Cream with effect of sunburn

Here come the holiday season, a blessed summer,which somehow suddenly suddenly splashed through the windows of our apartments the concrete boxes and dusty, hot offices. Somewhere on the horizon looms the gentle blue sea, endless sky and blazing summer sunshine, gentle rays coloring everything in rosy colors. Girls, finally, dressed in colorful sarafan, was pulled from the depths of their closets sandals and sandals. It's time to go to the sea, the sun, towards new adventures.


  • 1 Why girls and women prefer cream with the effect of sunburn
  • 2 What is the focus, or how does it work?
  • 3 The right choice of cream - the key to smooth, beautiful skin tone and at the same time, and a nice sentiment
  • 4 It is not covered with spots and look natural

Why do girls and women prefer cream with the effect of sunburn

At such time, each girl and woman wantslook fresh, healthy, tanned and beautiful and to feel the confidence that gives the appearance of blooming. Tanned body looks, of course, much more attractive than the aristocratic pallor, especially during the summer when everyone wants to leave at least currently the most essential clothing. It's time to go to the beach and bask in the glow of the clock giver energy of the sun. But in today's extremely hectic lifestyle, it is very difficult to carve out even a few hours out to go and soak up the sun, and sometimes even a few minutes in the solarium is very difficult to carve. Then come to the aid and such an amazing tool as a cream with the effect of sunburn, which offers a modern cosmetic industry.

As recently as a few years ago,girls and women have tried on itself new. With the brand-new invention - a tan, which was by no means perfect, but rather, even quite the contrary. The first tanning went smoothly, soiled hands and clothes, sometimes turning the girls into amazing pumi hybrids and cheetah. Since then, it took quite a bit of time, these funds have become much better, more practical and more functional, and in addition, cosmetics manufacturers have invented a new product - a cream with the effect of sunburn, which is somewhat different from its predecessor. Such creams can be of three main types:

  • For face
  • For the face and décolleté
  • For body

That is, you can choose exactly what means, thenthere is a cream with the effect of sunburn, which you need at this stage. For example, if you just want to wear a white blouse to work, but your face seems a little pale, you can use the cream with the effect of sunburn, designed for the face, or face and neck, and so on. What can identify the main benefits of the tool, before the others? In fact, it's pretty simple:

  • The most important thing is that tanning is usually drythe skin, and it does not give her the necessary care. Sun cream with the effect of gently moisturizes the skin, nourishes it does not cause dryness or vice versa, oily sheen.
  • The effect of such creams is being feltgradually, in the course of use, and is visible only as long as you use a cream with the effect of sunburn. When you stop using the cream, the effect will gradually disappear, for about 2-3 days, but the skin during this time, and should have time to get a tan on their own.
  • Cream tanning effect does not interfere with the natural tan, that is the solar radiation that passes the spectrum, which causes, stimulates and boosts the production of melanin in the body.
  • Cream does not stain the skin and clothing, so actually,It does not stain the skin and acts quite differently. Do not worry also that your palms or fingers will turn an ugly brown color, it will not happen, if after applying the cream, just wash your hands with warm water, even without soap.
  • Cream tanning effect is not harmful to the body,as it "works" only with a top layer of the epidermis, and does not penetrate deep into it, that is, use it is quite possible, even the girls with sensitive and or problem skin.

So, we need to understand:

What is the focus, or how does it work?

Indeed, how can act meanswhich is, like, not a dye, but is able to give our skin the most, attractive, amazing shade of natural tan, which, it would seem quite impossible to replicate synthetically, but still manages to care for and nourish the skin. This question found an answer chemists who together with beauticians for a long time struggled with the decision of a problem and, of course, won. That is, a means - a cream with the effect of sunburn, they invented on the basis of a special substance, which is called the unknown word degidroktseatsiton and abbreviated as DHA.

The fact that when the substance (DHA),comes into contact with our skin, immediately begins to occur a specific chemical reaction, and the substance begins to actively interact with the top layer of the epidermis. As a result of this reaction, the substance is produced - melanoidins that and gives the skin a natural color of natural tan, as if you personally basking in the sun.

Of course, it manifests this "tan" does notinstantly, as the effect of tanning cream, is not a dye, which immediately gives the desired tone, and a few tens of minutes, and sometimes even hours, depending on the agent itself. Lasts this effect, without re-applying just as much alive upper layer of dermis cells, in time, two or three per day, and sometimes longer, the cells die and are sloughed off, making the effect of the cream gradually, and most importantly, evenly coming to naught.

The right choice of cream - the key to smooth, beautiful skin tone and at the same time, and a nice sentiment

Besides the fact that we already know, how doesCream with effect of tanning, I would like to also find out how not to make a mistake and pick for myself is a tool that is suitable, in the best possible way. Initially, do not forget that much of the success is guaranteed, and the beautiful tone of the cream get if you correctly and objectively evaluate their own skin, the more so that nothing complicated about it does not.

  • For women who have a childaristocratic pallor, very difficult to give the skin a tanning effect. Under the rays of the sun quickly burns white skin, burns occur, and then flaking, redness and itching. And who gave tan with difficulty, if it is excessive, it may look ugly, too, and even messy. Cause and effect of sunburn cream should be chosen with the mark of "light" or «lifht», he will give a natural light tan color, indistinguishable from natural.
  • Red-haired beauty whose skin is usuallyslightly tanned tone, often prone to the appearance of unwanted pigmentation spots and freckles. For this type of skin cream is now available with otmetochkoy "medium" or "medium". The use of this cream will help to gradually give the skin a shade of what it turns out when you day in day spend in the sun and fresh air.
  • Dark-skinned girl, of course, lucky asalways, most of all. Their skin is in and of itself, it is extremely easy to tan, the sun literally "stick" to the dark skin, giving it an even more attractive, tanned and healthy appearance. For these women and girls, there are special offer - a cream with a mark of "dark" or "dark".

In order to prevent undesirable effects, it is necessary to understand:

How not to be covered with spots and look natural

I would also like to add a few practicalTips for those who first decided to get this amazing tool, as a cream with the effect of sunburn, and does not want to be trapped. Or be like a giraffe or zebra. Of course, each skin has its own characteristics and sometimes even idiosyncrasy components from this no one is immune, but I hope these tips will help many.

  • Always test on an inconspicuous area of ​​the body,before being spread on its face. In the chest area or other areas where it will be visible. If everything worked out, redness, discomfort, rash, and so on, no, you can use the tool, and if there is, then from this it is necessary to give a cream rather than hope for the best.
  • If you brushed cream with the effect of sunburn is not thereor not, and left an ugly stain on the manner of pigment, simply wash it off until you have passed 5-10 minutes, that's for sure help. If time is lost, and you notice a mistake too late, it is easy to cope with the problem of lemon juice, simply wipe skin with a piece of citrus and speck depart. It will also help light vinegar solution or hydrogen peroxide, which is in any medicine cabinet.
  • Try not to contact with water,It is absorbed and dries your cream, water can disrupt the uniformity of tone, and yet no one wants. Another recommended to apply the cream at night to delay the moment of maximum washing or showering, and it is really appropriate.
  • Clean the skin before applying the cream with the effect ofTanning to minimize the risk of stains, use a scrub. After washing, be sure to lubricate the body and face with a nourishing cream, gel or milk, it will give your skin additional moisture and energy.
  • Experienced beauticians are advised to usechosen the cream with the effect of sunburn is not more often than once every two or three days, so as not to overdo it with color. It should heed that advice, because excessively dark tone can make your face, and the whole body, like a mask or costume alien, and this, surely, does not want one.