Dimexidum Colkoseril and wrinkles

You have the first wrinkles, and you do not want totolerate this? That's right, it's time to start the fight. Many women immediately go to beauty salons and "get" expensive procedures. But we'll go the other way and get rid of the hated wrinkles and depressions by using inexpensive pharmaceutical agents.

Most women have successfully used inexpensivethe means to fight against aging skin. This penny pharmacy drugs - Dimexidum and Solkoseril. healingandbodywork tell you how to use them, and what effect should be expected.

It is not necessary to resort to costlyBotox injections or sign up for mesotherapy treatments, buy expensive anti-wrinkle ampoule preparations. You can try to smooth their Solkoseril gel.

Solkoseril. Composition

To begin to understand how the gel study its composition. Thus, the gel containing:

  1. Water injection.
  2. Petrolatum.
  3. Gemodializat.
  4. Cetyl alcohol.
  5. Cholesterol.

Gemodializat - this extract from the blood of dairycalf. Natural substance contains components that contribute free penetration into the soft tissue. Note that before the end of the effect of this substance on human skin (especially face), have not been investigated. But doctors say boldly that gemodializat helps to normalize the level of ph, improve blood circulation and help to regenerate the skin.

Vaseline, falling on the face, softens and moisturizes the skin.

Cetyl alcohol is obtained from coconut oil. It is often used for the manufacture of expensive creams and masks. He's getting to the surface, it creates an invisible barrier that does not allow to penetrate harmful bacteria and substances. In addition, alcohol retains moisture.

The second natural alcohol, it is also called "fat" contained in cholesterol. It softens and rejuvenates the skin.

From this we can draw some conclusions: Gel Solkoseril much needed drug in medicine. In addition to application to the skin to get rid of wrinkles, gel successfully treat superficial wounds, cuts, and long non-healing ulcers and bedsores.

How does

The impact of the drug on the skin formed from the reviews of the people who have already used the gel. Solkoseril has such an effect on the skin:

  • It enhances the production of a substance that gives the skin smoothness and elasticity;
  • repairs damaged tissue;
  • It helps to smooth fine lines;
  • It improves blood circulation, thereby improves the complexion;
  • It contributes to lifting loops;
  • inflammation and pimples are faster.

Recipe mask

This simple recipe for a mask from an SolcoserylIt will help to achieve smooth skin. To make a mask, you can buy in a drugstore as a gel and ointment Solkoseril and bubble Dimexidum. Beauticians are advised to take the ointment, as the gel can dry a little bit and pull the skin.

Before you apply the means necessarywipe the face Dimexidum (be sure to dilute it with water in the proportions specified in the instructions). This drug is commonly used for healing of inflammatory cells in the skin and in the treatment of acne. Besides, it is added to other cosmetic products for skin and hair. Once you have wiped the face Dimexidum (do not worry, the drug has a light scent of garlic), can be applied ointment Solkoseril.

Use Dimexidum

The drug has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces the temperature, fights germs and fungi.

In addition, Dimexidum:

  • strong antiseptic that disinfects the skin and prevents toxins from entering the inside;
  • enhances the effect of masks, activates cell metabolism;
  • helps mask quickly penetrate the skin.

ATTENTION! Everyone must know this! Dimexidum NEVER use undiluted. It must be diluted with water in the proportions of one to ten. If you do not, you can get severe burns.

A few tips

Before you apply Dimexidum and Solkoseril on the skin, it is necessary to test for an allergic reaction:

  1. Dimexidum applied to the skin shoulder or arm, leave for 15 minutes. If no redness - means the drug can be used.
  2. Solkoseril applied to the elbow bend. Leave for half an hour or forty minutes, and if during this period, the skin does not react, then it is considered that the test is completed.

How to make a mask:

  1. Take a pan and it zaparte herbs (eg chamomile, celandine). Rasparte face, the pores open. You can do like in the bathroom, opened the hot water.
  2. Face wiped with a cotton pad, which moistenDimexidum (one spoon means ten spoons of water). Tool promotes good disinfection and does not allow the pores to close. He bred and used once, can not dilute the drug store, because it spoils.
  3. Applied to the skin with a thick layer of ointment or gel (optional) Solkoseril. Warning: can not be applied on the neck, eyes and lips mask - is permitted.
  4. Leave for an hour. During this time, the face irrigate with water several times, the mask does not dry out.
  5. Take off the damp cotton pad.
  6. Lubricate the skin nourishing cream.

How often can I apply?

In fact, clear guidelines on how oftenYou can resort to solkoserilovoy mask, no. Some recommend to put it no more than twice a month, others - in the past month to make around ten masks, alternating every three to four days.

However, cosmetologists advise to adhere to this scheme:

  1. If you have young skin, the mask can be applied several times a month for prophylactic purposes.
  2. If your skin problem, fading, then the maskuse rate - every three days. After 20 days you will notice how your skin is noticeably improved, and after a single application it will be fresh and gain flexibility.

On the advantages and disadvantages

The first thing that draws the attention of the readers MirSovetov - both drugs have a low cost. They help cleanse the skin, improve blood circulation and restore damaged tissue.

Among the shortcomings noted:

  • may idiosyncrasy;
  • you can not use a long period;
  • on the results, you can not talk at once, and after at least a month of application;
  • desirable to use both drugs during pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • can not apply to children under 18 years of age (with the exception of cases where a drug prescribe physician).

Among the frequently asked questions can be heardone: whether the mask is applied to the area around the eyes? Cosmetologists say that the fight against fine wrinkles, "crow's feet", are allowed to apply a very thin layer mask to the area around the eyes. In addition, the ointment can be used as a night cream and apply it on the dot the inflamed area.

Also not recommended to continue the use of twodrugs, if you have any symptoms such as swelling, burning, and you have lost the taste buds. These signals indicate that you should immediately wash skin thoroughly and to take anti-allergic drug.