Cream of wrinkles around the eyes

For every girl and woman is very importantalways look young, fresh and attractive, and many are frustrated when suddenly, quite unexpectedly, reveal a nasty mesh of wrinkles under the eyes. And it can happen even in a very young age when it seems like only a distant future, to which still live and live.


  • 1 Proper care - the key to a long youthful
  • 2 wrinkle cream for young skin
  • 3 anti-wrinkle eye cream with twenty-five
  • 4 Cream of wrinkles around the eyes from thirty to forty
  • 5 Anti-aging eye cream after forty
  • 6 On what to pay special attention to the selection of "their" perfect cream

Proper care - the key to a long youthful

That's right, the very first lines on the little face ingirls may appear to twenty years, for example, wrinkles for those who loves to smile at the corners of the eye may develop a very fine mesh. However, this is not a reason to stop smiling, and become gloomy and uninviting, and due to premature wrinkles, you can not worry too much if properly care for the skin and the time to do himself and his pretty face. An excellent yield will be the cream of wrinkles around the eyes, which can be easily purchased in virtually any cosmetic shop.

However, by choosing not be approached carelessly and theresome basic criteria on which and should choose "his" cream that is ideal for you, will smooth, tailored, if not completely destroy all traces of such unpleasant for us, age manifestations. First and foremost, while choosing a wrinkle cream around the eyes, you need to own age. Do not take the product if it is intended for a different age group, as it may prove to be not just useless, but even harmful.

Wrinkle Cream for young skin

Since twenty marks if aroundyour eyes is absolutely no wrinkles, and more often and it happens all the same, you need to take care of the skin, to prevent it from drying and premature aging. It's so important not to miss the moment when he began to irreversible processes, because anyone can take care of that for a long time to remain young and beautiful.

  • Do not purchase means that can containvarious lifting and lifting, you is completely useless. Such tools can only harm the young skin, leading to the opposite result.
  • Choose a cream from wrinkles around the eye, which has a very light and airy texture that literally "melts" under the fingers, ideally, if it is cream-gel.
  • Do not Forget and about protection from harmful suna ray, choose "their" agent containing screens or filters from the sun. That excess ultraviolet light can lead to premature aging, so attention should be given mandatory.
  • Try to keep kremik, you gainedrefrigerator if upakovochke no specific guidance on this matter, in the form of a cold, it is better to relieve swelling, give the skin the necessary tone and so on.

Anti-wrinkle eye cream with twenty-five

In the body of every woman, with approximatelyage in a quarter century, a few stops runningaway collagen. Because of this, the skin can lose quickly, so it needs moisture, and as a result, and there are so hated us, "crow's feet" and so on.

  • The very first requirement, which also brings inthis time our skin is moisturizing quality, sufficient to saturate the skin, do not give it to dry out during the day, because you need to choose a cream with a lasting effect.
  • Do not use liftings and suspenders andthis time, because the thin skin around the eyes can not stand and "surrender": "Do you want to wrinkles - please!". Be extremely careful in the choice of cream, not to aggravate the matter.
  • In addition, please note that, despite the fact that the skinbegins to produce collagen worse, it does not disappear completely, because creams containing this substance may harm, relax the natural processes of the body, the skin accustomed to the fact that the collagen from the outside and do not necessarily develop it. This should be avoided.
  • Do not forget also about the UVA-protection, it does not hurt at all ages, use tools with filters, if there are no contraindications, and screens, when your skin is extremely sensitive.

Try to take less fatty and oily creams, they are ill-suited for young skin, especially because of the greasy cream instantly "flies" the whole make-up, especially in the middle of summer, when the heat is.

Cream of wrinkles around the eyes from thirty to forty

This age, this is, the most criticalwhen age-related changes begin to notice every woman, because to do their face as a whole, as well as the skin around the eyes especially, should be more intensively and thoroughly.

  • Pick your own means, paying special attention to hydration and nutrition, this should be your authority.
  • Avoid lifting, or doingIt is as low as possible to keep longer the skin's natural ability to rejuvenate and generating collagen. "Hold on," as long as possible, and your skin will thank you be sure in the future, but the wrinkle cream should be at this age is already active, so read the label carefully.

Anti-aging eye cream after forty

Like it or not, but the priority and relevance tothe skin around the eyes, at any age, is high quality and intense hydration, give your skin as much fluid as it requires. However, the wrinkles will still occur, and our task is to make them as inconspicuous as possible.

    • That's just to forty years later, and it's time has comeever, the famous remedies that contain tightening and lifting. At this age, they just become relevant in helping to deal with age-related changes.
    • Do not forget also about the skin nutrition, the best buy for the two creams, one for the night, and another day. Night will be more fat and nutritious, and the other lighter moisturizer.
    • About the sun and do not forget now,because apart from energy and vitality, it is also able to cause the skin to age rapidly, losing moisture, elasticity gaining unwanted pigmentation and so on.
  • Regularity and consistency, these should beyour motto. Only with this approach to his own face, can long remain young and beautiful, so that passers-by turned around just after, and acquaintances admired your appearance.

On what to pay special attention to the selection of "their" perfect cream

As has been mentioned, it is necessarybe sure to read the label, because no matter how cool and such a delicate part of the face, the skin around the eyes is very simple cause irreparable harm. So do not think of the choice of the cream lightly. Excellent would happen if you selected the cream of wrinkles around the eyes will contain many herbal and other natural ingredients.

  • Chamomile
  • Jojoba
  • Green tea
  • Mint
  • Juniper
  • Geranium
  • Various natural oils (avocado, shea butter, coconut, grape seeds, carrots and so on)

Many manufacturers of cosmetic products inrecently began to offer the most natural cosmetics around the eyes, almost without using chemicals and preservatives. However, we must not forget that the smaller of the harmful chemicals in your cream, the less shelf life measured out to him. Because prudent approach to business, and be sure to ask the tool stored in any conditions. Improper storage, even the most perfect elixir of youth may become poison and poison that can not be used at all.

Above all, do not feel sorry to part withoverdue, although favorite bottle and tube. If found, it is better to throw the shelf life expires old and buy new, even if a certain amount of the cream is left. After all, should not spare the money, to the detriment of their own health and flourishing appearance.

Remember, apply your chosen creamwrinkles around the eyes only need to clean skin, avoiding dirty hands, and so forth. The fact that the cream is best applied, with his fingers, gently hammering it into the skin, without stretching or compressing it. And with the cream, in the most tender part of our face, short "drive" as the bacteria and germs that certainly does not need anyone. And yet - it is not necessary to apply the cream on the movable century, it can cause swelling, conjunctivitis and the like, so do unpleasant things.