Diet Bormentalja

Most popular now acquires Dr. Bormentalja diet. Since this diet developed by Dr, logically, that the harm it causes minimal health.

Most popular now acquires Dr. Bormentalja diet. Since this diet developed by Dr, logically, that the harm it causes minimal health.

One of the basic principles of diet doctorBormentalja - this restriction on the daily caloric intake. This calorie reduction is not based on the severe restriction of any group of products, which is extremely negative impact on the body. Driving on a diet doctor Bormental - is the preservation of the human diet in the balance of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

Calculation of individual calorie

How to calculate the required dailythe caloric content, because all have different weights; everyone has their own profession and as a result - different physical and mental load. So count calories on their own. For those who want to lose weight, daily limit calculation will be carried out by the following formula: the growth of minus one hundred and ten and twenty-five times the calories. Thus, for a person with an increase in meter seventy and eighty kilograms weight, daily intake - one thousand five hundred calories. Determine your rate and do not exceed it, until you reach the weight you dream about. Next are a few tips on how to eat tasty and without harm to health.

Losing weight in a week should be no more thanpound, then it will not cause any harm to health. Hard diet, giving fast, but unfortunately, the short-term result, undermine health, besides dramatically left the kilos you also quickly come back to you again. Dr. Bormentalja Diet aims to effect and retains health.

Counting calories is not difficult, as it seems at first glance. A month later calculations, you will already know by heart: where and how much - believe my experience.

Plan your diet

The doctor recommends be Bormentala detailed menu for the week, which indicate that and how much you plan to eat per day, not to exceed the recommended level for your daily calories. Due to the presence of such a menu, it will be easier to stick to a diet.

Calorie products can be considered forspecial tables, or use the on-line rhymes on the Internet - choose as you wish. Of course, at first glance it seems that at such a low level of daily calories, and there is nothing. But this is only at first glance.

How to reduce the caloric content of the diet

The secret to reducing caloric intake is in thecooked products. You can easily change the calorie ready meals, without changing its weight and size. For example, if a piece of beef weighing one hundred grams of boiled or baked - it's two hundred calories. If fry in butter, the fat is added by a considerable dose of calories and calorie roast beef will already be four units. And if you apply to the meat sauce and even, depending on whether any of the products it is prepared, one hundred grams of sauce in calories may exceed calorie hundred grams of cooked meat.

Determine for yourself the new rules in the diet -rules of healthy food. Bake, boil, cook for a couple. Served with lemon, olive or other vegetable oil, say "No" mayonnaise and other sauces based on it. Fatty foods replace meatless.

Thus, in the diet by Dr. Bormental,of course you can eat and can regulate how and what you eat, but the doctor advised to give preference to a useful and nutritious food, and useless, but very high-calorie sweets, fatty and smoked food should be eliminated from your diet forever.

Say "stop" any alcoholic beverages. Besides the fact that they are fairly high in calories and awaken your appetite, their main drawback - it is self-shutdown of the amount of food eaten. Try to include carbohydrates in the menu, but not in the form of cakes and sweets, as well as fresh fruit, dried fruit, honey, it will help you avoid a bad mood peculiar to anyone who is on a diet, and give strength not to break.

Of course, it is impossible to imagine that you are morenever enjoy the taste of your favorite dishes. No need to tear the body in order to take pleasure in small enough pieces. Extend the pleasure of eating it is not half a minute, as usual, but for five or ten minutes - enjoy! Remember - you are the lady's behave accordingly.

Physical education - pros and cons

What about the exercise at suchlow calorie? Of course, intensive training contraindicated, but the daily charge in the form of a set of exercises aimed at the general strengthening of the body, will only benefit. Useful is also walking, but at a slow walking pace, and at a faster - go as if you are somewhere in a hurry. Pay exertion from fifteen to thirty minutes a day, so that your muscles are toned and the skin after weight loss will not sag.

Other joys of life

Another no less important principle of diet doctorBormentalja - change eating behavior. Too many people the main source of pleasure is called food, so it is important not only to adhere to a diet, but stay on it. Dr. Bormental recommends finding other sources of pleasure, because the food must not be the only joy in life.

Remember, if a person is interested in something, heforget about the food. But what happens when you solve any problem, overcome difficulties and get a long-awaited result, the feeling of joy bursting inside and still have enough positive emotions for a long time. Look around you, life is interesting - select a hobby for the soul, and your life will sparkle with new, bright colors, and there will not be space and time for gluttony.

Personally, I have tried many diets and rigorousvery much, but as long as I did not changed my eating, I was losing and regaining weight punctually, despite the constant daily jogging and exercises. Only a limited power, self-control and the search for alternative sources of nutrition pleasure gave me the opportunity to once and for all get rid of excess weight and finally get into a favorite thirty-eighth the size.

Stay slim and beautiful, and healingandbodywork tell you how to do it without harm to health.