Diet as a way to lose weight

The desire to lose weight are united many people. And as a way to lose weight - go on a diet. But this choice is not always easy, because most diets - this is not something transient.
Diet as a way to lose weight
The desire to lose weight are united many people. And as a way to lose weight - go on a diet. But this choice is not always easy, because most diets - this is not something transient. If you want to lose weight and not gain weight again, you must turn the diet into a lifestyle. Those. to choose for themselves a power that does not burden you: and allowed to effectively lose weight, and at the same time, the diet should remain a full range of nutrients. Many existing today diets offer a variety of daily rations, are excluded from the food, many of which will be pretty hard to refuse. Or, conversely, require food, unacceptable for people with various health problems. In any case, before choosing a particular diet is not excess will be consulting dietitian.
It is advisable to choose a diet with habitual for youa set of products and to eat slowly through small intervals of time. Long pauses between the meal, of course, cause a strong sense of hunger, and you'll probably overeat. A small note, every meal - this is not a full breakfast, lunch or dinner, and some of the recommended daily dietary intake. These recommendations are included even in healthy eating rules. And the more they have to abide by if you want to lose weight, no matter what diet to choose for themselves.

Kremlin diet

The Kremlin diet meat is allowed in any quantity
The basic idea of ​​the Kremlin diet isas little as possible to consume foods containing carbohydrates. The first is to give up sweets, bakery products, potatoes, bread, rice. But it is given the freedom to the consumption of meat, fish, cheese and other foods low in carbohydrates. The Kremlin diet all products painted on the table with a conventional carbohydrate per 100 grams each. For example, potatoes have 16 points, the meat - zero. To lose weight, adhering to the Kremlin diet, you will need to ensure that the daily meals in an amount not greater than 40 points. Thus the meat is allowed to eat as much as you want, within reason of course. But from the sugar will have to opt out. When it was to lose weight until desired digits, you can increase the daily rate of 60 points.
Trying to lose weight on this diet is not recommended for people suffering from diseases of the heart, blood vessels, stomach, kidney. Also, the Kremlin diet is contraindicated in pregnant women.

The Japanese diet

Black Coffee - an essential element of the Japanese diet
If you observe the Japanese diet, you can lose weightAfter 13 days at 8.10 kg. Diet painted for 13 days specifically listed for each day diet. To diet is to be effective, you need to eat exactly as prescribed, not rearranging days. This power system causes metabolic changes due to adjustment of the body to another rhythm, allowing to lose weight fast. The Japanese diet eliminates the use of salt, sugar, alcohol, flour products. Frequent consumption of black coffee has a great importance in the process of losing weight. But, unfortunately, this limits the use of the Japanese diet for weight loss for people with heart disease. As for other beverages, it is recommended to drink only mineral or boiled water. After two weeks, you have much to lose weight, and in the next 2-3 years can do without dieting. The only thing you can eat in the usual mode for you, but it is desirable to use less flour and salt.

Blood group diet

Diet for blood group opredeleyaet useful for the organism products
The bottom line is losing weight on a diet based ondivision on blood groups, is as follows. Blood type is a factor in determining the composition of saliva, gastric juice, ie this will depend on what foods are easier to digest and are better absorbed. On this basis the selected products useful for the organism. The rest either neutral or harmful for human consumption. Depending on the blood group diet allows the use of products, excluding harmful, are poorly digested and deposited in fatty tissues. Due to the reduction in body fat levels and weight loss occurs. Moreover, healthy foods can be eaten in any quantity. Therefore, a diet on blood groups is quite simple, you do not need to constantly count calories. Suffice it to avoid harmful products, neutral use occasionally. Many of the products that are suitable for people with the same blood group categorically contraindicated in others. For example, for the second blood group diet prohibits the use of all types of meat. For the first group on the contrary the use of meat is only in favor.
Thus, on this diet may haverefuse products, without which you can not imagine a normal diet. But other products can be used without restrictions. And there is no need to keep track of calories, the diet is quite varied. But diet on blood groups is no medical justification. Therefore, not everyone can lose weight following this diet, a lot depends on the individual characteristics of each organism.

fast diet

Sometimes you want to lose weight is not much, to lose weightup to one kilogram, and to do so quickly in a short time. To do this, there are quick diets, usually a day or two. Most often they are mono-diet, ie weight loss is due to the consumption of low-calorie product. Monodiet often uses in between the main diet, the so-called fasting days. But you can use fast diet as the primary method of weight loss.

Watermelon diet

Watermelon diet
Watermelon diet is one of mono-diet. To lose weight less than five days. The essence of the diet is to use food only watermelon, for every 10 kg of their weight should eat 1 kg of watermelon. After five days, you should lose weight three kilograms. Then another 10 days, you can continue on such a diet. Breakfast includes porridge and cheese, dinner eat meat or fish with vegetable salad. And there dinner watermelon proportion of 0.5 kg per 15 kg weight.
Watermelon diet is contraindicated for weight loss whendiabetes, kidney stones. And for everyone throughout the diet is necessary to monitor their condition. If you feel bad, it is better to stop and choose another way to lose weight.

Buckwheat diet

One of the mono-diet - buckwheat - can also help lose weight effectively in a short time. The essence of buckwheat diet to one or two weeks eat only buckwheat.
And it must not boil, as is usually done, and pour boiling water and give some time to stand up.
Buckwheat diet is suitable for many
The amount consumed buckwheat is not limited to,it is quite satisfying and you should grab one glass a day. Drink only boiled or mineral (non-carbonated) water. It is also recommended to drink yogurt 1% fat, but not more than a liter a day.
After a month of diet is best of itrelax. And for you to eat the usual way. The advantage of buckwheat diet is that it can benefit almost everyone. Unless you do not like buckwheat. As for the rest, no minuses. More details about the mono-diet, all of the rules, the advantages and disadvantages offered healingandbodywork see the article "Buckwheat diet."

kefir diet

Kefir diet - only kefir, not more than 1 liter per day
Another version of the mono-diet - kefir diet. To lose weight on this diet is recommended for three days only drink 1 liter of yogurt necessarily one percent. If you would be too onerous, it can be combined drink yogurt with fruit, vegetables (not more than 1 kg / day) or with any meat, fish (not more than 100g / day). In this case, it stretched diet for six days. Do not forget that in no case can not use the sugar and salt.

Note that the fast diets require you notonly excerpts. To lose weight and not gain weight again, you should still limit themselves to the use of many high-calorie foods. It may be advisable to choose the mono-diet, based on their own tastes. Go into an exotic diet for weight loss is not necessary. There is a risk that some of the recommended foods can cause allergies. This applies not only to mono-diet.

An important point in losing weight - it's rightdistribute food for the whole day. The diet should not be turned into a hunger strike. Properly painted diet should appear reduced meals for you. For example, it is not necessary to postpone dinner too later time. If only he was not easy. At night while sleeping all processes, including digestion, slow down. Naturally, in the morning you do not want anything, because the food has not yet had time to digest. And for lunch or dinner you will have a keen sense of hunger. Therefore, to slimming it was not for you a painful process for the diet meals should be strictly at the same time through the appropriate intervals.

If you follow the diet correctly,weight loss process is effective. You will feel a weakness, it is possible to diet just is not for you. Then it is better to choose another diet for weight loss is a very important experience. You will feel your body and its needs. By following a suitable diet, on the contrary you have to feel the rush of a good mood, cheerfulness. For effective weight loss is sometimes necessary to try several diets.
The main thing is to choose a diet to lose weight, so she did not go to the detriment of your health!