Diamond peeling

The desire to have a perfect image of women andlure glances generates many types of cosmetic procedures to improve the health, rejuvenation and skin smoothing. One of such innovations - the diamond peeling, allowing painless to remove scars, scars, wrinkles and epidermis defects.

The essence of the diamond peeling

Grinding of the dermis through the crystal - one of thevarieties of mechanical peeling, which is carried out with special equipment with a diamond coating. This gentle cleansing of different effects on the skin, the result of a marked and lasting fixing effect. On the other features you tell healingandbodywork.

Due to the effect mikrotravmirovaniya, techniquepeeling can activate collagen - indispensable for the youth and elasticity of the skin substance. Besides, the diamond grinding the membrane potential increases, discloses compounds of the holes in the protein, thereby stimulating the production of elastin and hyaluronic acid. It provides an intense result with a safe action on the dermis. Diamond peeling - one of the most painless, soft and effective technique of cleaning, which ensures the regeneration of new cells and the removal of dead skin particles. In other words, this type of grinding - perfect technique of mechanical peeling.

The peculiarity of the procedure lies in the fact that itIt solves two problems at once - clear your skin of dead cells and hold microvacuum massage. Last intended to improve circulation, stimulate the nutrition and oxygenation of dermis. With intensive blood microcirculation increases the production of collagen compounds of new cells and the skin becomes elastic. Her tone strengthened and external epidermis looks younger and more attractive. In addition, significantly increases susceptibility to the components contained in cosmetics.

Distinctive quality diamond peeling

Diamond peeling is one of the techniquesmechanical exfoliation. It involves the removal of a top layer of the skin in different ways. However, the diamond polishing has several distinctive features that they offered it to the rank of the most effective cosmetic procedures.

The main difference - the use of technologicalDiamond-tipped apparatus which has a unique structure and properties. The extreme strength and hardness of the mineral allows the use of tiny crystals to achieve a gentle yet effective results.

Due to the properties of diamond, peeling passesgently, without causing pain and discomfort. A set of existing nozzles so diverse that an experienced beautician easy to select just the grinding mode that best fit the specific type and skin condition.

The result of the procedure of the diamondpeeling can be seen immediately. Skin visibly improved, updated top layer, removing pigment spots, small stretching, wrinkles, enlarged pores and other defects. After peeling usually no side effects in the form of peeling, redness or irritation. Therefore, you can immediately go back to the usual pace of life.

Indications for diamond peeling

Peeling is a fairly safe procedure,having its advantages and features, by which it is permissible to use in any type of the dermis is not age restriction and can be carried out on any body part. Doctors recommend the use of peeling for such purposes:

  • alignment of color;
  • smoothing fine scars, scars and stretch marks;
  • elimination of consequences of acne;
  • the elimination of wrinkles;
  • reduction of enlarged pores;
  • with age-related skin changes: laxity, sagging, roughness, loss of tone and thickening;
  • often with ingrown hair.

Possible caveats to peel

Despite the delicacy of the procedure and gentle mode of action, diamond microdermabrasion has several caveats. Let us consider them in more detail:

  • disease diabetes;
  • menstruation;
  • inflammation of the skin;
  • disease vitiligo;
  • the presence of spider veins;
  • skin lesions in the area of ​​the procedure;
  • during pregnancy.

Carrying diamond peeling

In this technique, the skin peelsmade by a special machine. As noted above, the essence of the method lies in the exfoliation of the stratum corneum of the dermis diamond combined with the influence of vacuum. Therefore, the device has a set of at least 10 nozzles with a different abrasive, which picks up a specialist, depending on your skin type and goals. Each nozzle has the form of a brush with a diamond coating.

To achieve the best effect and the possibility ofclean hard to reach areas of the face, often beautician uses several types of spray nozzles. In this procedure the peeling itself is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Paramount patient's skin must passtraining. To do this, it steamed and applied moisturizer to increase the effectiveness of techniques. Each movement is performed along the line of force, preventing skin stretch.
  2. Then, every centimeter of the dermis beautician polishingsuitable nozzle. During the procedure, diamond brushes rotate constantly, and at the same time working exhaust system that allows you to eliminate all the air from particles of skin and dust.
  3. After the diamond impact on the skin to apply a moisturizing cream or mask.

The entire procedure takes less than 20 minutes,which do not occur in the patient discomfort or pain. Frequency of exfoliation depends on the degree of damage to the dermis, therefore beautician may designate from 1 to 20 sessions. At the same time in between each visit to the salon must take a break of not less than 7 days, because the skin needs to regenerate.

Skin care after the procedure

Upon successful completion of the diamond peeling skinsaturated with oxygen, deep-cleaned, extensively absorb the beneficial components of cosmetics. However, it should be implemented for simple maintenance:

  • in the first 3 days it is recommended to avoid thermal effects, so do not hold the skin under direct sunlight and ultraviolet light;
  • desirable to apply cosmetics, which include those alcohol components present;
  • Avoid tanning;
  • it is not recommended to play sports, swim in the pool;
  • it is desirable to refrain from applying makeup.

The duration of effect after diamond peeling

External manifestation of the procedure visible resultsThe next day. Depending on the complexity and nature of liquidated skin problems, a visible effect can be maintained for at least 3 months. For example, the removal of the effects of acne, acne, enlarged pores can protect the dermis for 4 months, and the wrinkles Microdermabrasion allows you to forget about the problem for more than 8 months. Undoubtedly, every situation is a purely individual, so the result of resistance and features of the diamond exfoliation is necessary to discuss with the beautician.