There physiotherapy, by whichYou can solve a number of health problems, prevent skin aging, wrinkles, alopecia (severe hair loss). Moreover, not necessarily every day to go to this clinic or beauty salon.

By the methods based on impactAC low power but high voltage refers darsonvalization. healingandbodywork tell more about it - to whom such procedures are useful, who should avoid them, that is the basis of the procedures?

Understanding darsonvalization

The technique got its name in honor of hisinventor and founder - physiologist from France Jacques-Arsene D'Arsonval. In 1892, a scientist suggested the use of the device they designed - a spark generator, and treat people alternating electric current having a high voltage, but the current low force. Creates an electromagnetic field of high frequency and has a therapeutic effect on the body. It may be general or local.

Local darsonvalization is as followsway: a pulsed current with a strength of 100-500 kHz for certain areas of the body (high frequency). high frequency electrical discharges, irritating skin and tissue receptors continuously formed between the gas-filled glass electrode and the skin. Moreover, electrodischarges intensity can be changed: they may be weak, invisible to the human or palpable - spark. The area under the influence, significant changes are taking place:

  • Blood circulates better, both arterial and venous by;
  • "Spurs" the rate of metabolic processes;
  • tissue under the skin is better nourished and saturated with oxygen;
  • reduced pain;
  • relieves spasms of smooth muscle;
  • gradually dissolve foci of inflammation;
  • the function of sweat and sebaceous glands is reduced;
  • lymphostasis removed;
  • vascular walls become elastic, resilient.

Common darsonvalization called short-wave therapy. Generating pulsed high frequency electromagnetic field induces in the cells and tissues of complex physical and chemical reactions and transformations which occurs when heating a small, leading to nervous system sedation. As a result of this physical therapy reduces elevated blood pressure is stabilized in the adjustment body metabolism, normal vascular tone and blood circulation in the brain. It slows down the process of blood clotting. Increases efficiency, eliminates headaches.

As shown darsonvalization?

Local darsonvalization gives positive results in:

  • chronic gingivitis, paradontosis;
  • vasomotor rhinitis;
  • long epithelialized wounds, the effects of frostbite;
  • varicose veins;
  • the initial stages of Raynaud's disease (an illness characterized by persistent narrowing of the peripheral arteries, which interferes with the normal blood supply to tissues);
  • Coronary artery disease (abbreviated as called ischemic heart disease);
  • ear noise, hearing loss;
  • inflammations of the auditory nerve and neuralgia.

In cosmetology Darsonval devices also actively used for the following purposes:

  • to improve the condition of the skin, give it elasticity and firmness;
  • eliminate acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis, diathesis;
  • for the normalization of the hair follicles.

But the recommendation to conduct a total darsonvalization:

  • hypertension in the initial stage;
  • functional disturbances in the nervous system;
  • insomnia and climacteric neuroses.

This is counter-darsonvalization?

Contraindications to the local darsonvalization are:

  • any tumors;
  • blood diseases, bleeding;
  • hysteria;
  • severe course of hypertension;
  • tuberculosis (its active form);
  • acute stages of diseases accompanied by fever;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • Children under six years (occasionally allowed to cure children from two years);
  • pregnancy;
  • idiosyncrasy procedures.

In addition to all the above general darsonvalization can not be done with cardiovascular failure, arrhythmias.

How is the procedure?

Now for darsonvalizationThey use a variety of modern devices. Among them, the ultra Darsonval, Darsonval Elad, Darsonval Corona Darsonval Ultratek. Special glass electrode is moved across the skin or mucosa. Movement should be smooth, circular or linear. The skin cream is pretreated, if it is dry, talc or if it is oily. healingandbodywork warns alcoholic solutions or lotions can not be used for processing. This method is called darsonvalization pin, bits obtained quiet. But there is a remote method. It is characterized by the fact that in the field of skin rash with purulent contents electrode separates from the skin to form a spark discharge, its effect will be cauterizing. To achieve the effect of lifting, tightening, the electrode is carried out over the skin so that the distance between him and the person was about 5 mm. For procedures on the face take mushroom electrode. If there are indications, the electrode desired shape gently introduced into the body cavity (vagina, rectum, nose, ear canal). At this time, the patient may feel warmth or tingling.

The procedure usually lasts from 5 to 15 minutes, is carried out every day or every other day. The course consists of 5-20 procedures. After 30-60 days, the treatment may be repeated.

Hair has a special electrode in the form of a scallop. Its within a 7-minute move by parting, so hair follicles go into the phase of activity.

If the procedure is necessary to spend on the eyelids, the eyesis closed, take the cone-shaped or cylindrical electrode and move it slowly over the skin century. You start with one minute, gradually increase the time every day, bringing it up to five minutes.

If darsonvalization have to do for the wound,abrasion, skin ulcer, it is suitable mushroom-shaped electrode. Touching the wound surface is not necessary, between the skin and the electrode leave a gap of about 6 mm. First affect the skin adjacent to a sore spot for five minutes. And then three minutes drive electrode of the lesions.

When used darsonvalization wartsremote method. Starts intracavitary electrode, it is held on the growth of one and a half centimeters, or a little more distance (as high capacity is reached). The interval between treatments - 5 days. And all they have to do 3 or 5.

Stick like these rules and recommendations:

  1. The patient should be on a wooden chair or couch.
  2. If the machine is turned on, then wipe it or change something in it is impossible.
  3. Beforehand, remove all metal objects.
  4. Touching the patient can only electrode, to avoid strong discharge. too, do not touch the metal products.
  5. Remember that glass electrodes are very fragile, so in the body cavity to enter them carefully, and even take out too.

With such a device at home, you will be able to successfullyuse an electric current to beauty and wellness goals. The main thing, stick with the recommendations and follow the rules of the darsonvalization.