The cream-tone effect

The cream-tone effect

Almost every woman, from the very younggirls as young as sixteen, to mature in experience gray-haired lady, always wants to look beautiful and extremely attractive. Like it or not, and especially striking face, is the trump card of every girl, her pride, and sometimes the subject of much frustration.


  • 1 What has to offer the cream-tone effect?
  • 2 What are the differences, the usual "tonalnika" and cream having a toning effect
  • 3 Overview of the most popular toning creams famous brands

What can offer cream-tone effect?

Lifestyle, which we are immediatelyreflected on our skin, it loses its radiant healthy look, and this is lost all the charm and beauty. Constant fatigue, stress, fumes and pollution, smoking, strong alcoholic beverages, as well as poor diet, can subtly do the trick. Depriving us of the appeal, which is given to each woman, from birth.

For many girls, and try as soon ascan to support the health and beauty of your skin for a long time to always look attractive. That is why the cosmetic industry is actively produces a huge amount of funds for the care of the dermis. For some women just can not go out, without applying foundation, as the skin without it, it looks not so, as we would have always wanted.

However, in some cases, foundation doesdoes not apply, it was good in the winter, when it is necessary to protect the dermis from the cold, and in the warmer months can slide, dirty clothes, and generally create an untidy appearance. For such cases, beauticians came up with yet another amazing tool-tone effect cream that is just perfect for such occasions. This tool is a simple moisturizing your dermis cream that has some tinting properties, but, in essence, to treat larger, naturally. a means for the care of the epidermis than in decorative cosmetics.

What are the differences, the usual "tonalnika" and cream having a toning effect

The similarities and differences between simple and familiar to us "tonalnika" and cream with tinted effect, and why it is worth paying attention to the toning agents:

Tone Cream actively "paints" allbumps, redness, pimples or irritation on the face, covering them with a continuous layer, can clog pores and lead to additional negorazdam, especially in the summer. The cream-tone effect is very qualitatively moisturizes the skin, and leaves open the pores, allowing the skin to breathe.

Neutral "tonalnik" often seen on the skin, andif without experience may still seem like a smooth skin for a man, any woman immediately to "calculate" the use of such. Toning the cream is not visible, it just gives the skin a healthy glow and smoothness.

Cream with tonal effect can save you fromthe need to use two tools simultaneously, because putting make-up every morning, first you moisturize it simple means of care, and only then apply foundation. The new facility does not require pre-departure, as this cream itself is tinted and moisturizing at the same time.

Often, in the hot summer morning, how strangego with superimposed layers "tonalnika", it is more suitable for evening make-up, especially if you have oily or viscous base. Cream with tonal effect of a light consistency, it is weightless and volatile, because it seems that the skin just got a natural charm.

Among other things, creams tone effectThis is not a new invention, and beauticians and makeup artists already using the tool, although in fact, commercially available such creams have appeared recently. How did it happen? Very simple, in fact, in order to facilitate its own texture foundation, make-up artists, without thinking twice, add to it a quality moisturizing or nourishing cream.

This allows them, as if the artiststo choose what richness, density and consistency they need to achieve the most natural-effect. This is what has prompted scientists to the idea of ​​creating a new tool that could be used not only by professional experts, but every woman or girl at home.

Overview of the most popular toning creams famous brands

To better navigate the situation,We will give you a few brief descriptions of which you can get a general impression of the beauty products existing in the market offer. Every woman or girl. Maybe pick up a product "to taste", taking into account comments and recommendations made by the beautician, or other women. However, it is natural that we should not forget that the cream has a toning effect, it also means an individual, as well as all others, and approached one of the fair sex. Not necessarily ideal for you, too.

  • Creme de Soins Multi-Hydratante Teintee by Clarins

The manufacturer of the moisturizer andtoning agents. In fact, is a fairly well-known brand, and has, for the mere name, will have to do some extra charge. That is, this tool can not be called cheap, but worth it.

This tinted moisturizer leaves the skinflat, smooth and silky, covering it completely homogeneous, uniform tone, hides all the imperfections. In addition, as well as the moisture can not be doubted, and protection from ultra-violet rays, also can not hurt, especially in the summer or spring.

As part of this cream with tinted effectIt is not only a real complex, trendy, marine minerals, but also extracts and extracts of various herbs such as mallow, horsetail, echinacea, and so on. There are also special part corrective particles that help hide chronic fatigue traces or earlier, premature wrinkles. The cost of such funds 1600-1660 rubles.

  • DayWear Sheer Tint Release Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer

Despite its, pretty indigestible,and the long name, it means the famous company Estee Lauder, is really a storehouse of a variety of "goodies", which you can think of.

Firstly, it is essentially a moisturizing and caringdermis of a complex containing a huge amount of antioxidants that can successfully fight the signs of aging and the aging of skin, linking free radicals.

In addition, the cream has a powerful protection againstexcess solar radiation SPF 15, it is possible to not be afraid of even the scorching sun and hot. The tool is able to compensate for the lack of lipids and keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. Cream is able to provide an easy and matting effect that along with the tone effect, make your skin radiant and velvety, without the slightest sign of greasy. However, we must admit that the cost of this cream slightly higher - 2.5 thousand rubles.

  • Be Beautiful !, owned line Nivea Visage Young

This is one of the cheaper funds available foreveryone, it does not have to save and throw half the salary is also not necessary, because the cost of such a cream-tone effect is quite reasonable, only 154 rubles, and a penny more.

This tool does not contain completeno oil, and therefore does not leave a greasy, easily absorbed and gives moisturizing effect throughout the day. The composition with special "smart" tints can identify your skin tone, and adjust to it, ie it is suitable to all, without exception.

Since the company Nivea, the tool carried byline Visage Young, then it can be concluded that a more suitable cream for young girls, but the reviews that you can read on the official website, indicate that it was used, and older women, and quite successfully.

And this is just a tiny fraction of the diversity,which can be found on the shelves of cosmetics stores, if you go in search of a cream-tone effect. The price difference, apparently, very much, and cheaper means not necessarily be bad and of poor quality, all individually and you need to try before a verdict. Buying a more expensive, that is of the highest class, makeup, better yet, think ten times, and the first to buy a small probnichek, which are often offered in major stores for free.