Cream with Vitamin C


Very young, young girls notI think that with the passage of time quietly passes and natural beauty, and it is necessary from an early age to take care of your skin in order to permanently preserve her health in the future as well. consequently, youthful glow. Beauty and blooming appearance, of course, first of all, depends on the health of our skin, and in fact for any woman so important as long as possible to remain fresh, young and attractive.


  • 1 Why do we need cosmetic products with vitamin C
  • 2 For what type of skin suit cream with vitamin C
  • 3 How to choose a cream with vitamin C

Why cosmetic products with vitamin C

One naimoschneyshih most antioxidants,of natural origin, of course, it is the most vitamin C, which is about the benefits for the body, and not only female but also male, literally, written entire treatises. However, we will not burden the reader with boring chemistry, and will try to briefly and clearly and provide information about what is useful cream with vitamin C, it is worth it to buy and to whom, and most importantly, in any cosmetics, vitamin C, on in fact, able to benefit, and which simply useless junk. With beautiful label.

Let's start with the fact that the aging process, it does notas scary as it might seem to someone and it is quite natural, it must pass through every person. Which ever born. Our task is to keep your skin as long as possible in the form of a young and healthy, to reduce as much as possible to zero all the visible signs of this process, that is, look. As already mentioned, the fresh and young. It is on our skin into the first and reflected the life, or rather a way of life that we lead.

Negatively may affect her constanttiredness, exhaustion - it is literally a scourge of modern man. Smoking and alcoholic beverages, as well as a permanent pollution, for example, fumes of big cities, with hanging above the peaks of skyscrapers smog, as well as the lack of sleep. It is much more interesting to sit all night in the social networks, and then rush to work, with dark circles around the eyes and the crease between the eyebrows. All of these affect the skin, it causes premature aging, collagen and elastin production is suspended, dramatically reducing our chances to keep youth for a long time.

  • Cream with Vitamin C - it's just a storehouse of the mosta variety of "goodies", it has many positive attributes that to list them in a single article, it is hardly possible to introduce, but we still try to:
  • Vitamin C - is the most powerful natural antioxidants, it is able to bind free radicals are high quality, long time pushing the aging and aging of skin.
  • Cream with Vitamin C can actively spur the production of collagen in the skin, thereby increasing its natural elasticity.
  • Vitamin C, in a cream can help you get rid of unwanted pigmentation.
  • Among other things, cream with vitamin C soothes, refreshes and cools it, which is extremely useful in the summer.
  • The presence of vitamin C in a cream, indicating that this cream is likely to be able to reduce or completely remove virtually any inflammation and irritation.
  • Cream with Vitamin C in its composition, and alsoIt has the property to protect your skin from the harmful effects of excessive and ultra-filoeta, which once again proves the usefulness of this particular type of cream in the summer.

Decide ...

For what skin type is suitable cream with vitamin C

It would seem that each component of the cream, for example,facial or hand, should bring some benefit in one case, and to be completely useless for others. However, natural vitamin C is able to literally be a panacea, it copes with a huge number of tasks that can be used by girls and women with completely different types of skins, and, consequently, to solve a variety of issues.

  • Dry skin

Nominal dry skin can most stronglysubjected not helpful factors acting on it from outside, for example, pollution acts on it is extremely detrimental. From this dry skin may soon be covered with a mesh of wrinkles, flaking and itchy. Vitamin C can qualitatively moisturize the skin and give it the energy of nature, remove peeling and prevent early wrinkles.

  • Oily skin

Nasty shine, with whom the girl andwomen are fighting all the time, as there is humanity, it is a clear sign of oily skin. Often this type of clogged pores, and the face appears acne, pimples did unpleasant, and so on. However cream with Vitamin C, and can help in this case, since it is able to freshen the skin and fat removed. This is because vitamin C is dissolved in an aqueous medium, i.e. creams with them generally have a light, airy consistency, which does not clog the skin gently cleans and feeds it does not remain on the surface and deep penetrating the epidermis.

  • Combination skin

Since vitamin C has a fairly widerange of actions that would be the cream with him, and useful for the skin, which sometimes has a greasy luster, and sometimes literally peel off from dryness. Vitamin C will have a beneficial impact on those and other areas, gently removing fat, while moisturizing and nourishing the dermis, eliminating the acne and inflammation in problem areas.

  • hypersensitivity skin

Like it or not, but the girls or women,decided to get a cream with this vitamin, it is necessary to remember that if upakovochke no mark "hypoallergenic", buy it, nevertheless, is not worth as much would not like, and what would be good and benefits, would not promise you, omnipresent advertising. Vitamin C, of ​​course, is quite suitable for sensitive skin, but other cream ingredients should be completely neutral, and the list of them is long enough, in any medium.

How to choose a cream with vitamin C

Use of vitamin C in a cream, for anyone withoutlimits skin type, it is an undoubted fact, but it is worth to know a few simple rules that will help to buy a cream that will really work, not just to decorate your shelf in the bathroom beautiful attractive jar or a tube. After all, what we choose for ourselves, must work, especially as creams with these vitamins, that, and the truth, capable of a lot, are not a pittance, and are able to not only have a beneficial effect on our faces, but also to do quite a large gap in the budget.

The first thing to remember is that notall that is true about us day and night, pouring into the ears of advertising. Although some truth in advertising insinuations and there, but already a bit closer examination proves the failure of the plurality of advertising slogans and statements.

There is no cream, which contains severalvitamins, such as A and C. That is, these creams, of course, produce. However, the benefits are very questionable, because, in fact, these two ingredients may not be active in the same environment. That is, if it remains active vitamin C, vitamin A would be useless to just one acidic medium. Be sure to consider this fact when purchasing a cream.

It is not necessary to acquire the meansvalue as a small plane, so that it was effective and useful, however, in the list of ingredients, it is necessary to look and learn at least a little, to read.

If you are going to get a cream containingnamely vitamin C, then pay attention to how it can be specified on the package. After all, the existence of many forms of this vitamin are not only unstable, that is actually broken down into components, but also not effective.
Sustainable forms can be identified by name in the list of components you selected the cream:

  1. ascorbyl palmitate
  2. retinyl ascorbate
  3. ascorbic acid
  4. sodium ascorbyl phosphate
  5. etrahexyldecyl ascorbate
  6. L-ascorbic acid
  7. magnesium ascorbyl phosphate
  8. tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate

Do not forget that the creamvitamin C, must meet the quantitative requirements of a given substance. That is, if there is in the cream in a vitamin C in an amount of less than 0.3 percent of the total weight, such a cream is completely useless. In addition, if you specify that this vitamin more than ten per cent, it is also an occasion guard, as is the use of this vitamin, simply will not. Select the average number, and you will not regret it.

If the composition does not indicate ingredientsquantitative content of vitamin C, it may be the first sign that you have selected is not a quality cream and buy it not worth it. Every self-respecting its customers, the manufacturer. Be sure to indicate the number of components.

The present tool, in this case, from creamvitamin C, it has to be packaged in an opaque bottle with pump, or, in extreme cases, in the tube. With a minimum opening as the substance itself is highly unstable and can easily be destroyed by exposure to light, or the open air.