Cream for young skin


Oddly enough, many girls and womenthink to start taking care of their own beauty and youth, it is necessary not before the very start, hateful to each of us, aging and withering process. However, this view is profoundly mistaken and lead only to the fact that nothing relaxes young girls, which in the future will suffer from the fact that time does not do itself, particularly facial skin, as to correct the shortcomings, will at some point, just impossible.


  • 1 Caring for the skin, it is necessary from an early age
  • 2 main stages of quality and timely care for young skin
  • 3 What is fraught with its composition cream for young skin
  • 4 A couple of tips from beauticians and "experienced":

Caring for the skin, it is necessary from an early age

Watch for yourself, take care of your skin, you need tostart early enough and have a girl of fifteen or seventeen well have their dermis excellent service in a timely moisture, as well as the harmful effects of sunlight, especially in the spring and summer, when the sun is too Assertive and burning. But the young skin, of course, does not require as much attention as the young.

Cosmetologists are accustomed divided agecategory creams and young skin formally considered age 20, approximately 25-30 years, various different manufacturers. Cream for young skin you need to pick up for themselves no less carefully than the later anti-aging cosmetics. However, timely and intensive care from a young age, can push the time of the acquisition of this type of cosmetics, for an indefinite period, so do yourself a favor, save the youth, freshness and beauty of the dermis for a long time, show a little effort, and your skin will shine true health.

The main stages of quality and timely care for young skin

To permanently preserve its excellent conditionskin. only need to acquire the means which are suitable for you personally. However, because it is necessary to decide what kind of care is needed young skin, and what would be completely superfluous for it. Usually advised to choose a cream for young skin for daytime use, as well as the individual and for the night, respectively, and they will perform functions totally different. Let's start things first:

  • Cleansing the skin young

Like it or not, and at any age, your dermismust be kept meticulously clean, this is the first pledge that it will remain healthy and youthful for longer. For these purposes, you can choose cleansing cream for young skin, tonic or lotion that is most suitable for your personal, individual skin type. Clean the skin from the effects of the environment should be in the evening, before going to bed and in the morning, to remove all the dead, that is, dead skin cells that have accumulated over the night, and to regenerate the skin safely.

  • Moisturizing and toning

Day cream for young skin. At a minimum, must fulfill the main function - quality and even more, to moisturize your dermis, thus helping it to retain water for a long time, such as during the day. But it is equally useful feature will be a young and toning the skin, ie, activation, stimulation of metabolic processes in the epidermis, the restoration of natural, water-lipid balance of your skin as well, and the elimination of a variety of actions with skin cleansers. Toning and moisturizing creams should be chosen with great care, since it is a tool that should be it, act on your dermis, during the day, absolutely, that is, all the time.

  • Food

At the age of twenty to twenty-five years, the skin is stillit is very capable of taking care of their own power, that is saturated with vitamins through the food system, eat more fruits and vegetables and enjoy all sorts of "goodies" and the "utility" of natural origin, but also about a cream for young skin, yet, forget not necessary. Nourishing Cream can be used in the evening, and not to leave it on all night, and after an hour or two, just to wash off or, rub the skin with a damp special, cosmetic napkin. Nourishing cream have quite oily consistency, therefore, can easily clog pores and even lead to pimples and acne, so proceed with caution and if unsure, better and completely abandon power, and give the palm to moisture.

What hides in its composition cream for young skin

Once we determined what care is neededyoung skin of your nice little face, you must also pay attention to the very cream for young skin - namely, read the label, it should be done always, without all the exceptions. So, what is likely to include in its composition a high quality and, consequently, effective cream for young skin to help, support, care and gentle care, and do no harm.

  1. Very often, the producers made theirmeans for young skin, on the basis of such a popular and highly beneficial ingredients, like olive oil. Only in this product, which is so respected and loved the real hostess, there is a unique substance that can just great to moisturize, called this substance skvapen. In addition, the olive and olive oil contains a complete set of vitamins of Groups D, E and A, as well as calcium, copper, iron, and much more, are also very useful and necessary.
  2. The packaging of almost every third-creamyoung skin, you may find an indication that the agent contains an extract of these oatmeal and it was not by accident. Furthermore creams, this hood can be found in masks and gels, etc. because use of it, can be removed, in fact, the whole car. Oatmeal, just jam-packed, a wide variety of substances that are necessary and young dermis, for normal functioning. For example, calcium, magnesium, and the same iron, iodine, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, chromium, fluoride - can still continue the list page to the floor.
  3. Honey and other beekeeping products sectoralso found in a cream for young skin. Our ancient ancestors generally considered honey elixir of immortality, if used properly. Honey has the ability to qualitatively trap moisture within the skin, making the dermis supple and elastic, high quality purifies it and also tones.
  4. Often manufacturers of cosmetics for young skinalso added to the formulations as creams and its extract or extracts from the seeds of wheat germ, and bran. Contained in these components paved the vitamin and trace element complex, extremely high quality imbues the epidermis with all necessary materials, and most importantly, actively promotes all metabolic processes, which significantly increases the level of self-renewal and regeneration.
  5. Cream for young skin may well containand yeast, which are the same as bran - is a real storehouse of all kinds of nutrients that can provide the epidermis the most positive effect, increasing its elasticity and improves the complexion.
    There may well be included in the cream, asand most natural, egg yolks, which is hidden in the present multivitamin complex, such as vitamins of the groups A, E, D, V, PP and so on. Moreover, it should be noted that the creams, which include those found and the egg yolks, carefully suited to all skin types completely, so have a very diverse, profound effect.
  6. Often cream for young skin andwas added salicylic acid, which is known, was discovered as part of willow bark, that is, in fact, is quite natural ingredient. However, to make this component for a long time and learned a chemical process, but the use of it is not reduced. In most cases, with salicylic acid cosmetics towards purification, high-quality exfoliation, as well as the fight against skin defects, in the form of pimples, irritations, and even the very nasty and hateful, acne. Salicylic acid can also align the skin tone, lighten it and so on.

Of course, the above listed, it is noteverything that can be contained in a cream for young skin. Natural ingredients are much longer, however, if a part of these substances are already present, it is a great sign and a cream is likely to need to purchase.

A couple of tips from beauticians and "experienced":

Choose a cream for young skin you just have tothose outlets which are well known to you, and also have the necessary reputation. It is not necessary to acquire the means in dark underground passages or handheld on the market, as in a beautiful jar may hold true gin, and not the good-natured wizard helps Aladdin, but a real evil spirit.

Also, do not forget that in any time aswould be tempting not barkers advertising you do not buy a cream that does not respond to your age. That is, do not take the vehicle for a more mature skin, hoping for an early and significant result, as this may lead to the opposite, that is, to exacerbate the problems.

Choose a cream for young skin, according to theirown skin type. Since the manufacturers claim that the means to care for the various types differ in composition. And just logically, oily skin is required to dry, and moisturize dry, so that the components of these funds, not interchangeable, and may even be harmful.