Dry carbon dioxide baths, indications and contraindications

Dry carbonated baths - popular nowadaysPhysical therapy procedures, the main purpose of which is to stimulate the blood circulation and oxygen supply to all systems and organs of the human body.

What is the use of dry carbon dioxide baths

Dry carbon dioxide baths are used in modernmedicine and cosmetology to solve many problems. The operating principle of this procedure is the impact of carbon dioxide on the human body, whereby the body begins to produce hard biologically active substances. These baths are method of treatment and prevention of many diseases. healingandbodywork clarified in detail, what is the use of dry carbon dioxide baths:

  1. Due to the normalization of the circulatory system of alland human organs are supplied with sufficient oxygen. This leads to improvement of their work, which not only appreciably inner feelings, but also on the outer sight of the patient. First of all, the effect of the application of the procedures is reflected in the skin - it disappear with minor flaws in the form of redness, rash, peeling, acne, etc.
  2. Due to the fact that the brain blood supply improves, the person becomes more stress-resistant and quiet. Disappears nervous tension, improves sleep, memory and mood.
  3. The use of carbon dioxide baths effect onphysical endurance. Increased activity, a surge of vitality, ability to cope with physical activity - the real effects of the use of such manipulations.
  4. Dry carbon dioxide baths are beneficial tocardiovascular and respiratory systems. After several sessions, the blood becomes thinner and does not stagnate in the blood vessels, which is considered a good prevention of thrombosis.
  5. Another beneficial effect of dry carbon dioxide bathsIt is to improve the immune system and the body's resistance to adverse environmental factors. The effect of this improvement can be seen by the reduction in cases of colds diseases, viral and bacterial infections.
  6. Baths have on the body and antiseptic effect, promoting rapid healing of wounds on the skin.
  7. Improvement of the endocrine system - one of the advantages of such a procedure.
  8. Carbonic baths are often used to reduce thebody weight and getting rid of cellulite. This manipulation also speeds up the body's metabolism, so weight loss process is faster. These baths as a cure for obesity are good that do not require exhausting physical effort and are considered much safer drugs.

Indications for use of dry carbon dioxide baths

Carbonic acid baths may be used asa medicinal and prophylactic agent for elimination of many diseases. healingandbodywork learned what are the indications for this procedure:

  1. Baths are shown to people who have had a heart attackinfarction, as well as those who suffer from coronary artery disease. Dry carbon dioxide baths are absolutely safe for patients with problems of the cardiovascular system, which is why they prescribed as a therapeutic and preventive agent for these diseases.
  2. Hypertension and atherosclerosis are alsoindications for such physiotherapy. Carbon dioxide is its effect on the body dilates blood vessels and lowers peripheral pressure. The result of such treatment - normalization of blood pressure and improvement of the blood vessels.
  3. Dry carbon dioxide baths are also shown atdiseases of the nervous system due to insufficient amount of oxygen supplied to the brain. Such problems often arise in people. Poor blood supply to the brain leads to a weakening of memory and thought processes.
  4. Baths are useful for varicose veins.
  5. Such manipulations prescribed to patients withdiabetes. Accelerating effect on circulatory muscle tissue oxygen supply, thereby better insulin interacts with the receptor, and the blood sugar level is lowered.
  6. Dry carbon dioxide baths beneficial effect on the brain is not only the elderly but also young people. The procedures prescribed for patients with neurosis, depression, sleep disorders.
  7. Those who suffer from asthma or chronicbronchitis, using dry carbon dioxide baths can significantly improve their health. Active blood circulation throughout the body helps eliminate spasms in the bronchial tubes and ease breathing. manipulation will result in a disappearance of cough and shortness of breath.
  8. Antiseptic and wound healing propertiescarbon dioxide baths is useful to those who suffer from psoriasis and other skin diseases as well as patients with a body burns or other significant damage to the epidermis. Baths help eliminate itching, inflammation, redness, will promote rapid healing of wounds.
  9. For those who suffer from thrombophlebitis, dry carbon dioxide baths are simply irreplaceable. Such procedures are thin the blood, reducing its viscosity, prevent stagnation and formation of blood clots.
  10. Another indication for the use of bathsIt is obesity. Physical therapy of this kind of procedure speeds up the metabolism, forge metabolism. They effectively fight cellulite, improve skin condition.
  11. As a means of cosmetology dry carbon dioxide baths help fight the natural aging process, slowing it down and rejuvenating the body.

To contraindicated dry carbon dioxide baths

Unfortunately, such a procedure is useful for manyIt may harm, why should understand the contraindications for its implementation. So, use a dry carbon dioxide baths is not necessary for people belonging to these categories:

  • patients with acute inflammatory processes;
  • pregnant women;
  • those who have a malignant tumor, or at least suspected, their presence in the body;
  • people with cardiac asthma;
  • patients with malformations of the internal organs;
  • suffering from bronchiectasis;
  • people with rheumatism in the acute stage;
  • women in menopause;
  • patients with fever of unknown nature;
  • neurotic patients with complex diseases.

Dry carbonic baths: peculiarities of manipulation

To implement such a physiotherapyprocedure uses special devices called reaboksami. They are a design elongated in appearance reminiscent of a kind of sheath. There is placed the patient's body as a whole, leaving only his head outside. The case is fixed to the neck level. Then, on the control panel set the required parameters: temperature and duration of work reaboksa.

When the pouch is filled with gas, which lies withinnot strong person feels warm and tingling of the skin. This procedure lasts for a minimum of 10 and maximum of 25 minutes. After the desired time the timer is activated, disabling reaboks. Carbon dioxide is pumped through the valve, after which the patient can leave the apparatus. A notable result of such baths can be seen fairly soon after the second procedure.

The duration of the dry carbon dioxide bathsIt is no more than 2 weeks, and the manipulation should be at least every other day, not more. After a few months of a course you can go again. Use reaboksom can be in a medical office, spa or beauty center, which offers a similar service. If desired, and the availability of funds, you can get your own unit or take it out. Domestic procedures must be carried out in compliance with all safety requirements.