Day Face Cream

Modern cosmetology offers eacha woman or a girl, just a huge number of the most diverse products, among which, a worthy place is occupied and day cream for the face. Each representative of the fair sex know very well how important it is to day cream is right for you, as well as possible, because during the day you are always in sight, and your skin is due to external factors, are constantly under stress.

Right, and most importantly high-quality skin care,It may just work wonders. The correct day cream for the face will be the key excellent mood in the morning and before late in the evening, a constant feeling of confidence in his own irresistible and so on. However, in choosing such creams need to responsibly and seriously, so as not to render itself a disservice.


  • 1 Pick up for yourself just what is ideal for you
  • 2 Should I buy or professional medical creams
  • Age 3 - one of the criteria for selection of a day cream for the face
  • 4 How not to be trapped by buying low-quality day cream for the face

Pick up for yourself just what is ideal for you

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the choice of yourday cream for the face in any way should not affect brands or advertising, but to listen to the last, and sometimes necessary. The main thing is not to rush blindly novelty, not understanding thoroughly what and how. Firstly, initially examined to which the type belongs to the skin of your face. Such skin types can be multiple:

  • Normal skin
  • Dry skin (prone to flaking)
  • Combination skin
  • hypersensitivity skin
  • Oily skin

For the most part, good on all packagesie, high-quality day cream, as clearly painted all the information, which can only require the consumer, in this case, a woman, and even a lot more. In addition to being on a tube with a cream, you can read the recommendations for what type is more preferred one or the other day cream for the face, so there is also specified the full chemical composition, which for most women is sheer confusion and incomprehensible gibberish, unless, of course, , it is not about any of Maria Sklodowska-Curie. But something there to understand, yet it is possible, for example, if a tube is not necessary to mark "hypoallergenic" is for owners extra sensitive and problematic skin, this day cream for the face, hardly suitable.

Should I buy a medical professional or creams

Recently, cosmetology, whichconstantly moving forward, providing for women of different ages and with absolutely any type of skin, just a huge number of new medical cosmetics, which can be purchased only in specialized stores or at the pharmacy. This, of course, talking about medical cosmetics, which helps to fight with various problems of your skin.

Like it or not, and skin care products, includingDay Cream for the face, you should choose only a beautician. It is because not respecting the rules and recommendations of the expert, not only can not get the desired result, but even hurt herself. Although, if the cream does not perform any particular medical function, for example, the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and so on, then it is safe to eighty percent guarantee that the more damage it will bring. However, this does not mean that you need to run to the drugstore and buy all came to hand jars, with "Day Cream for the face" cherished inscription. Best of all, though, consult with a specialist, and more reliable and, whatever you say, it is safer.

In addition, each girl or womanHe knows that the cream, with virtually the same composition and determination on the package may vary considerably in price. This occurs because the well-known brands and trademarks, proven over the years of application among the many representatives of the better half of humanity, can boast an excellent reputation and proven quality. This does not mean that the cheaper the daily face cream, a little-known company, it turns fake, however, guarantee the contrary, no one can.

Buy cosmetics in specializedstores, and it should keep you out of low-quality goods. But if you do not have enough money to buy the entire complex at once, as a day cream will take another night, as well as a variety of cleaning, or tonics, it is still better to give it up in favor of cheaper, but " full strength. "

Age - one of the criteria for selection of a day cream for the face

All skin care products, including a day cream for the face, necessarily, divided into groups by age parameters:

  • For the young and young skin (designed for women within twenty-five years)
  • For skin with the first signs of wrinkles (for girls and women, thirty-five years)
  • For aging or skin aging (for women age, after fifty-five years)

be sure to pay special attention to the factfor what age group is the day cream, the good thing is that in recent years, the cosmetic industry indulges women committed by all, without exception, ages. It is worth nothing once again read the inscription on the jar, and make sure that you do not get the result then, that you are not only satisfied, but also, quite frankly, disappointed.

Young girls need to choose a cream,intended for potrebitelnits, to twenty-five. It is unlikely that you will want to intensive anti-aging effect on your skin young and blooming. Designed for the older age group and creams, enriched enormously wide variety of biologically active additives, which can affect not beneficial and even harmful.

Likewise can be said about the returnthe result intended for young skin means, is unlikely to have at least some effect on aging skin, women slightly over fifty, so has a completely different composition, and contains completely different active ingredients. Gently acting elements that perfectly cope with the problems of girls, at best, simply will not have absolutely no effect on women aged.

How not to be trapped by buying low-quality day cream for the face

Rules for buying a day cream for the face at allnot clever, and they can understand the first time. Of course, I want to bring home a bottle, with a welcome miracle tool, not appeared suddenly to nothing useful or even harmful. Therefore, try to follow just a few guidelines, and the result will always be only in your favor. So, what to do, not to be trapped, and to get a high quality and healthy Day Cream:

  1. Be sure to look at the expiration date of the funds, which you buy than fresh cream that you are going to buy, the better.
  2. In no case, do not hesitate to askSeller, or the consultant, the conditions under which preserved offered their products. For improper storage can lead a perfectly good product in complete disrepair, and it is also necessary to consider.
  3. At the slightest suspicion of the fact that the packagingdamaged, or has swelling, buy a cream should not be. The same applies to the content, if the uniformity of the cream does not inspire confidence in you, or even more so, if the cream is stratified into different substances, then he is hopelessly flawed. If you notice it only at home, do not be afraid to go back to the store, be sure to replace your cream, and even bring apologies.
  4. Get better those creams that are packed in a tube, as jars and bottles provides a large contact area with cream air, thereby reducing the shelf life.