Cream for tanning

Summer quietly come into its own, and the seasonholidays and all, takes place with incredible speed. Nature just calls and beckons us with lush greenery, sun and promises joy beach activities. At such times, especially girls and women want to look fresh, tanned and healthy. However, the life of modern man, especially in the concrete jungle, do not always allow adequate time to systematically go to the beach to ensure a high quality, uniform and beautiful tan.


  • 1 Sunburn at any time - no longer a myth
  • 2 Buy only the cream that will suit you perfectly for your skin type
  • 3 Should I buy sunblock in the solarium or with Tingle bronzatorami
  • 4 Read the label: it may contain an ideal cream for tanning

Sunburn at any time - no longer a myth

However, it is not necessary to be upset at all, especiallyFor such cases, the ingenious inventor and was coined by a solarium. This is useful in all senses of the device can provide a nice, even tan, it is that the hue and depth of what you want, and not exclusively in the spring or summer, but also in completely at any other time of year. In the solarium you can also prepare your own skin for a trip, for example, to the warm sea, an unexpected blow to the sun's rays did not lead to burns, on the first day and did not spoil the final whole next vacation.

In order to use the solarium, there is virtuallyno restrictions, the only thing to remember is the acquisition of the necessary cosmetics. The modern cosmetic industry for the time being so widely stepped forward, that offers a special cream for tanning in the widest range, so that absolutely any girl or woman can choose exactly what she needs, as well as ideal by many criteria.

Buy only the cream that will suit you perfectly for your skin type

Initially, you need to decide what type andit belongs to the type of your skin that do not quite difficult. Pale-faced and white-skinned girls and women must ensure maximum protection against ultra-violet radiation, due to which the solarium skin starts to actively produce melanin. It is thus a pigment that provides a nice tan. But light skin easily prone to burn, even after a short stay in the tanning bed, because the sun is advised to start with a minimum of time, in one or two minutes.

For dark-skinned women and girls canchoose cream for tanning and to a lesser degree of protection from UV rays. Among other things, not be wasted on trifles, and in any case, do not skimp on yourself, and get only those means, which indicate that they have a narrow purpose - for the solarium. Of course, high-quality products, often, is not cheap, but it's certainly worth it. Some advised to use the solarium baby cream or oil for the skin, but this should be avoided, as these funds are intended exclusively for children's skin, the acid-alkaline balance which is significantly different from the adult.

Should I buy a cream for sunburn in a sun deck with Tingle or bronzatorami

Going to a tanning salon, and even just decidingfor yourself that you will go there, many women are wondering how to make the hue gain a deeper tone became extremely uniform and so on. The answer to this question can easily give patrons. There is a wide variety of creams, a wide variety of manufacturers and brands which contain substances such as bronzers and Tingle, they help to get the unique, elegant tone of your skin, from which the men just go numb, and envious employee covered by the nerve spots.

Bronzer called special agent,add the cream for sunburn, which is banal stain your skin in the desired, golden color. The majority of such substances contained in plant components sunblock. However, such creams can stain clothes, such as underwear, but visiting the solarium, specially selected for this purpose, the things you can not worry about it. For clarity, we list some of them:

  • Walnut
  • Keratin oil
  • Carrot
  • Henna and so on

Tingle created on the basis of formic acid,They are completely different, and not skin color, that is, dirty clothes and they do not. But this is only half the battle. Creams with thus Tingle effect significantly stimulate the flow of blood to the upper layer of the epidermis and increases the skin's ability to produce melanin. Through Tingle can get an amazing, chocolate skin tone, which allows the combination of the hot southern sun and salt water.

Not without flaws, asSome women and girls generally contraindicated apply sunblock in the solarium with such components. This is especially true of those whose skin color is extremely bright. Creams of this kind significantly enhance the action of ultra-violet to the skin, and this can lead to very disappointing results, ranging from discomfort and flaking of the skin to burn, and even much more serious problems such as Cancer Plan. However, this happens, fortunately, very rare, because, after having consulted a doctor and cosmetologist, as well as obtain their approval, use creams with these substances can be safely, especially if your skin is naturally somewhat dark color.

Read the label: it may contain an ideal cream for tanning

In many ways, the quality of the cream, of course,determined by those same components and components, based on which he is created. Be sure to read the label, as they say, from cover to cover, and especially the one coveted list of ingredients, which is the whole, because we need information. Remember that the closer to the beginning of the list, the greater the amount of the substance contained within the vial or tube.


  • Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid

The presence of Vitamin C in the cream is very goodsign, since he, as a powerful antioxidant that can easily cope with free radicals, bind them, preventing premature aging, make the skin much more elastic and flexible.

  • Retinol, or vitamin A

This vitamin has beneficial effects on the skin, nourishes it, so necessary for saturating the dermis, energy.

  • vitamin E

This material is not for nothing called the most "feminine"vitamin from all existing in nature. The benefits of vitamin E are written entire treatises, if we talk in a nutshell, what it is it can prevent the unwanted, premature wrinkles, which is a sign of aging.

  • Vitamins Group F, and K

These vitamins moisturize qualityepidermis, ie, reduce dryness. In addition, they are able to localize inflammation, allow the skin to absorb the "usefulness", gently protecting and taking care of her.

But vitamins is not all that can be composed of cream for tanning, and what does this matter, you must also remember, going shopping at the beauty shop:

  • Often this type creams containshemp oil, which significantly increases the sensitivity of your skin to UV-rays, which also improves the quality tanning. This oil is perfectly absorbed into the dermis, leaving no greasy residue.
  • Coenzyme Q10, which also may be composed oftanning cream, can stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin in the skin and that, again, prevents the appearance of premature wrinkles.
  • Now there are a myriad of cosmeticmeans, not excluding cream for tanning, contain natural algae that is extremely beneficial to the epidermis, and prevent the loss of collagen and elastin.
  • Peptides, which are in most creams, increases the level of production of melanin, ie contribute to a more rapid and uniform tone tan.

Cream for indoor tanning can also betheir composition and a large number of other useful substances, such as oils, minerals, SOD, and so on. The choice is vast, and you can choose what will suit you personally, just perfect. First and foremost, of course, make a normal test, a quantity of cream smeared on the wrist. If you do not have a negative effect in a day, the cream is not harmful, and it can be used. And the main rule - do not use cosmetics, including creams that are not intended for the solarium, at least if you do not want to make a custom skin range for tests.