Cream for oily skin

Every girl certainly wants to be beautiful,attractive and marketable. However, in order to always look irresistible need to make some effort. In early adolescence, few people think about the health and beauty of skin, but time inexorably continues its endless race ahead and we were surprised to find that for the preservation of youth and freshness of the skin, to have to put more and more effort.


  • 1 Problem skin is not a sentence!
  • 2 Basic knowledge about special creams
  • 3 A few tips that should comply

Problem skin is not a sentence!

This is especially problematic skin concerns, forwhich necessarily require more care and attention closer. Problem skin with enlarged pores, prone to inflammation, peeling and the appearance of pimples, dry area in the nasolabial folds and shiny of excess subcutaneous fat on the forehead or nose, delivering a lot of trouble already, even in his early youth. Owners of this type of skin perfectly understand what is meant. However, to give up too soon, of course, not necessary, and with skin problems can be quite fruitful "fight" and show the world their flowering, wholesome face, most importantly, to choose the right cream for problem skin, which eliminates all the problems.

At a young age many girls admit onethe same, the popular error, which can then only worsen the situation and the situation. They get a huge amount of cleaning agents, trying as much as possible to dry the skin, removing shine, not understanding any irreparable harm, could bring itself. The fact that the skin cream problem, first of all, should not only dry, and primarily to feed, but also to humidify it. Narrowing then that desiccate the skin at the same time, this is not an option, and by such means on care, owners of problem skin, it is better to refuse completely. If the parallel did not energize hydro-lipid layer of the epidermis, it can and does end the enormous challenges in the form of dehydration, inflammation, redness, and even an additional allocation that same blubber, against whom we have worked so enthusiastically and fought.

But really there is no escape, and will have a lifetimetolerate and hide his face, fearing once again maznut cream on it, in order to avoid the consequences? Of course not! For someone who, really decided to make her skin a veritable "candy, you just need to follow certain rules, and a more careful approach to the selection of all kinds of cosmetics and the result you exactly like it. The ideal situation, of course, will be a consultation with a beautician who has a tremendous wealth of practical, and theoretical knowledge, and is ready to apply it in real life. It beautician will finally deal with your skin type, as well as give the necessary guidance for her care.

Basic knowledge about special creams

But cosmetologist does not always available, andstores shelves beckon and call multiple tubes and jars, and advertising and pushes in the back and whispering in the ears of familiar voices. In order to buy a cream for skin problem yourself, you need to be guided by some key principles. Remember, read the labels, including composition - is the key to buying what you need, because the start.

What must be present in the cream for oily skin:

  • Various fatty acids and othersebereguliruyuschie substances help to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat will be removed and the "nasty" shine, which is plagued by a large number of women and girls
  • The antimicrobial and / or anti-inflammatory substances of different plans that will prevent the growth of bacteria, as well as, of course, the appearance of the inflammatory process
  • Matting basics that very successfully able to fight with the elaboration of excess fat permanently constrict the pores and make the skin silky and smooth

Components of an ideal cream for oily skin

When we decided on the basics, you canalso understand what exactly what substances and ingredients will help qualitatively to "fight" with problem skin, achieving exactly that effect, which is more likely and desirable. The choice of cosmetic shops is quite broad, because have to spend a lot of time to choose "their" cream for problem skin, perfectly suited perfectly.


  • glycolic acid

Qualitatively, it removes dead skin, dead skin cells of the top layer of the epidermis, cleanses the skin and makes it more fresh and young

  • Salicylic acid

It has a fairly soft, antibacterial effect, eliminates harmful bacteria, prevents the appearance of new, as well as reduces inflammation

  • Lipo-hydroxy acid

Substances of this plan to help stabilize the inside of your sebaceous glands and prevents excessive production of fat


  • Beta-carotene or vitamin A

This is an extremely powerful antioxidant allows you to connect an excess of free radicals, which significantly pushes back the time of aging, making skin fresh and healthy

  • vitamin E

This amazing vitamin can providea beneficial effect on wrinkles, smoothing them and contributing to their extinction. Vitamin E has a huge potential for the regeneration of the body at the cellular level

  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Vitamin C is just a storehouse of all kinds of "utility"for our skin. It relates not only free radicals, but also protects it from the harmful effects of sunlight, significantly stimulated the recovery process, and so on

Natural extracts and extracts:

  • Calendula
  • Chamomile
  • figs
  • cowberry
  • Cherry
  • Papaya
  • Tea tree
  • Golden root
  • Celandine, etc.

A few useful tips that should comply

When a cream formulation for problem skin as wellhas become increasingly less clear, you need to remember a few quite simple recommendations, which undoubtedly will be useful in selecting an appropriate spray.

  1. The first and most important rule youWe must abide by choosing a cream for oily skin, and for any other - go only proven, branded shops, exactly where you can be sure that you do not slipped a fake. After all, problem skin and so gives a lot of inconvenience, so why do bad things themselves exacerbate the situation by buying anyhow-that dubious quality, from a tray on the market
  2. Cream for oily skin is better, after all,buy packaged in tubes than large, big-bellied jars. The fact that the cream in the tube has a smaller area of ​​contact with the environment and air, which extends the period of its suitability, and prevents the propagation of pathogenic bacteria therein
  3. Pick and creams with a light texture, try to avoid oily, fatty creams, even if it is written on the package that you need
  4. Be sure to pay attention to what age category is a particular cream. Try to stick to the framework, so as not to hurt your skin more
  5. Try to do at the hottest time of the emphasis onmoisturizing, and in the cold - for food, their skin. However, hydration for skin problem - it is the main priority, that this effect will fight with all the other troubles
  6. Do not hesitate to ask the sales assistanteverything you do not understand, they are there for this and are working to give you useful advice. Moreover, in the majority, by virtue of their duties, they are themselves are quite experienced cosmetologists, because something sensible to hear from them, you can

Never give up. Remember, your beauty, health and blooming appearance, it's all in your own hands!