Cream of stretch marks for pregnant women

Undoubtedly, the best period in the life of any woman,is the time of grace, when it is below the heart a new life, that is the period of pregnancy. However, many also notice some points that may overshadow an extremely happy time, to spoil the mood. After all, every woman so eager to preserve their beauty and irresistible, and while wearing the baby, there may be different from the appearance of the problem. One of these problems, which are felt by many, it is, of course, stretch marks, or striae as well, this phenomenon is called in scientific circles.

The appearance of stretch marks, it is, of course, is not verynice because everyone wants to get rid of it, and, in some women they appear, and some even do not have a trace from this unpleasant phenomenon. In many ways, stretch marks are caused by the fact that the skin is stretched rapidly, and to use all the available potential in it, as it were, is not possible, since the production of natural collagen and elastin production in this period, somewhat reduced. A woman's body is throwing all available forces on the bearing of the child. However, stretch marks can occur at other times, such as during the initial puberty, sudden weight gain, and so on. connective tissue gap is striae, or stretch marks. But to deal with them, as it may have seemed strange, it is possible, and even necessary, for example, acquired the cream for stretch marks for pregnant women.


  • 1 Memo to those who go for the purchase of cream for stretch marks
  • 2 Natural oils
  • 3 Vitamins, minerals, collagen
  • 4 The correct application of the cream for stretch marks for pregnant women - this is important!

Memo to those who go for the purchase of cream for stretch marks

Do not also forget that it was in the periodpregnancy need to treat their health very carefully and cautiously, because the answer is already account for two. Therefore to the selection of cosmetics that you use, must be approached very responsibly, carefully studying the composition of any of you purchased a cream, gel, and so on. Cream of stretch marks for pregnant women can be purchased in any domestic, and foreign, cosmetic shop, it can be used both during the period of pregnancy and after. The main criterion, of course, must remain complete its safety, both for the woman and for her unborn child.

  • Go for the purchase of cream onlyonly in those stores or pharmacies, which have a certain reputation, in any case do not buy these tools on sales, and the like, "dark" places. Remember the responsibility for their health and that the little man, who has not even been born.
  • Do not forget that the acquisition of any meansIt involves risks, because just need to be sure to consult a doctor, who leads you, during pregnancy, and also a beautician who is quite able to give good advice on choosing.
  • Often, many pregnant women feelsome hypersensitivity because buy the best cream for stretch marks for pregnant women having gippoallergennoe action, that is, is composed of only those components that can not cause allergic reactions.
  • Pay attention to the consistency of your chosen means of stretching. It should be light and airy, it is good to be absorbed into the skin, providing a beneficial effect on your epidermis.
  • Another much an important point - it isof doubt, the smell. Many women during pregnancy, can feel the rejection of any odors, so if the chosen flavor just a little cream seemed intrusive or annoying you, you should not hope for the best, but better to abandon the purchase. It is better to choose a cream for stretch marks for pregnant women with no pronounced or intrusive flavor.
  • Pay attention to the company-manufacturer ofcream, which you intend to buy. You can consult with friends, just with women, in consultation, or even read the reviews on the Internet. Acquire tools, which have a large number of positive recommendations.
  • you should pay special attention to the fact thatterm storage of cream was not too big, it will only mean one thing - it too many preservatives, which in other periods of life are not safe at all, let alone during pregnancy, and even more so.

In addition, it is necessary to carefullyfamiliar with the composition of funds offered to you, do not forget that all located at the top of the list, there is in the maximum number, and the same thing at the bottom - in the minimum. Let's see, what should and can generally be contained in the cream for stretch marks.

Natural oils

Like it or not, and without these components are not in any waywill cost no good remedy for stretch marks, it is only natural oils are capable of qualitatively softens and moisturizes the epidermis, but the choice can be quite wide:

  • Shea Butter
  • Olive oil
  • Apricot or peach butter
  • Jojoba oil
  • Coconut oil, etc.

Vitamins, minerals, collagen

Cream of stretch marks must be composed of vitamins, which are qualitatively nourish the skin, giving it vitality and energy.

  • Tocopherol (E)
  • Retinol (A)
  • Ascorbic acid (C)
  • PUFA (F)
  • Biotin (H)
  • Thiamine (B1)
  • Riboflavin (B2)
  • D-panthenol (B5)
  • Pyridoxine (B6)

Minerals and salts are beneficial toskin, gently caring for her, she needed to saturate components. Iodine, sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium, iron - all that is necessary for the normal functioning of the body, and copper, for example, normalize production of natural collagen in the epidermis.

The correct application of the cream for stretch marks for pregnant women - this is important!

It is necessary to take up the matter thoroughly,ie, deciding one day to take care of your skin and prevent the appearance of stretch marks, you need a consistent approach to such an important matter. Moreover, the process may take quite a long stretch of your free time, because the regularity is the basis for success in any business. Even the already existing stretch marks can be made less noticeable, with proper use and application of, or even completely get rid of the unpleasant such "decorations".

  • Try to schedule a convenient time, morning and evening, when you will be most comfortable to put the cream on stretch marks on the problem areas. Moreover, it may be not only the stomach, but hip.
  • Take a shower with the means to which you are accustomed to, and only after water treatment when the skin pores open, apply the cream lightly, gently rubbing cream into the skin.
  • Surplus funds that remained after soaking can remove sanitary napkins.

The main thing in the "struggle" against stretch marks, it is,of course, perseverance and regularity, but not excluded cases where no cream, even the best and expensive, does not work and is ineffective. The skin can be simply not adapted to such drastic changes in the body.

The best option would be if you prefer to departure,nutrition and hydration of the skin, long before the time when your tummy noticeably rounded, and even before taking care of your skin does not hurt. The main thing try to use the most secure, high-quality funds with a minimum amount of all kinds of chemicals, and better, and even without it, with a lot of natural ingredients. With proper care, of course, and the result is definitely positive.