It is only used to losing weight without exhausting diets and endless sports was just a dream, but the process and the medicine does not stand still, so nowadays it has become a reality.

Plastic surgery today can create youreven the most perfect body, regardless of the original version. But to agree to go under the knife even the most experienced surgeon, not all are ready, so the procedure that reduces fat and is known as Cryolipolysis is gaining popularity.

Cryolipolysis is the hardwarecosmetic procedures, which runs without surgery. The procedure produces the desired volume of the body with the help of cold, and actively removes fat deposits. Scientists at Harvard Medical School found that the fat deposits on all parts of the body are very sensitive to the temperature of -5 degrees, it is this temperature and deprives special cell viability, which are responsible for formation of adipose tissue - they are called antipotsity. Cells that die as a result of the procedure eliminated from the body in a safe way, without causing harm to your health.

MirSovetov would like to note that thisprocedure is without making any cuts and punctures, even in this case, anesthesia is not required, your body will be left absolutely no trace of any scars or scars.

What problems can be solved by kriolipoliza?

Cryolipolysis shows excellent results evenon those areas of the body that hardly amenable to correction - for example, the front and side surface of the abdomen. Fat cells are not so easy to leave it to those areas of the body because of their appearance is due to the peculiarities of the hormonal system.

Also cryolipolysis perfectly removes grease from his knees,back, upper arms, and in fact, every woman knows that even diet and active sport does not always produce the desired results and the fat from the surface of the body is not going away.

During the procedure, you can kriolipolizaread a book, "surf" the Internet, in general, continue to go about their business. Each zone is given about an hour. Beautician puts on the desired area handpiece and thus fat as it sucked in a vacuum, and then cooled slowly. Almost immediately after the procedure, you return to a normal lifestyle.

But do not expect that you will immediately turn into aThumbelina, the first results will become noticeable only three weeks after the procedure, and the final effect comes almost a year after kriolipoliza. Fat deposits gradually decreases, which means that the impact on the body is minimal, but what can I say, it is almost not!

The result is not a short-term, it is stored for a long time and just a couple of procedures specialist simulates your perfect body.

Before the procedure, the doctor is required toask about your medical condition and with it, you decide the areas that need to be changed. Then you will sit comfortably in a comfortable chair, and the doctor at this time select the required attachment. After that, the area that will be subjected Cryolipolysis, impose a napkin with the effect of the gel, and then fix the previously selected nozzle. Once the fat fold tightened vacuum, and start the process of losing weight. After each procedure, the fat fold will be reduced by 4-5 cm, and very soon you will achieve the desired result.

Note that the blood vessels and nerve endingsin the procedure do not participate, the cooling process is only adipose tissue. As I said, the duration of the procedure is 60 minutes. It is no coincidence, for an hour the body is able to get rid of only a certain part of the "dead" cells. In one procedure, the doctor is able to process up to 2.5 domains.

As a rule, four sessions enough for youbecame the owner of the dream figure, but it all depends on the actual amount of fat, someone will be enough and one procedure. Be sure to soak month between treatments, well, do not expect instant results, as I wrote above, too.

Despite the fact that the Cryolipolysis procedure is completely safe, yet there are a number of contraindications:

  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • skin diseases, for example, cold urticaria, which causes an increased sensitivity to cold;
  • all kinds of nervous disorders;
  • Reynaud's syndrome;
  • liver disease;
  • Cryolipolysis is strictly contraindicated in people who have a pacemaker;
  • if you have pustular skin lesions or burns.

Cost Cryolipolysis procedure

cost of the procedure depends on the nozzle, and of course, the cabin you choose. Here are the average prices in Moscow. By the way, in Europe, this procedure costs about 750 euros.

Treatment of the problem area a small attachment will cost you about 20-25 thousand.

If you are together with the expert came to the conclusion that you need a large head, then get ready to part with 30-40 thousand rubles.

In addition, planning the budget for your figure, please note that you may not have the same procedure, so that in a month get ready to shell out the same amount again.

But if you have large fat deposits, thecryolipolysis not be able to cope with them, in this case, you no longer fit the traditional liposuction. I would also like to note that after the procedure still need to coordinate their own diet, only need to follow a simple diet and that another effective procedure will not bring the desired effect and you will gain weight again.

Also after the procedure it is desirable tolymphatic drainage, or procedure that is called tranzion. These activities perfectly complement cryolipolysis and accelerate the expected effect, because they are designed to increase blood flow to the treated area, which means that the dead fat cells will be displayed soon.

You see, not necessarily beauty requires sacrifice, sometimes just enough to correctly picked up procedure!