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Create eastern eye makeup

Today, we will lead it on the eastern (Arab) make-up and step-by-step try to master his technique execution. 5 simple steps - and you become a mysterious and mysterious eastern woman!

Create eastern eye makeup

Step 1: Color Selection

In the eastern (Arab) make-up can beuse as matte shades of eye shadow, and pearlescent. However, preference should be given to all the same shiny and glittering shades. All sorts of rhinestones and sequins - the biggest passion of oriental women, they use them not only in make-up, but also as a decorate clothing or hairstyles.

To determine the choice of colors for the eastmake-up, you should consider your natural eye color. If your eyes are brown, then you blue suit, blue, red (from scarlet to fuchsia), brown, yellow and green shades of shadows.

If you are the owner of a blue or green eyes, then to create the eastern (Arab) make-up you need gold, silver, purple or pink shades.

Do not forget that these colors can be used either solo or in combination with each other, but always in combination with the black eyeliner.

Step 2: Preparing face

There makeup, which can dispense withthis procedure. Chances are, you already know how to apply concealer and powder, so we will not dwell on this matter.

As for blush, the eastern (Arab) make-up is used, usually dull colors, so we advise you to choose a blush color tan.

Step 3: Eyebrows

Along with the bright eyes, in the eastern (Arab)makeup should be emphasis on the eyebrows. They may be thin or, conversely, wide, but the line of eyebrows should always be clearly defined, because it depends on it, whether in your view the eastern mystery.

Step 4: Eyes

Eye shadows in the eastern (Arab) make upbroad brush should be applied tightly over the entire upper surface of the century up to the eyebrows and eyelashes by the lower line. Eyes will gain even more oriental magic, if you use several shades of shadows.

A must touch to the east make-up isblack eyeliner. We recommend using liquid liner to line is that more smooth and neat. To make the almond shape eyes east, clear swipe "arrows" along the lines of the upper and lower lashes.

The final touch - mascara. The upper eyelashes should be bright and thick, so the ink applied in several layers, and paint the lower lashes one layer of mascara.

Step 5: Lips

In the eastern (Arab) make up the center of attentionThey are the eyes, so the lipstick should be soft, gentle tones. Select a shade of lipstick, which will be a bit lighter than your natural lip color.

Create eastern eye makeup

Create eastern eye makeup