enzyme peeling

Enzyme Peeling - a unique treatment thatIt allows you to update the epidermis and give a healthy look sensitive skin. The secret lies in the use of enzymes and enzyme specific substances that allow delicately affect the dermal layer. Such a procedure will help to eliminate minor defects, ensuring a steady result.

Enzymatic cleansing meanssurface treatment with active substances which serve specific enzymes naturally occurring, and non-chemical acid. This allows you to align and smooth out the skin, remove visible flaws and give it a natural healthy look. After this procedure does not require special care or rehabilitation, because the natural ingredients act gently and painlessly.

Enzyme Peeling is suitable for both young andaging skin. In the first case, the procedure helps to cleanse the skin, to protect and moisturize it. And in the second - peeling is designed to stimulate cell regeneration, restoration of water-salt balance, skin tone and color. In addition, the enzymatic action overcomes hyperpigmentation, soothes skin prone to allergic inflammation, rosacea and rosacea. healingandbodywork tell your readers about other features of the enzyme peeling.

As enzymes act

The top layer of the epidermis is rich in proteases -specific proteolytic enzymes whose primary function is to regulate the body's chemical reactions and decomposition of protein compounds. This provides updated stratum corneum. However, the aging of skin, enzyme activity decreases significantly, which subsequently leads to a lack of moisture, the suspension of cell renewal and formation of new ones. In other words, there is a thickening of the horny layer, the pores become dirty, uneven terrain appears and disappears pink shade the face.

Contained in the peeling based proteolyticenzymes destroy the structural connections, making it easy to exfoliate dead skin particles. As well as these substances are able to neutralize the skin protein - keratin. Enzymatic procedure is quite soft, and removing the upper scales leads to stimulate fibroblast production, renewing the cellular composition.

Indications for Enzyme peeling

cleansing procedure is quite delicate and has a number of advantages. Its effectiveness is difficult to overestimate, especially when peeling helps eliminate defects such as:

  • the appearance of age spots;
  • irritation after rosacea;
  • the appearance of surface wrinkles;
  • the occurrence of acne;
  • skin contamination;
  • zagryzennyh problem then (whitehead, blackheads);
  • reducing the signs of tone;
  • defect uneven and dull skin;
  • preparation for medical procedures.

Caution before the procedure

Despite the popularity and effectiveness of enzymatic peeling, this procedure has its contraindications. The following can be attributed to their number:

  • Individual intolerance allergic substances in the basis of peeling;
  • diabetes;
  • Skin diseases and injuries;
  • lowered immunity;
  • herpes virus.

Advantages of enzymatic peeling

Presented Cleaning and regeneration of the skin stands out against the background of similar beauty services. Thus, we can distinguish among the main advantages of such an enzymatic peel:

  • no unpleasant effects of treatment, so it does not need to care and rehabilitation;
  • gentle, delicate effects in contrast to the superficial peeling, subject to effective results;
  • versatility - enzymatic cleaning can be used for any type of skin that makes it easier for patients with irritable and tender skin;
  • Peeling is acceptable as express cosmetic procedures, thanks to immediate effect;
  • by removing the horny layer of the epidermis, after the funds used to penetrate deeper into the skin and the procedure to be proactive action, causing visible results;
  • the possibility of applying for the purification of the body and skin of hands;
  • enzymes in the composition of the peeling thin rod and slow the growth of hair that is the basis of the enzyme depilation;
  • the ability to home use, after prior consultation with a dermatologist;
  • availability of service use during pregnancy and lactation;
  • is an alternative for patients intolerant to acids and addiction to the AHA peel.

Possible disadvantages of enzyme peeling

This cosmetic procedure can save youon a variety of skin problems, give it a healthy and youthful appearance. But along with the benefits of peeling, there are some disadvantages of enzyme purification. Among the main shortcomings are the following:

  • enzyme peeling can not entirely eliminate the serious problems of the skin such as scars or deep wrinkles;
  • In some cases, complications may occur in the form of allergies, dermatitis, exacerbation of acne or herpes;
  • peeling abuse can trigger the appearance of the opposite effect effects - fade skin, dries and wrinkles appear.

Described the consequences - it is only possiblenuances that may occur as a result of individual intolerance of enzymatic substances or violations of technology procedures of conduct. Subject to the hygienic and medical standards, these complications can be avoided.

Skin Preparation for exfoliation

Before you go to the beauty salon,It is to prepare your skin. For this purpose not try to use products containing retinol and an acid, and also do not make depilation per day before the scheduled procedure. Also refrain from peeling, if in the last 3-4 days, you expose your skin dermabrasion or laser resurfacing. Wait for the full restoration of the epidermis and bravely head to the salon.

Carrying out an enzymatic peel

If you are new and decided to enjoy the benefits ofEnzyme peeling for the first time, then you need to make a sample of individual susceptibility to enzymatic substances. To do this, apply the peeling part on the wrist and watch the reaction of the skin for 10 minutes. If you do not notice the allergic reactions, then the peeling can be applied safely. And this procedure occurs in the following sequence of steps:

  1. Holding up remover and cleansing.
  2. Application for suspension of enzyme peelingthe forehead, cheeks, cheekbones, chin, eyelids, nose, neck and décolleté. Depending on the desired effect, the composition remains on the skin for 10-30 minutes, uncovered portions involved towel warmer or a film.
  3. When the procedure was over, peeling mass is washed off with warm water.
  4. After that, apply a mask, fix the result.

During the procedure should not be scared feelingmild tingling or burning sensation - this is a normal reaction of the body, which will be held at the completion of peeling. Generally enzymatic cleansing course requires 5 to 8 treatments, depending on the patient's skin. Now, however, common professional enzyme peels containing acid composition. They need to spend to 1 session every 7-10 days. Thus, the exchange rate is an average of 8-10 treatments. And the result will not take long.