Creams for the face with acid


Tragically women and girls of allages, different nationalities and skin color, our skin is not as ideal as we would like, with a few exceptions. Because we put a tremendous amount of effort to bring, bring it closer to the ideal, which themselves and set. It is at this and keeps the whole cosmetic industry by offering the market more and more funds for skin care. Nothing in this surprising, because, in fact, with the right, and most importantly, timely care, can be a long time to preserve the purity, freshness and firmness and elasticity, maximum pushing moment of decay and aging.


  • 1 Creams with acids - is it worth the risk?
  • 2 The most popular types of acids contained in cosmetics
  • 3 Fruit acids
  • 4 What to choose from a huge variety

Creams with acids - is it worth the risk?

In recent years, it has become very fashionableuse for the manufacture of a wide variety of cosmetics acid. However, earlier, most acid-cosmetics used exclusively in salons, under the close supervision of the very specialist, who conducts the procedure, that is, your beautician. Now, with acids creams for the face can already be safely purchased at any beauty store, and even apply at home, of course, observing some precautions.

What attracts shoppers creams with acidsface, many buyers, and even customers? The answer to this question is not difficult enough, you just need to imagine how such funds are, how to use them, and what you get as a result. So, I want to start, of course, with the fact that the women are making, acquiring such means.
Advertising says that creams with acids Facepermit as soon as possible to achieve a striking results. By and large, all of it is, if you use and apply the agent according to the instructions, it is possible to achieve excellent results, for example, creams with acids to easily cope with such tasks as:

  • Excessive oiliness
  • Black dots
  • kamedonov
  • postacne
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Small bumps and scars and so on

A very important point:
Let us analyze what the acid found in the cream.

The most popular types of acids contained in cosmetics

For the right choice, we must first thoroughlyto understand what resources are on the cosmetics market in general. What kind of acid they contain, and are meant to do. And also, it is not bad will consult with the very own beautician, who knows exactly what you should use, but from what should be discarded, as they say, from sin away.

  • hyaluronic acid

At this time, it is the most progressive of allacid, which does have recently become widely used for the preparation of a wide variety of cosmetics, including creams. The fact that this hyaluronic acid is quite natural for a human body, since it is contained in the intercellular space, keeping the dermis from drying and retaining moisture. That is, it is a kind of gelling agent.

Hyaluronic acid is capable of thickening water,turning it into a jelly like, without letting it prematurely evaporate from the surface of the epidermis, while remaining inside. Also, this substance contributes to a constant, active development of the very collagen, which, in essence, in the dermis and maintains firmness and elasticity of the state, creating a framework and support it.

fruit acids

The most popular acids afterhyaluronic that are added to creams, and other cosmetic products are the so-called fruit acids, which are referred to as the AHA (Alpha hydroxy acid). In addition, a significant place is occupied also with acids creams for the face containing the BHA, that is Beta hydroxy acid, also belonging to fruit acids. Let's try to break it down, so that the situation has become, as much as possible, clearer.

AHA acids:

As is known, glikolivaevuyu acid, oftenand contain all the creams with acids to persons who are in abundance on the shelves in the cosmetic stores or pharmacies. In large quantities, the present substance is in grapes as well as in sugar cane. Of all the acids, glycolic acid only has such a tiny molecular weight that quickly and easily penetrates into the very depths of the epidermis, and works, as it were, from the inside. It can clean the pores, remove shine, and that is important too, to remove unwanted pigmentation with our sweet little face.

As the name implies, the main naturalsupplier of citric acid, of course, is the one bright yellow citrus fruit, the mere mention of which, once in the mouth becomes acidic. However, orange, grapefruit, papaya, and kiwi and many other fruits and citrus fruits also contain citric acid.
Citric acid has a mass of contrarymolecular sufficiently high because almost no penetrates the dermis remaining on the surface. It has bactericidal activity substantially whiten skin, improves metabolism in the epidermis.

Unravel the secret of this substance and does nothard, this acid is contained in dairy products such as yogurt, yogurt, sour cream, but not only. High levels of lactic acid can be found in blueberries, grapes, tomato juice, and even passion, and maple syrup.
Lactic acid is an extremely powerful holdmoisture inside the skin, it can significantly thicken the epidermis, make it more durable, more pliable and elastic. In addition, it is this acid can regulate the natural acid-alkaline balance of the skin throughout the day.

  • Glycolic acid or glycolic acid
  • Citric acid or citric acid
  • Lactic acid

BHA acids:

It is not strange, but about the use of the substance, weall know from childhood, when my mother gave us aspirin, on the temperature. However, in the cosmetic industry started to use it is not very long ago. In most cases, applying salicylic acid with glycolic, beauticians have learned to achieve a striking results, eg, an effective acne treatment. A variety of pimples and so on. However, it is worth remembering that in addition to bactericidal, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory action, salicylic acid can cause significant damage to the dermis down to serious burns, creams because it must be used even more carefully and cautiously.

  • Salicylic acid

Let's define ...

What to choose from a huge variety

However, there is a huge amount of funds,containing and other acids, which you can and do not know anything, better to leave such funds to where they are, that is on the shelves in the store.

  • When it does not wait, and I want to selectcreams for the face with acid, necessarily produce planks of the skin reaction. To do this, apply a little cream on the wrist or the crook of the elbow, and a rinse time. If no skin redness, did not have a burning sensation or itching, then use the tool most likely possible.
  • Try to choose creams with acids Facewell-known manufacturers, for example, is very popular among girls and women, are brands such as D'Oliva, Vichy, ORGeV, Holy Land, and so on.
  • Purchase creams for the face with acidextremely serious, proven retail outlets or pharmacies, and never "fooled" the cheapness, as proposed under the counter cream that is likely to be a fake, and in the best case, is not effective, and at worst - even say scared .
  • Follow the instructions already acquiredfunds referred to upakovochke. If you do not, everything is clear, it is better go, taking the tube, to the beautician, and he certainly will tell you how and what to do, so as not to hurt yourself.
  • Pick the creams and other means, whereindicating that they have a sparing effect, contain large amounts of vegetable and other natural ingredients, if you are going to use it is at home. The presence of chemical in a large percentage, of course, increase the shelf life means, but for your skin, do no good.