Cup massage

The winners in the fight against cellulite, unfortunately,are few. And if they are, it is not all - that and look nasty pit again return to their favorite leg! Therefore, we women always have to be alert. Today healingandbodywork tell its readers about all the secrets and subtleties can massage to eliminate cellulite and keep the body in good shape.

What is the strength, the bank?

massage Banks have a distinct advantageover other methods of influence on the problem areas of the body - the vacuum concentrated canned under the hood and pulls vigorously kneads the skin better than this masseur! The rest of the massager basically rubbing the skin surface, but do not "reach" to the unfortunate cellulite. In addition, the massage technique is very simple - it is easily possible to learn at home.

Cup massage has a positive effect notonly on the condition of the affected areas of fat deposits, but also a remedy for the entire body. Judge for yourself, thanks to this procedure:

  • lymphatic drainage occurs (a method in which the liquid and the metabolic products derived from the intercellular space activated lymph circulation and therefore improving skin condition);
  • accelerates metabolism;
  • becomes more intense blood circulation;
  • you feel an incredible relaxing, calm and pleasant drowsiness for a long time after the procedure (sedation);
  • reduced or completely takes the pain (analgesic effect);
  • increases the sensitivity and susceptibility of the massaged areas;
  • It improves the condition and muscle tone.

However, keep in mind that this miracle treatments have the following contraindications:

  • you can not massage the skin with large spots and moles;
  • acutely occurring inflammatory skin diseases;
  • malignancy;
  • tuberculosis, suppurative pneumonia, rheumatism in the acute stage;
  • blood diseases;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • hypertension;
  • varicose veins in the intended place of the massage;
  • infectious diseases;
  • the presence of the pacemaker.

All effective - easy!

Banks very quickly to cope with the initialstage of cellulite, a little more time it will take to get rid of chronic pits. But let's be realistic and take note that without your diligence and additional measures, in spite of the massage, cellulite your mother will always be with you! Therefore it is not lazy, do massage regularly, put in order the diet, more than walk on foot (even better - run) and store anti-cellulite agents.

not far to walk behind vacuum banks -they are sold in any self-respecting pharmacy. There is this "cure" is not much, no more than muffins and chocolates! Banks are silicon (they must compress, so they are "glued" to the skin) and the glass with suction cup.

Before the procedure, you must decide what you will lubricate the skin. There are several options:

  • mix cream from cellulite massage oil (per se anti-cellulite products are very quickly absorbed - the banks will not slip);
  • if you see in the sale of cellulite massage oil (2 in 1), be sure to buy, and if its members also include peppers, you will not find better;
  • little "pokolduyte" and make butter themselves. For this purpose, 30 ml of extra virgin olive oil add 10 ml of essential oil having anti-cellulite properties. Your choice of cinnamon, lavender, all citrus, geranium, black pepper, rosemary;
  • the laziest massage, you can use an ordinary shower gel, after the procedure, be sure to put on the skin cellulite cream.

Massage: the rules and nuances

A prerequisite for the effectiveness of massageis pre-warm bath. First, you can soak up a bit of water to the feeling of complete relaxation of all muscles, then should go for more action: rub vigorously places affected by cellulite, washcloth (preferably from natural materials) with the addition of a scrub. This will help you prepare your skin for the massage and to avoid bruising.

Before the procedure, all the places to be"Communicate" with the banks, generously lubricated with oil. Depending on the type of massager squeeze a bank or a blower, which is attached on top of the banks. At the same time, press it to the skin - it should stick. If there is a slight pain - you did everything correctly.

Go to massage - gently drive a jar of skinbuttocks and thighs, "drawing" lines, wavy lines and spirals. But do not do it too slowly, and that there will be bruising! It is better to stick to the average pace. If the Bank and then unstuck, you may badly oiled skin or insufficiently tightened bank, and it is badly stuck. Remember that banks do not use the vacuum on the inside of the thighs and below the knee (although you can take the risk if you are not afraid of huge bruises and bruises).

The most difficult for massaging the area consideredfold under the buttock - where the bank is very "loved" jump. Get out of the situation as possible, putting his foot, which massaging, a chair, or squat, relying on one knee.

A thorough massage does not tolerate haste - signalfor its completion will be bright red massaged zones and "fire" on the skin. Treatment time ranges from 10 minutes to half an hour (the rate of 15 feet per minute). After a session of massage to heighten the effect can be 10 - 15 minutes on a warm blanket to hide (to maximize the inflow of heat and blood to the problem areas).

Vacuum therapy can be practiced in a day, but if you are burning desire to drive off the cellulite on a daily basis, please. massage course lasts for 1-2 months (depending on the degree of cellulite).

Vacuum massage of the abdomen

Unfortunately, unattractive legs and buttocks is not the only cause for despair. There are belly ...

Massage the stomach vacuum can lead banks in the tone of any "belly." But let's first consider the contraindications for this procedure:

  • inflammation of the abdomen and pelvis region;
  • the presence of tumor formation;
  • critical days;
  • pregnancy;
  • skin lesions (wounds, burns, hematoma);
  • high body temperature;
  • general "not very good" condition (headache, fatigue).

Remember that the massage (not just canned)will be most useful if you do it through the 2 hours after a meal and one hour before a meal. All massage movements in the abdomen are performed exclusively clockwise. The signal for the immediate cessation of massage are pain and abdominal discomfort. When beginning your course can massage, stick to the golden mean - no need to try to tighten the muscles for a couple of days.

With the help of massage is quite difficultachieve impressive results. So do an effort: give up sweets, do not start to eat as you want, as well as the books written in clever, remember how to swing a press and indulge yourself hiking in the sauna! In order to carry out a massage, you need to lie down on a flat and firm surface. The maximum time for the procedure - from 10 to 15 minutes.