Diet ballerinas

Being skinny now very fashionable. But in the 21st century attitude toward thinness is increasingly changing and women often want to lose weight in two cases: to look aesthetically pleasing, and to solve health problems.

For healthy weight loss today, pay attention, more and more people. Proper nutrition, sports - that the principles of good figure. And it is these foundations hold light like a feather, a ballerina.

power Principles

You would think that a ballerina torturinghunger. But actually it is not. They have a few specific principles which they absorb from childhood. And thanks to these principles and rules ballerina retain shape throughout life. And in fact, in these fragile women just a special relationship to food, and this ratio is applicable not only for them but also for the ordinary woman.

So, the basic rules of supply dancers:

  1. Each time, picking up a portion, cut it in 2 times. This will solve the problem of overeating, stretching the stomach and allows to use fewer calories. Over time, you are accustomed to eat less and less, and become light and weightless.
  2. If you eat the soup, let it be a separate dish. Remember that soup stimulates the metabolism and helps burn fat. The main thing is that it should be independent of food.
  3. Water. It is very important, and it is necessary to drink a lot, at least 1.5-2 liters per day. If you say that you can not drink as much, start with a couple of glasses a day. Listen to yourself. Do you want to drink, do not make tea or coffee, they dehydrate the body. Pour some water a little bit. You will see, in a week you will consume the required amount of liquid, and you will want more and more. And while water also helps in burning fat and contains 0 calories!
  4. fluid taking mode. Learn how to drink properly. Water introduced with the food, slows metabolism and digestion, thereby promotes the deposition of extra grams. The ideal drink for half an hour before a meal and an hour or two after.
  5. Do not interfere with the different types of proteins. Proteins are certainly very useful and from them produce less fat than carbohydrates and fats. But ballerina prefer not to mix at a time different sources of protein: fish, meat, dairy products, etc...
  6. Milk products. Prefer skim jelly. Then it will be for you a source of protein and no fat. Accordingly, it will decrease the amount of calories eaten.
  7. Balance. It is very important in all. The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet need to be sure to keep track of. Food should be varied, so that your skin shining and the mood was wonderful. And in addition it will help you get rid of the binge eating that often is our main enemy.
  8. Watch out for fat used products. Today in the supermarket you can buy everything. And on the package necessarily written, what percentage of fat contains product. Make it a rule to buy food, indicating the least amount of fat. When cooking, use as little as possible of vegetable oils.
  9. No mayonnaise. The maximum that you can do - is to use only homemade mayonnaise made from low-fat dairy products. Remember that mayonnaise contains a large amount of fat, it also tends to delay the digestion and promote fat storage.
  10. Salt. Its amount should be, or minimize, healingandbodywork recommends to abandon it altogether, if possible. Salt retains fluid in the body and promotes the deposition of fat.

Agree, the rules quite unsophisticated. If all this is combined with a refusal to eat after 18-19 hours, and include in its sport mode, the effect is not long to wait. And do not despair if you do not like sports. Try just more move, often to get out of the apartment, a little bit more walking. We promise you ease, which is not long to wait!

Diet ballerinas

There is, of course, a special diet,Recommended for fast weight loss. It can be used if you need to lose weight quickly and urgently, and to kilograms, not only did not return, but went further, though not so quickly, start to apply the principles of ballerinas power.

Let's get started. This diet is pretty low-calorie, but carries quite easily because there are provided frequent meals.

The diet is designed for 7 days, the first 2 of which - preparatory fasting days.

Day one discharge, tomato.

Breakfast: a glass of tomato juice.

Lunch: 2 cups of tomato juice supplement two slices of black bread.

Dinner: end of the day is the same as the beginning - a glass of tomato juice.

During the day, do not forget to drink as much as possible the amount of water and green tea.

The second day fasting, milk kefir.

Breakfast: a glass of nonfat yogurt or milk (optional).

Lunch: slice of black bread and a couple of glasses of nonfat yogurt.

Dinner: a cup of yogurt or milk (also selectable).

The following is a menu that must be repeated,until you reach the desired result. The main thing, remember that the goal must be put before a workable and that the diet did not cause harm to the body, use it no more than seven days.

Breakfast: ¼ pack of cottage cheese 0% fat, fat-free sour cream can be added, raisins, various berries, even a spoonful of honey. 1 serving of any cereals on the water, a slice of black bread + a bit of cheese.

№2 Breakfast: a glass of juice, preferably fresh, 1 apple (preferably half an hour after the juice) and a glass of homemade yogurt with no additives.

Lunch: rice or buckwheat groats + a piece of fish, a salad of fresh vegetables, a piece of dark chocolate, apple.

Afternoon snack: soup any soup (if the meat, it is very easy), without bread.

Dinner: Baked fish with a salad of fresh vegetables and herbs.

As you can see, the diet contains all the nutrientscomponents and provides nutrients to the body. By learning and after spending her first week, it will be very easy to move to a new principle of power, in fact it is the secret of a slim figure and health.