber band on the skin.
Laser hair removal underarms
Usually it has become clear duringtest flash, and if the feeling you do not like, you can ask a doctor to use an anesthetic cream - it is applied to the skin for some time before the procedure.
In any case, after treatment with the skin remaining gel gently removed and put on it Panthenol regenerating cream type.
Laser hair removal legs
Separately stipulate a matter of time. The procedure itself takes a little time: usually 10-20 minutes, sometimes an hour. It is believed that immediately after hair removal can continue to usual life, get back to work, etc. But there are some nuances. First, the treated area will be slightly reddened and swollen, and blackened and shriveled remains of the hair does not decorate it. Apply the same color cosmetics immediately after the procedure is not recommended - can harm the skin. Especially that after 2-3 hours (in the majority) are unpleasant effects. If desired part of the body is covered with clothes - then easier. Yet beyond the first photoepilation healingandbodywork advised not to plan anything important, especially for the next couple of hours after the procedure - at least until you are confident in your personal reaction to the procedure.

Contraindications to photoepilation

healingandbodywork still does not recommend photoepilation absolutely everything, its use may be contraindicated for several reasons.
Unconditional contraindications to this procedure,are diabetes or cardiac stimulant, cancer, epilepsy, problems with blood clotting, "allergic to light" (high photosensitivity), varicose veins (where you would like to remove hair). Laser hair removal is not recommended for pregnant women or children (16-17 years), as well as in certain diseases of the thyroid gland (at the discretion of the endocrinologist). Among other contraindications should be noted as skin lesions (wounds, scratches), taking certain medications (antibiotics, antidepressants, diuretics), fresh tan (not because the skin is dark (unlike laser procedures), so that the skin has not yet had time to recover ).

Choosing a doctor

So, if you decide that the epilation - the mostperfect method, it is necessary to determine the clinic. First and foremost would be nice to get acquainted with the diplomas and certificates of the doctor - they usually hung on the walls. If not - in good clinic / beauty salon you present them at the first request. It would be nice also to make sure that there are modern high-quality equipment - if you are in no hurry to announce at least its brand, it should be alerted.
But the most important point - it is relevant to you. A good clinic you zavedut medical card, which will enter not only the selected procedures, together with the doctor, but also some minimal information about you. Be sure to check whether you have a contraindication, warning about the nuances of training and rehabilitation period after the procedure. And they will not promise instant results "in just one session" - it does not happen in this area. Healingandbodywork As already mentioned, for sustainable results usually need 6-8 treatments - depending on skin type and hair, later recommended maintenance regimen (one or two treatments per year).
Also significant and financial issue. The initial consultation may be free - or cost up to 700 p.
The price of the actual hair removal cancalculated in two ways - either for the zone, or a flash in a certain area (capacity depends on the zone). Compare prices between different flash salons does not make much sense, because it could be a completely different area of ​​the skin. In areas spread is large enough. Thus, epilation on the upper lip can cost from 250 rubles. 900 p in the bikini area -. 1200 p. up to 6000 p, on the legs -. 8000 p. 15000 p. etc. Men's epilation for those areas are usually more expensive than female - for hair removal for men need more power. To all this must be added the cost of anesthetic cream may have to pay for it separately.
Discounts on photoepilation, apart from seasonal, often enough, you can get a discount by becoming a regular customer of the beauty salon or the ordering of the procedure in several areas at once.

Rehabilitation period

Immediately after the procedure the skin smeared with a specialcream (panthenol or analog). Swelling and hair remnants finally leave for 2-3 days (in the case of sensitive skin or coarse hair - longer). In the few days after the hair removal the skin should be protected from sunlight and excess heat (or cold). In the first one or two days is better not to use the sauna and swimming pool. In some cases, your doctor may recommend to lubricate the skin, panthenol is the same, for example. At least for a week, I have to give up alcohol-containing cosmetics - not to burn the skin.
And at the end of the rehabilitation period, you can enjoy the achieved effect - silky smooth skin.