Lifting Eye Cream

Women are mysterious creatures and quite differentfrom men, they can endure hardships, going for her beloved husband into exile, and at the same time to cry over a broken nail in the way. Every girl or woman wants to always look good, fresh and young, and this plays an important role, of course, the condition of the skin, especially around the eyes. The first wrinkles, the so-called "crow's feet" appear in here. Eyelids first issue age and react to the wrong way of life, fatigue, chronic stress, and so on, "rewarding" his mistress dark circles, swelling, edema, premature wrinkles, and the like, all too unpleasant things.


  • 1 smartness, fresh forever - the first to recognize the well-groomed woman
  • 2 How does the proverbial cream-lifting for a century
  • 3 What should or could be contained in the ideal tool for a century. Interesting chemistry?

Smartness, fresh forever - the first to recognize the well-groomed woman

But, unfortunately the majority of women,ideal, universal remedies for wrinkles, that is, the age, as well as the panacea for all ills, humanity has yet to find, or invent, does not succeed. If to be honest, to the eternal youth, we do as far as two hundred and four hundred years ago. However, frustrated and despondent also not worth it, because with proper care and gentle, careful care, can be a long time to preserve youth, freshness and, hence, the tone of the skin, including around the eyes, for example, using silicon lifting Eye.

Ubiquitous advertising offers us with your greatthe number of a variety of means, creams, braces, promising instant results for a long time, an amazing rejuvenation. The smoothness and the complete disappearance of wrinkles, almost from the first application. Of course, everything you say on television or advertising brochures, numerous banners and so on, can not be trusted completely, because the perfect remedies for wrinkles is not yet invented. As already mentioned one. But listen, though, is, and to get a cream-lifting for a century, at a certain age, you still have not to go under the surgeon's knife in search of eternal youth.

In fact, to the choice of themeans, as a cream-lifting for a century, we must with great responsibility and seriousness, for which you are capable. The fact that the area around the eyes is extremely delicate place, the skin there is extremely thin, delicate, and very vulnerable. If you make a blunder, and choose the wrong tool, and use it for a long time, we can ensure that the correct anything would be too late. Because, let's understand, how to choose a cream-lifting for a century, not to be trapped, and to give his little face second youth, and his eyes - an opportunity to shine the same youthful beauty, as in the sixteen and twenty years.

How does the proverbial cream-lifting for a century

Initially, it is necessary to understand how the same actsCream-lifting for a century on the skin than it really useful, and for what, and can cause harm. Although the negative effects, the correct choice, and strict observance of instructions, generally does not happen, the main carefully weigh the "pros" and "cons" of different tools, and prefer a sure remedy.

  • The most basic function of a cream-lifting eye -This rejuvenation, restoration of aging, aging of the skin, causing it to function quality, updated, acting from the inside, at the molecular or superficial level.
  • Gentle care for the thin skin around the eyes, it isIt is also extremely important, because in this area, where the dermis dries quickly loses moisture. It is very important to hold the liquid inside for a long time, protecting and caring. This feature, humidification, and must include the possibility of funds you have chosen.
  • In addition, food, vitamins, givingenergy and vitality, are also very important for the human body as a whole but also for the eyelid skin. Lifting cream must have nutritional value, to always maintain the dermis in tone.

However, like it or not, but the main propertiesthis tool must be rejuvenation, which is achieved with the help of the whole complex, that is, the cream should combine, cleansing, exfoliating, moisturize and nourish quality dermis energy, and so it needs collagen, and above all to tighten it. Ideal if you do not tender to purchase several assets, as all of these qualities do you find for yourself in one, single cream. However, to find such a remedy will not be easy, but the result will undoubtedly cost of wasted time, this can be absolutely no doubt.

What should or could be contained in the ideal tool for a century. Interesting chemistry?

We already knew what the function should performselected cream-lifting for a century, but we should also know. What are the components may consist, and how they affect the epidermis, to finally make the right choice, because the range is so wide that eyes just run away from an abundance of tubes, bottles, or vials, the shelves of cosmetics stores. First and foremost, you should pay attention to the content of vitamins, natural substances, minerals, as well as the minimum amount of preservatives.


  • retinol

Experienced girls and women, who have longusing cosmetics for the care of your face and body, of course, aware that retinol - is not nothing but a simple and familiar to all, vitamin, group A. In itself this amazing vitamin can stimulate the skin cells to update enhances the natural generation of an epidermis collagen, supports the natural water and acid-base balance of the dermis.

  • tocopherol

Tocopherol is actually just vitamin E,who just needs a human body, and more so women Ty, because not for nothing, and it is called in the people - the most "feminine" vitamin in nature. In fact, this is one of the most powerful and incredibly "shock" of antioxidants, able to bind free radicals, saving us thus, from the corrupting influence of premature old age. Tocopherol is able to deal with various threats from the outside, to prevent disease and infection, and is even able to repel such a serious opponent, as oncology, and it is well worth it.

  • Ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid does not know, perhaps, except thatSavage, a vast jungle in the Amazon floodplain, since childhood, we happily chew ascorbic pills, taking them for candy. "Askorbinki", ie vitamin C, is also extremely useful. Here are some the most common antioxidant, the famous "fighter" free radicals, "conductor" of nutrients inside, deep into the dermis. Also, ascorbic acid protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, as well as boosts tissue to produce collagen, so necessary for the firmness and elasticity.


  • hyaluronic acid

This softens the epidermis active substance, andand humidifies it, qualitatively retain moisture for a long time. Not only a cream-lifting for a century in its composition does not contain this substance, since it is this makes the skin supple, youthful and fresh.

  • Alpha-hydroxy acid

To make it clearer, we are talking about thosefruit acids, which have long argued in the early nineties of the last century, when the present boom has swept the world, and as a result many women have suffered. In fact, the presence of fruit acids does not mean that the device is bad, quite the contrary, in moderation they are qualitatively soften the skin, cleanse it of old, dead skin and dead skin cells, thus provoking the dermis is constantly updated.

  • Alpha-lipoic acid

In addition to fruit acids, lifting eye cream,It may also contain the substance that is actively "knows" how to deal with small cosmetic defects, smoothes the skin, making it more dense, removes existing wrinkles and prevents new ones.

Natural ingredients, minerals, salts, extractsvarious medicinal plants, also rarely present in such vehicles for the eyelids. For example, it works fine in this natural ingredient kinetin cream that removes pigmentation, protects against ultra-violet. "Fights" against wrinkles. Coenzyme Q10, which constantly repeats all the domestic and foreign advertising of cosmetic products, are also extremely useful. In fact, it is one of the natural skin enzymes, "production" which, over the years, become increasingly scarce. In order to maintain the skin, and it is introduced into the cosmetics, ie make up for the lack of outside, correcting the "mistakes and missteps" of the aging of the body, helping it to stay in good shape for many years.

Do not forget that the skin of the eyelids is extremelydelicate and tender, I want once again, further focus on this to your attention. Eye creams should never be much use it you need a little bit. In addition, do not abundantly spread the eyelids at night, it can cause swelling and, in general - always carry out a test before buying, as well as follow instructions, and then you provided a great mood and gorgeous appearance.