Cream for hair removal

Nobody likes excess vegetation, and on the face,and the whole body. And when it comes to women and girls, and even more so. Since ancient times it was believed that hide or remove wildly overgrown hair growth everywhere except the head, it is appropriate. The most exquisite beauty, such as the famous Cleopatra, which was considered the present standard of female beauty and attractiveness, shaved her lovely legs, underarms, and even removed mustache on his upper lip. Modern representatives of the fair sex, and even more so, get rid of these charms, clearly inherited from primitive ancestors, using all possible, and sometimes even unimaginable for the common man, ways.


  • 1 Variety of creams for depilation
  • 2 What makes this "magical" means?
  • 3 When not be used depilating cream
  • 4 Correct use of depilatory creams - the key to excellent results

Variety of creams for depilation

Even if there is "extra" hair on your body,really too much, do not worry, because the problem has a solution, and it is much easier than one might think. Many solve it, shaving off the hair on your legs or underarms, as well as in the bikini area, but, for example, antennae, such a procedure is not suitable, and for other areas of the body, this process can be inefficient and there are some negative aspects, such as ingrown hairs inside, irritation and so on. In such cases will fit the ideal tool - cream for hair removal, which is easy to cope with the problem, and also has a huge number of advantages.

Our great-grandmother, as well as more distant ancestors, notWe had the opportunity to use the cream for hair removal, since it was invented only in the early forties of the last century, and they had, in the old blades to scrape himself, causing the hair to grow back rather quickly. You and I also have a choice, and chemistry, together with cosmetology, he stepped so far as it is possible to choose the means which are suitable for everyone perfectly.

In order to pick up really perfectcream for hair removal, it is necessary to define what is a priority for you, going out shopping. The modern cosmetic industry offers its buyers a wide selection of a variety of tools that can be divided into several categories, and already the basis of them, it should be, and choose "his" cream for hair removal.

  • Universal products (creams) for depilation

Such tools are great for brandany skin, as well as to its various sections. That is, one can use the universal cream and to remove underarm hair, and the bikini area, and even legs. It is also, however, be careful, it is possible to remove hair on the upper lip, while reducing the number of creams impact.

  • Depilating creams, coarse hair

Cream to remove coarse hair for bikiniand for use on the face, of course, will not work, as you would not want maznut sample, it is better to refrain from such a reckless step. These funds have a specific purpose - to remove hair from legs, and perhaps even with the armpits.

  • Creams and gels for use on the delicate skin

These depilating creams also have a narrowspecialization - just for the bikini area, where the skin is thin and delicate and sensitive, but also for hair removal from the face, which also is to take special care. This cream does not deal with coarse hair, for example, on the legs, but the effect is much neater, less violates the acid-alkaline balance of the skin and so on.

  • Allergy to hair removal creams

Gippoallergennye means, in our case, it iscream, specifically designed by scientists cosmetologists for women and girls, which is extremely delicate, prone to all sorts of rashes, skin irritations and allergies. They gently remove hair, and do not cause any adverse reactions.

What makes this "magical" means?

Once the desired product is selected,it would be nice to know what should be contained in the depilating means. After all, it is, in addition to qualitative action, as they say, the profile should also take care of your skin, care for it and so on.

  • Potassium or calcium thioglycolate
  • Sodium
  • Keratin

These substances often are the basis forcreating creams of this type. Thanks to them, the cream gets the ability to easily soften the hair, destroying their structure, so qualitatively, that then they can be completely without all sorts of problems, remove the hair from the surface of your skin. Cream for hair removal, no doubt, has a fairly high level of acid-base balance (pH), up to 12. It is not very beneficial for the skin, the natural pH of which is only 5.5-5.6. Because manufacturers add in the cream variety of substances that are useful for the epidermis.

  • Vitamins (mainly groups A, C, B, and of the "female" vitamin E)
  • Essential oil (sea buckthorn, apricot, peach, olive, shea butter, and so on)
  • Plant extracts and extracts (chamomile, aloe vera, St. John's wort, and so on)
  • Natural ingredients (seaweed, honey, propolis, milk minerals)

Vitamins tends to saturate qualityskin, saturate it with energy and brilliance, high quality essential oils nourish the epidermis, soften it, make it more pliable and velvety. Natural ingredients, minerals and extracts of medicinal herbs are extremely high quality care for the skin, give it the appropriate tone, saturated with life force, and again, the energy of nature, give it a healthy color, make denser and prevent premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

When you can not use the cream depilating

If shaving all, more or less, of course, andNothing in it is not wise, then use the cream for hair removal requires special attention and serious consideration, as the case we have to, nevertheless, with chemicals. However, the result, you always will delight, of course, if you follow some pretty simple rules. First, turn your attention to contraindications, excluding only that, you can start using the cream for depilation.

    • In no case, under no circumstances,applied like a cream to the affected areas of the skin, you can not. If the places where you have gathered and remove hair, there are abrasions, cuts or burns, the use of such funds should be excluded, and categorically.
    • Do not use depiliruschimi means and when you have a problem dermatological nature, such as a rash, acne, acne, herpes, psoriasis, allergic rash, and so on.
    • Do not use the cream for hair removal alsorecommended during pregnancy, as well as when you are breast-feeding, as it can very adversely affect the child's development, that is, in fact, his health, and that's for sure, no one liked.
    • It is forbidden to put the cream on the skin, and when there is personal intolerance of one or more components of the cream.
    • Try not to use the cream in those places,where there are a variety of benign growths such as moles, papillomas, warts, and so on. It can affect them negatively, until the development of all the undesirable consequences too.
  • Malignant education is another, serious contraindication for the use of such funds.

The correct use of depilatory creams - the key to excellent results

In order to obtain the highest qualityresult, you should try to follow the rules of using the cream for hair removal, especially as sky-nothing complicated about them. First of all it is necessary to make sure that you are not hypersensitive to the components of the tool. To perform the test, you need to put the cream on a small skin uchastochek, wait a few minutes, as specified in the instructions, and then wash means wait a day. This will provide an opportunity to make sure that everything is in order, there is no adverse effect, and only after that should be applied and a means where necessary.

Apply the cream for hair removal on the steaming,clean skin, after washing it with special means, moisturizing and softening the epidermis. Further, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions cause the cream to the skin and left for a while, from two to 8-15 minutes, depending on requirements. Once the need to carefully remove the cream, for example, with a cotton wiper drive or specifically, are often attached to complete a cream. High-quality cream-known manufacturers and is also equipped with the means to care for your skin after waxing, but if that is not, you can simply apply and any oil or a nourishing, moisturizing cream, gel, lotion, and the like.